Event Floor Plan Software

Event Floor Plan Software for Trade Shows

Eventdex's Event Floor Plan Software is a versatile solution tailored for trade shows, expos, and conferences, offering seamless navigation and efficient space management. With visually intuitive floor maps, exhibitors and attendees can easily locate booths and key areas, enhancing engagement and productivity. Integration with lead retrieval software streamlines lead capture, while detailed booth information empowers connections between exhibitors and attendees. This comprehensive tool optimizes event experiences, ensuring smooth navigation and maximizing ROI for all stakeholders.

Speed Networking

Speed Networking

Eventdex Speed Networking is a dynamic networking solution designed to facilitate meaningful connections at events. Through efficient matchmaking algorithms, attendees are paired with potential connections based on shared interests and objectives. This streamlined process allows participants to engage in quick, focused meetings, maximizing networking opportunities in a limited time frame. With Eventdex Speed Networking, attendees can expand their professional network and forge valuable relationships that drive business growth and collaboration.

Event Sponsorship

Event Sponsorships

Elevate your event sponsorships with Eventdex! Offer your partners unmatched visibility through our highly customizable features, ensuring their brand stands out amidst the crowd. Keep them coming back for more with our tailored solutions that guarantee lasting impact and fruitful collaborations. Choose Eventdex for unparalleled sponsorship experiences that redefine success in event partnerships.

Event Guest List Management

Eventdex offers a comprehensive solution for Event Guest List Management, Attendee Check-ins, and Event Tracking. Seamlessly organize and monitor your event with precision, from guest list creation to real-time attendee check-ins. Elevate your event management experience with Eventdex's user-friendly platform, ensuring a smooth and memorable event for both organizers and attendees.

Business Card Scanner App

Eventdex Business Card Scanner App

The Eventdex Business Card Scanner App revolutionizes lead capture at events. It digitizes business cards, integrates seamlessly with CRM systems, and offers real-time scanning for efficient data capture. Say goodbye to manual entry and hello to streamlined networking with Eventdex.

ai assistant for event planners

Empowering Eventdex's AI Assistant for Event Planners

Empower your event planning journey with Eventdex's AI Assistant. Revolutionize your approach to organizing events, streamline tasks, and enhance efficiency. Unleash the power of AI for seamless event planning. Discover the future of event management with Eventdex!

Personalized QR Code Design and Dynamic Management

QR Code Technology for Table Location and Seating Management

Optimize your event's table location and seating management with Eventdex's cutting-edge QR code technology. Seamlessly guide attendees to their designated tables and streamline seating arrangements with ease. Enhance guest experience and event organization effortlessly. Explore the possibilities today!

Event Management Software

Event Management Software

Experience event management redefined with Eventdex's comprehensive event management software suite. Whether in-person, hybrid or virtual, we've got you covered. From streamlined on-site event badging to dynamic event matchmaking, efficient lead retrieval to seamless on-site event management, our suite offers it all. 

Attendee Check-In App

Attendee Check-In App

When it comes to organizing the registration counter at your event, make a great first impression! Attendees will appreciate the improved technology, and your staff will appreciate the time and resources saved. 

Custom event badges

Custom Event Badges

personalized information, branding elements, and security features, event organizers can create a cohesive and professional look and feel for their event. With features such as networking indicators, accessibility options, and souvenir-worthy designs, custom conference name badges can take your event to the next level.

Lead Capture App

Lead Capture App

A Lead Capture App that helps event organizers, exhibitors, and attendees generate quality leads. Eventdex lead capture software optimizes your tradeshow leads so that you can be rest assured of delivering an awesome attendee and exhibitor experience. Eventdex's Lead Capture App significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of lead capture at events.

Badge Scanner App

Badge Scanning App

Eventdex's advanced badge scanning app streamlines the check-in process at events by using the device's camera to scan and read QR codes or barcodes on event badges. When an attendee arrives at an event, they simply present their badge, which contains a QR code or barcode, which is scanned by the QR code scanner app. 

Onsite Event check-in app and Badge printing app

Onsite Event check-in and Badge printing

When it comes to organizing the registration counter at your event, make a great first impression! Attendees will appreciate the improved technology, and your staff will appreciate the time and resources saved. 

Virtual Event Gamification

Virtual Event Gamification

Gamification is the concept of incorporating game elements into an activity for a variety of reasons, such as increasing attendee engagement and leads, creating a more relaxed environment, increasing attendee self-confidence, increasing revenue, getting better event management, and so on. 

Virtual Event Software with Clubhouse Style Breakout Rooms

Clubhouse Audio-Video Chat Rooms

The Clubhouse is an audio-video-based social network where anyone can spontaneously join voice chat rooms. Attendees may see all of the individuals they're following and joining the conversation or listen along.

Virtual B2B MatchMaking

Automated Virtual B2B MatchMaking Meetings with Single Video Room

Eventdex’s virtual single video room is a super simple way to connect to different meetings at once in a single room. It does not require time settings rather it automatically picks up the upcoming meetings without any assistance or leaving the room.