Onsite Event Badge Printing

Top 10 Best Onsite Event Badge Printing Software In 2023

For any event, we will be distributing event badges to the attendees. One is to label their roles based on their participation (delegate, speaker, attendee, volunteer, etc.). It is also considered a way of branding where attendees have your brand name and logo registered in their minds. They keep it as a souvenir in regards to the event they attended and your brand is just getting more name here. Onsite Event badge printing is a cost-effective way of branding events, conferences, and trade shows. Investing in Event badge printing software can save you a lot of money as over the long-term, investing in a label printer is more expensive than investing in a badge printer.

So, how does it work? Badge printers allow you to print high-resolution labels with speed, ease, and accuracy. Event badge printing software allows you to design your badge templates and the software will then output the face of your event badges for you. Badge printers can be expensive, but thankfully there are a lot of low-cost options out there as well.

How significant is badge printing to your event

Event badge printing helps in building a brand identity. They help you and your customers to remember your event, conference, fair, and trade show. They are an effective tool to promote your brand and marketing campaign. Event badges can help with the overall branding of the event and give it a more professional look. A lot of event organizers and conference coordinators prefer to use badge printing for their events and conferences. They are also a good souvenir for the attendees.

Finding the right event badge printing software can be tricky, and companies are using outdated methods (like Word templates) and those using costly web-based solutions that work poorly on a phone.

We’ve put together this list of the top 10 best onsite event badge printing software for you in 2023, along with the links that will help you find the right software, so you can catch the one that’s best for your event.

Eventdex Badge Printing App

Eventdex‘s onsite event badge printing app & event check- in app is one of the best in the industry. If you are looking for seamless onsite event solutions and for your attendees to get the best experience in an event, you are at the right place. Eventdex‘s onsite event software helps event organizers to track a lot of information. The most prominent amongst them is lead retrieval app. Eventdex‘s lead retrieval software helps in capturing contact details of the stakeholders attending your event, and it also helps in enhancing networking as well as creating a good database for future use in terms of leads.

The onsite badge printing system is integrated with the event check-in app and event registration software, wherein the badge printing is instant. This helps with easy onsite event management software both for the event manager as well as the attendees. Brilliantly performing compact printers like Brother and Zebra series label printers are used to print event badges, which offer fast print speeds, excellent print quality, and amazing color prints.

The sizes of the prints are compact and handy at 4×3 inches and 4×6 inches. This helps print locally on-demand badges to reduce waste and have the attendees get a pleasant experience throughout the event. Eventdex event apps are compatible with iPhones, iPads with iOS 13 and above as well as Android phones and tablets with versions 5.0 and above.

EventMobi Badge Printing App

EventMobi dynamic event badge design calibre, helps you print additional fields and additional information necessary to your event/session. They even brand the kiosk screens with your custom designs and messages. With 16 different options of designs, they manage everything from the integration with registration to gathering requirements, setup, and managing the hardware and logistics on-site.

Aventri Badge Printing App

Aventri event badges can be scanned via NFC, QR, BLE, or UHF technology. Scanned data delivers live updates on attendee count, session attendance, and contact tracing to event organizers and other stakeholders. Contact is made safe, secure, and seamless thanks to integration with registration which allows for safe contactless check-in. These features, along with being able to print multiple event badge designs with different colors help event organizers maintain a safe distance between one another while also identifying accurately where each attendee belongs.

Hubilo Badge Printing App

Hublio badge printing app can help you eliminate the dragging and tedious tasks involved with manually checking participants into events. Whether you place a sign-up kiosk at the event venue or delegates submit QR codes via an mobile event app on their smartphones, some of the most important features of a reliable event check-in tool include: 

1) An intuitive interface that makes it simple for delegates to push or scan their QR code

2) A business management dashboard, where administrators can view and keep track of registrants logged in as well as maintain data such as delegate counts

3) Real-time statistics showing who is signed in, who is new to your event, and who has yet to check in — every bit of information is tracked seamlessly

Whova Badge Printing App

With the Whova badge printing app you can have your event badge made just the way you want it. You will be able to select a custom shape, size and color scheme that are representative of your brand and includes details such as event ticket type (if relevant) and a unique QR code that attendees can scan to instantly access useful information from your app. Print only what you need or generate badges all at once by participant type – that’s up to you.

