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Don’t cancel or postpone your events, let the Eventdex virtual meeting app help your attendees NFH-Network From Home!! Bring your Virtual, Hybrid & In-person event experience to life through our amazing virtual meeting software and creative solutions.

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    Virtual Workshops, Panel Discussions & Seminars

    Use Eventdex’s virtual meeting app to conduct workshops, panel discussions, and webinars with custom breakout room designs and no restrictions on the number of attendees. Assign seminars and appointments to attendees or let attendees choose and manage it on their own. Our easy-to-use live stream video feature allows speakers and panelists to directly stream from our platform on-demand basis and connect with attendees via audio, video, chat, and Q&A functionality.

    Virtual Tradeshow Booth for Exhibitors

    • Beautify your booth with custom designs, banners, videos, and information.
    • Connect with visitors one-on-one or in group via Audio, Video, and Chat functionalities.
    • Assign and manage multiple booth staffs
    • Upload documents and business cards to allow attendees to add them to their briefcase.
    • Get detailed analytics and export leads.
    Virtual Trade show floor
    Business matchmaking software

    Virtual Roundtables

    • On-Demand Tables and Chairs Creation.
    • Appointment Management for both Attendees as well as Admins.
    • Restrict the number of round table appointments.
    • Connect attendees via Audio, Video, and Chat.
    • Appointment Confirmation Emails/Push Notifications.
    • Export and Print Schedules.

    Clubhouse Video Rooms

    • Make your virtual event experiences more personal & Face to face interaction with your attendees.
    • Create or Join Public or Private Rooms at the Event in real-time.
    • Just click on the " Start a Room" button & have "Audio-Video Conversation" on Diverse Topics.
    • The clubhouse-style meeting rooms give a voice to participants & replicate the experiences of an in-person event.
    Virtual meeting event app
    Virtual Poster walk

    Virtual Poster Walk for events

    • Easy to navigate and visually attractive.
    • Event organizers can quickly create virtual e-posters for their sessions.
    • Supported in Eventdex mobile event app so that users can view posters on the go.
    • Attendees can like, comment, vote, & download e-posters.
    • Get real-time reports on each poster’s performance.

    Virtual Business Matchmaking App for B2B Events

    Our virtual B2B matchmaking platform offers event planners the opportunity to connect buyers and sellers, startups and investors, corporates and MBEs, exhibitors, and attendees online. The attendees can participate in one-on-one or group matching by sitting in the comfort of their own home or office.

    Business Matchmaking App
    Hybrid Events

    Hybrid Events

    Hybrid events combine the “live” in-person attendance with “virtual” online components for remote attendees. It provides an opportunity to perfectly blend the physical, virtual audience experience and expand the reach to a worldwide audience at a relatively low cost. You not only attract the audience who are able to physically attend the event but also provide a completely new way for people to engage with your brand at a global level.

    Attendee Wall for your Virtual Events

    This feature allows event organizers to display attendees in a beautiful grid or list view and allow attendees to find each other, see who is online, and network in the lounge setting. The Attendee Wall automatically highlights a different profile every few seconds along with a short bio. Attendees can easily search and view other attendees’ profiles, chat with each other via video call or text message, and exchange business cards.
    Attendee Wall
    Meet, Network and Connect !

    How you do that?

    Immersive experiences captivating attendees interest

    Incorporating immersive technology into events had increased event attendees' opportunities to interact with live avatars using immersive media metaverse at tradeshows or other events. These immersive experiences have made attendees more interactive and generated a greater brand presence.

    Show Top Matches Event

    Show Top Matches

    Our Artificial Intelligence based algorithm suggests the top 10 matches for each attendee based on their preferences.

    Create Filters & Preferences

    Attendees can create different filters or preferences like geographical location, commodities, capital needed, etc in our virtual event app & connect with like-minded people.

    online event management software
    Request/Reschedule/Cancel Appointments

    Request/Reschedule/Cancel Appointments

    Our virtual business matchmaking app enables users to request, reschedule and cancel appointments with only a few clicks.

    Record Meetings and Share Screen

    Our virtual matchmaking software allows attendees to record their meetings and use it in the future. The screen sharing feature is seamlessly designed and allows for effective collaboration and makes it easier for users to present their files.

    Virtual Event Management Platform
    event planning software

    Take Notes & Rate Meetings

    After each meeting, the participants can make notes & rate their conversations on a scale of one to five to find out the best fit and provide feedback.

    Detailed Analytics and Reports

    he detailed reports & customized dashboards help to get critical insights into attendee behavior which can be exported into a CSV or an Excel file for follow-ups.

    Event Management Platform

    Why would you do it?

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    Saves Time

    Virtual meeting application helps in saving valuable time for both the attendees and your team as they don’t have to travel anywhere. Also, the set up time is reasonably less when compared to a face-to-face meeting.

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    Increases Participation

    Sometimes, attendees are unable to attend an in-person event due to factors like time, cost (travel, accommodation, etc), or location. However, with virtual meeting software, you can reach an unlimited audience regardless of these factors.

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    Reduces Cost

    Virtual events reduce the cost per lead and maximize the overall event ROI. It is nearly 75% less expensive than most typical live events as there are no logistics related to the venue, accommodation, travel, and food. Now, host contactless events online.

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    Easily Measurable Results

    It is easier to gather attendee insights for a virtual event as everything can be tracked digitally. So you know who met who, how long the meeting lasted and if there was any business that materialized. By this way you can easily measure the metrics.

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    Better Presentation

    The virtual meeting app allows you to present your products and services by sharing your screen and using whiteboards which will be much more effective than printing a presentation and walking the client through in-person meetings.

    image image

    Record and Review

    The virtual meeting platform allows users to record their meetings if necessary and review them later if needed.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    A Virtual Meeting Platform is a software application to facilitate events online in virtual space without having to travel to the event location to attend the events.

    Virtual Meeting Platforms provide a mechanism for attendees to participate in the conference from the comfort of their home or office simply by visiting a website link.

    Picking the right Virtual Meeting Platform depends on the kind of event, conference you are hosting. If you are simply hosting a webinar, it may be sufficient to look at traditional virtual meeting softwares such as zoom, microsoft teams, and webex.

    If you are planning to host a day long conference or more with the ambition to create a customized experience for attendees to participate in networking, attend multiple sessions, chat, and exchange business cards, visit trade show floor, setup 1 on 1 appointments, have video calls, then you need to select a virtual conference software that has all the features with the right price and great support options.

    The benefits of virtual Meeting Platform are:

    • Cater to attendees beyond the local population
    • Serve many more attendees than the physical events with space limitations
    • Substantial cost savings for event organizers as there is no need for renting a physical location, providing food, security and other facilities.
    • Substantial time and cost savings for attendees as there is no need to travel to far off locations, and spend exorbitant amounts of money.
    • Better networking and opportunities for learning on demand basis at users pace.
    • Offer real time polls and surveys

    Organizers can host successful events using Virtual Meeting Platforms by offering great ROI for attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. Event Planners can attract attendees from across the world. Organizers can be innovative and offer hosted buyer appointments, 1 on 1 matchmaking appointments, ePosters, networking rooms with options to chat and video calls. Allow attendees to watch content on demand basis, to exchange business cards, and to download the documents

    The virtual meeting platform became a must for all event planners during the COVID times. For the attendees that are hesitant and can not travel, even if the events get back to pre-pandemic levels, this will remain as a must for years to come. With virtual meetings, planners can run many more events than the on-site events.

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