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Customized Event Registration Software

Simplify Event Ticketing and Registration!

Create an easy to use, engaging, intelligent event registration page to maximize event attendance.


Tailor Your Event Registration

The suite of features provided by our online event registration software allows you to create smart events. There’s no need to understand HTML or website creation. Create custom registration pages that give attendees flexibility.

Our event registration management software enables advanced event registration tools. Now event attendees can register and pay at their convenience, thereby increasing event registration.

Features of Our Conference Event Registration Software

Manage Registrations

Our conference event management software simplifies ticketing and registration. It lets you register, cancel, modify, and even process a refund for attendees. Allow your guests to do all this as per their convenience if you wish.

Create Event Websites

Quickly create branded and chic event registration websites and apps using templates. These websites are sure to catch the attention of your attendees and make it easy for them to RSVP or purchase a ticket.

Collect Real-Time Data

Our online event registration app lets you easily and quickly collect, monitor, and export essential registrant data by allowing guests to enter their details.

Host Documents

This feature allows you to host important documents such as floor plans, exhibitor rules, and brochures. Reduce printing costs and empower attendees to access information from anywhere!

Clone Events

Save time by recreating previously built systems in minutes for recurring or new events. Eventdex’s event registration system acts as your repository and gives you critical data to improve your cloned events.

Collect Payments

Our event registration platform contains a quality event ticketing software. We’ll enable you to sell tickets and securely collect payments. Your details are essential to us – that is why we are PCI compliant. Also, we have integrations with leading gateways to collect, refund, or partially refund payments.

Leading Integrations

Eventdex event ticketing app can integrate with leading CRM solutions. Our goal is a seamless flow of attendee data for driving productive conversations and follow-ups. Our conference registration software saves you tireless hours spent on transferring data and also reduces the scope of human error.

Register Walk-Ins

No other event management system offers this much! Easily set up and implement registrations for walk-in attendees and collect payment onsite. Our event ticketing system ensures you can make their experience smooth and memorable too!

Benefits Of Event Registration Software

Save Time and Money

Corporate event registration software lets you automate the event registration process. Now you can save time and focus on what matters the most – attendee engagement! It also reduces printing costs by hosting forms and brochures online.

Reduce Errors

An event ticketing platform helps you reduce human errors that creep in a while, manually transferring information from one system to another. It makes you look professional and is an effective way to spark relevant conversations.

Centralized Data Management

Get a centralized data management system to not only securely store attendee information but also their payment, percentage of people registered, and other customized data for future reporting.

Customized Reporting

Get valuable insights into your event with detailed reports and highly customizable dashboards. Get information at the drop of a har. Received and due dates, when refunds were disbursed, and the more whenever you need it.


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