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Deliver Captivating Event Experiences through Integrations with Eventdex

Enliven your event data to come to life with Eventdex's seamless and hassle-free automated integration tools. Now, engage your audience with our variety of technology applications and conduct an appealing event with Eventdex.  Check out our Event Management Software integration with these tools. 

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    Zapier - Eventdex Integration

    Eventdex with Zapier

    Supercharge your lead generation with Eventdex event software integrated via Zapier. Connect Eventbrite, RegFox, and Cvent effortlessly to automate lead generation across multiple platforms. Capture attendee data and seamlessly share it with your lead generation system, CRM, or email marketing tool. Eventdex and Zapier offer limitless possibilities for optimizing your lead generation efforts across Eventbrite, RegFox, Cvent, and beyond.

    Eventdex with Salesforce

    Eventdex’s event software integration with Salesforce helps in easily managing your attendees' data in your favorite CRM. With the help of this tool,  you can seamlessly access your registration data automatically to Eventdex or vice-versa and helps in managing your leads, and check-ins from your event.

    Salesforce - Eventdex Integration
    Eventdex with Restream

    Eventdex with Live Streaming

    StreamYard, ReStream, and Zoom integrate with Eventdex to live stream your virtual and hybrid events directly to Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and other platforms. You can interview guests and broadcast on different platforms at the same time.  With both these powerful tools, Eventdex event management system helps you to meet your live streaming goals. 

    Eventdex with Payment Gateways

    Integrated Payment Gateways in Eventdex’s website, like PayPal, Stripes, Stripe Adaptive, Authorize.Net, Touchnet, and TrustCommerce enable you to make trusted, safe and secure payments.  We ensure utmost confidentiality in handling our customers’ sensitive and confidential data with care. 

    Eventdex with Social Point

    Social Point integrated with Eventdex’s virtual and hybrid events enables interesting and interactive gamification that engages the audience and drives virtual and in-person traffic. Trivia quizzes, scavenger hunts, and mobile and video games keep your attendees hooked to virtual and in-person events. Make your events more engaging and interactive with the Eventdex Event Gamification feature. 

    Eventdex with Choose2Rent

    We are partnered with Choose2rent which boasts of the largest inventory of event registration equipment. We rent the best electronic equipment like Zebra, Brother, Epson printers, paper, plastic, Laser RFID/ UHF, scanners, event kiosks, and badge supplies for 4x3 and 4x6 black and white or color preprinted badges for your event. With Choose2Rent, we provide the best rental electronic service provider.

    Choose2Rent - Eventdex Integration
    Growthzone - Eventdex Integration

    Eventdex with Growthzone

    Facilitate and streamline your CRM and billing capabilities with GrowthZone association management software integrated with Eventdex. 

    Growthzone’s event software system can create your event webpage and link it to your event calendars. This integration with our solution makes your event seamless and easy to access onsite badge printing, event app, lead retrieval and business matchmaking products of Eventdex.

    Eventdex with B-COM

    Drive superior events performance and get high performance for any size of event in any language, currency, or tax regime with B-COM. 

    B-COM’s on-site event registration and event marketing platforms are flexible and configurable to suit the needs of your customer. This integration with Eventdex event management platform provides efficient tools for onsite apps and networking by the system’s artificial intelligence

    Mailchimp - Eventdex Integration

    Eventdex with Mailchimp

    Make your reach felt to more customers through our best-integrated email marketing tool i.e Mailchimp. Now, create emailers, social ads, and automated campaigns with your favorite designed templates. 

    Eventdex with Postman

    Bridge the gap between applications through Postman.  With this tool now simplify your attendee communications. Amalgamate with the most important tools in your software development for automated emails through Eventdex's event software integration with Postman.

    Postman - Eventdex Integration
    MUX - Eventdex Integration

    Eventdex with MUX

    Mux is a powerful API - video streaming platform.  Experience unique and world-class live-streamed and on-demand videos with our automated integrated software.  Simply just create a stream key, broadcast to MUX, and relay it anywhere in the world. 

    Eventdex with Vonage - Tokbox

    This Vonage Tokbox API platform makes your event run smoothly whether in mobile or web apps. Make your communications more flexible, intelligent, and personalized with real-time analytics, high-quality interactive videos, screen sharing, messaging, and more.  Vonage Video API uses WebRTC for audio-video communications.

    Vonage - Tokbox - Eventdex Integration
    Single Sign On - Eventdex Integration

    Eventdex with Single Sign On (SSO)

    Eventdex event management software builds a trustworthy relationship with its customers. Our integration with the SSO tool helps you to securely access multiple applications and services using just one set of credentials with user authentication. 

    Eventdex with Twilio

    Enable digital relationships over messaging and voice to improve your sales efficiency and outcomes through the programmable mobile application Twilio, integrated with Eventdex event software.

    Twilio - Eventdex Integration

    Eventdex with Scanners

    Make your event check-ins a breeze with handheld data capture devices like Socket Mobile and Linea Pro. Scanners integrated with Eventdex event software help in scanning QR Codes, and barcodes, swiping credit cards and IDs, read & write RFID Cards / Tags & more. 

    Eventdex with Printers

    Get excellent high-quality label prints with Eventdex's event management software integrated portable Brother and Zebra printers.  Rely on the best label printers in the market with Eventdex event software and make your event a success!

    Eventdex Integration with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Printers

    Eventdex with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Printers

    Work on the go with convenient, multifunctional, and mobile easy to connect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth printers integrated with Eventdex event software. Have safe and contactless in-person events using our Wi-Fi and Bluetooth printers.


    Eventdex with Interprefy

    Eventdex’s event software integration with Interprefy helps overcome language barriers and helps communicate and convey your messages to a global audience without frustration,  with live captions along with sign language interpretations. Interprefy enables both photo and video translators to translate conversations. Ranging from virtual meetings to different events - Eventdex event management platform makes sure that everyone can communicate with each other in their native language.

    Interprefy - Eventdex Integration
    Walls.io - Eventdex Integration

    Eventdex with Walls.io

    Walls.io when integrated with Eventdex event management software enhances and engages the attendees' experience with its interactive social wall that curates and displays social media content.  You can up the ante with various customizations and can choose from a growing collection of professional quality images, cover and post-production templates, video loops, backgrounds and animations, and more. Your audience can post directly on the wall, with a photo booth integration for a beautiful user experience.

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