Onsite Event Management Software

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Onsite event management software to enhance attendee check-in experience and execute flawless events.

Onsite Event Management Platform

Onsite Event Management Platform

We understand that managing attendees onsite can be a daunting task without proper help. That is why our leading-edge onsite event management solutions give you the right technology and support to bring your events to life and create a lasting impression. We have the best B2B event management software that reduces stress and smoothly checks-in attendees while empowering you with critical data.

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Features Of Our Onsite Event Management Software

Attendee Check-In Software

Attendee Check-In

Use our attendee check-in app to check-in attendees with lightning speed. Just search the name of your guest and with a single click, check them into your events.

Self Check-In Kiosks

Set up the kiosk mode to allow attendees to check themselves into your event. Say goodbye to long queues and manage guests effortlessly. Kiosk mode helps you reduce the staff deployed at the registration desk while easily letting you sail through the day.

Event Registration Platform
Supports Multiple Devices feature

Supports Multiple Devices

Our attendee management software can be set up on multiple devices and can be placed in the pre-registration areas for you or your attendees to check into the event.

Smart Integration

Our all-in-one event check-in app integrates with leading CRM so that you can track your attendees’ interests in real-time, get detailed insights into their behavior and send personalized Follow-Up communication.

event tracking app
Track Session Attendance

Track Session Attendance

Use our onsite event check-in system to track session attendance. Get insights into less popular sessions by viewing when maximum check-in/check-outs happened. With such event analytics, you can enhance your future events and make your attendees come back year after year.

Badge Printing

Use our onsite badge printing app to eliminate the stress of late-night badge sifting and reduce typos by scanning and printing badges onsite. We have partnered with leading companies to scan and print badges on demand and reduce printing costs.

onsite badge printing software
Sell Tickets Onsite feature

Sell Tickets Onsite

Elevate personalized experiences at events with our onsite event management software that lets you manage partial payments and sell tickets onsite to last-minute walk-in guests.

Schedule follow-ups

Use the digital footprint of your attendees to send personalized communications and follow-up emails. This will not only fuel your sales pipeline but also increase the conversion rate and ultimately boost the bottom line.

Eventdex Schedule follow-ups

Benefits Of Onsite Event Management Software

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Shorter Check-In Lines

With smaller event check-in lines at the registration desk, you can create a seamless experience at your event and create a memorable first impression.

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Lesser Ground Staff

When you use the kiosk mode you can reduce the staff deployed at the registration desk. This will help you mobilize the team and significantly save countless man-hours.

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Flexible Pricing For All Events

We provide the best B2B event management software for a company of any size. Whether you run a one-man show or have 10,000 employees, our event management solutions are designed to grow with you – providing the features and flexibility you need at every stage.

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Drive ROI

With a basket of features like Event check-in, attendee tracking, scanning and badging as well as reporting and analytics, you can not only maximize engagement but also boost ROI by enhancing each touchpoint at your event.

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