Accelevents Badge Printing App

The badge designer experience feels like you’re using Canva. Very easy to use but infinitely powerful. You can add any custom fields, QR codes, sponsorship placements, and more to your event badges. You can even create different event badges for each ticket type. Whether you’re using Accelevents for registration or integrating with your own database, Accelevents onsite badge printing software makes the experience seamless.

The event check-in experience offers touchless kiosk options, individual session check-in, and last-minute point-of-sale tools. Of course, all the data is available in real time!

Hopin Badge Printing App

Hopin’s onsite event software allows you to keep your attendees more secure by having them enter a room and be identified by some form of electronic method. One way to increase security is through RFID and NFC identification event badges, as well as QR code entry via cell phone. They also offer cashless payments that allow a person to make payment for an item at any time with the push of a button on their electronic event badge while they’re in the venue or area where the event is taking place.

Eliminating the stress, delays, and errors of pre-printing paper badges provides a unique opportunity for businesses looking to employ an open access system for their personnel requiring them to have access necessarily grounded in specific conditions and events related to critical or confidential activities.

Confex Badge Printing App

Confex badge printing software offers a wide range of badge stock to meet all your needs – they’ve searched high and low for the best event badge suppliers out there ready for you to order directly from within our event badging dashboard. Part of their quest to find the most beautiful conference and event badges was making sure all our badge stock is kind to the planet! Send QR email invite ahead of the event. Scan QR code on arrival to trigger badge print. Prints personalised event badge – marks attendee arrival.

Cvent Badge Printing App

Cvent‘s software OnArrival comes with real-world benefits. One of the most often reported challenges for event planning is securing adequate manpower for a successful and profitable event. With Cvent OnArrival badge printing system, you can transform your iPad into a secure, standalone system that helps reduce staffing costs. Your guests can register, check in (themselves and their guests), pay fees, and preview/edit/print their name badge on their own. OnArrival’s Kiosk mode will impress your delegates and help reduce your onsite staffing needs. Your guests can register, check-in (themselves and their guests), pay fees, and preview/edit/print their event name badge on their own.

Eventzilla Badge Printing App

Eventzilla badge printing app offers you professionally designed name badge templates that you can use to make sure that attendees get the best experience at your event. You can add specific details such as logos, QR codes, your event’s title and other important information such as attendee names and contact details. Importing these details from your event registration system also ensures that this only takes a few minutes of your time. You no longer have to worry about running out of event badges because Eventzilla badge printing app lets you print on demand when onsite attendance increases so you don’t have to close event registration for printed event badges before the actual date of the event.

Eventbrite Badge Printing App

Eventbrite‘s badge printing app, and online ticketing platform, is customizable and helps you design beautiful conference and exhibition badges in a format and badge style that works well for you. Be it concerts, exhibitions, or any other event, Eventbrite‘s Conference Badge printing app you can create a badge of any size you want, and then generate a PDF document that is easy to print. You can simply event check-in and pass out event badges in one click. You also have the option to preview before printing just to minimize errors. It also has the option to print individual or batch-wise badges.

Expo Pass Badge Printing App

ExpoPass‘s badge printing software is an easy to use customizable app. For attendees, it can be used for fast event badge printing during faster event check-ins to keep things running smooth. This badge printing app supports  multiple event badge sizes including the ever popular 4 x 3 & 4 x 6. The badges can be customized to your needs and also it has the unique feature of antiviral and antimicrobial touchscreen protection during event check-in. Custom kiosk screen branding can be used to show off your brand. You can print in real time using their printer kits without ink.

We know that event badge printing is an important part of any event, whether it’s a company party or a conference. With the right onsite badge printing software, you have the ability to make sure that everyone has a badge that they can wear. This helps security, as they can easily identify who is at the event and who isn’t. By using the event badge printing software, you can also make sure that the badges are branded, so that everyone knows who is hosting your event.

Eventdex has a range of customizable event badges which are ideal for everything from conferences and exhibitions to team-building exercises and event organization. Printing onto badges, Eventdex supports most models of Zebra and Brother printers for on-demand single badge printing; including the fact that the event badge can be printed with both formats (single-sided/double-sided) with QR Codes. If you are onto bulk printing of badges for onsite, that’s another feature you can find convenience with. To order your badges, please contact Eventdex at [email protected]. or visit here: http://eventdex.com/onsite-event-management-software/