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Top 7 Best Lead Retrieval Apps For 2024

Generating a good Return on Investment is one of the primary goals of B2B marketing. Events and trade shows are places where we can find super leads. Lead collection is a way to look for potential customers who may become clients in the future. Lead retrieval or capture may be done in different ways, like filling up a form wherein the clients submit their contact information to a company. Earlier in the days, lead capturing was done through good old business cards. But nowadays, Lead capture can be done through websites, Google forms, social media, emails, etc. Most recently, with new technology, it can also be done through handheld scanners, mobile apps, through Lead Retrieval Apps.

This is mainly done to reach out to potential customers and it also allows Trade show organizers to get access to the captured data, which provides them with important information, as leads can be termed as a goldmine of information for the future of the companies.

The key to getting quick ROI depends on quality leads you collect at the trade show and having a clear strategy to manage the leads, follow-up, nurture them and convert them into customers.

What is a Lead Retrieval App for Tradeshows?

A lead retrieval app for tradeshows is a powerful digital tool that facilitates the seamless and efficient capture, management, and analysis of leads during trade events. This software enables exhibitors to gather essential contact information and key details about potential clients or customers by scanning their badges or QR codes. 

We list down here a few important features that you need to look for in a lead retrieval app for easier data capturing during your events:

1. Quick Event Check-ins

2. Real-Time Access and Data Syncing

3. QR Code Scanning

4. Convenient

5. Instant follow-up

6. Integration with CRM Systems

7. Offline Functionality

Although there is an ocean of information out there about lead retrieval apps, we have figured out 7 of them that come at the top of the list:

Eventdex Lead Retrieval App

Eventdex BoothLeads lead retrieval software provides customized lead qualifiers to track and score leads. Its CRM integration through Salesforce lets you export the complete list of contacts in CSV format, and enables you to import the same for maximum lead conversion. It allows you to take notes of your conversation on the trading floor. Eventdex’s event lead capture app also lets you get real-time reports of your event activity. Leads can be scanned in online and offline modes due to offline data sync feature. The offline data can sync well in real-time with the backend portal. The ability to scan offline when the internet is not available is also beneficial.

Eventdex’s Lead retrieval app is compatible with almost all mobile devices, iOS, Android, tablets, and iPads. It also ensures effective follow-ups by sending matching collaterals to all the contacts in just a few clicks. Eventdex’s Lead Retrieval App for Trade show comes with a badge scanner that allows you to easily collect leads by scanning the code on name badges and business cards.  You can also measure booth traffic and get multiple reports, which include projected vs. actual footfalls at the booth. Eventdex provides 24/7 support.

Key Features
Lead Capture
Take Notes
Lead Rating
Multiple Device Sign-ins
CRM Integration with Salesforce
Instant Content Sharing
Offline Lead Capture

Capterra Rating: 5/5

Here’s a  video that captures how Eventdex’s Lead Retrieval App works:

iCapture Lead Retrieval App

iCapture Lead Retrieval App has an automated lead process, that kind of streamlines your events. It is mainly built for trade shows and events. Their technology is robust, and easily inputs data and information directly into your CRM and Marketing Automation System. Their tech stack and template architecture are clean and consistent, with a great lead capture experience that is customized to your needs. iCapture has been aligned with 100 top badge providers so that there is no need to rent out lead scanners every time.

Key Features
Badge Scanning
Business Cards
Lead Retrieval
Attendee Lists
Custom Qualifiers
24/7 Support
Custom Branding

Rating: 4.7 / 5

Here is a video that shows how the iCapture Lead Retrieval System Works:

LeadCapture by Cvent

Cvent‘s Leadcapture app enables the scanning of potential leads by exhibitors. The app has easy features to digitally capture and qualify leads onsite. It also has the ability to quickly prioritize and follow up leads post the event. The lead retrieval app can be downloaded into your own device or through rented handheld scanners, and collect leads.  You can quickly export leads to any database on demand. The event organizers can also view the lead count and see which booths the attendees have visited, and they even get an insight into each attendee’s interests.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Here’s a video that tells you all about the LeadCapture Lead Retrieval App by Cvent:

Leadature Lead Retrieval App

Leadature is one of the most powerful lead-capturing solutions available. It comes with features like real-time scoring, instant attendee follow-up, multilingual support as well as offline capability. With Leadature you may also search for previous leads, and enables data to be exported to excel or connected to CRMs. It has a 24/7 support center.

Key Features
GDPR Compliant
24/7 Support
Multilingual Support
Over 50 integrations are available

Rating: NA

To know how the Leadature lead retrieval app works, follow the below short video:

Eventleaf Lead Retrieval App

Eventleaf leads retrieval app is a part of their all-in-one event management system. During an event, attendee badges are scanned using a smartphone or tablet, and that’s how exhibitors collect, capture and rate leads. Exhibitors can install Eventleaf‘s lead retrieval app on their phones or tablets, and they have to just scan attendee badges to capture the information they need for follow-up after the event. The leads captured can be exported into a CSV or Excel file and can be used with your email program, CRM, and other marketing tools.

Key Features
Multilingual – available in 20 languages
Capture and Export leads into CSV file
Rate Leads

Rating: 4.9 / 5

Here’s a quick link for you to check out Eventleaf’s Lead Retrieval app:

Momencio Lead Retrieval App

Momencio is a lead capture platform for B2B businesses and predominantly caters to a wide range of industries including Life Sciences, Technology, Financials, Telecommunications, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Insurance, Energy etc. Momencio enables exhibitors to effortlessly capture, qualify, and make detailed notes on every lead, ensuring no valuable information is lost. Momencio lead capture app allows for extended lead engagement through personalized landing pages, housing all the relevant assets of interest. Its real-time tracking feature enables users to monitor engagement both at the booth and after the lead has departed, providing valuable insights for effective follow-up strategies.

Key Features
Lead capture

Lead retrieval

Badge scanning

E-mail follow-up

Digital collateral sharing

Real-time lead engagement insights

Rating: 5 /5

Accelevents Lead Retrieval App

Accelevents user-friendly lead capture app revolutionizes lead capture for expos and trade shows, enabling exhibitors to  scan attendees’ unique QR codes via their mobile app or event badge, eliminating the need for traditional business card exchanges. With Accelevent’s lead capture app, exhibitors can expand their sales team at no extra cost, allowing an unlimited number of sales representatives to download the app and register with their individual logins. Accelevents has integrations such as SalesForce, HubSpot, and Marketo, facilitating streamlined data analysis and efficient lead follow-up.

Key Features
CGPA and GDPR-compliant
Real time lead reports
Integrations such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, Zapier

Rating: 4.7 / 5

To conclude, Lead retrieval solutions are a powerful way to make your event look great, and also to get a bounty of potential contacts. 

If you are looking to incorporate lead capture into your events, Eventdex gives you an excellent opportunity to maximize the efficiency of lead capture. Don’t you think it is time to ditch those cumbersome business cards with an efficient lead retrieval app? Transition to BoothLeads Lead Retrieval App through Eventdex today! Reach out to us at sales@eventdex.com or www.eventdex.com.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is lead retrieval software?

Lead retrieval software is a powerful digital tool used during trade events that facilitates the capture, management, and analysis of leads. It enables exhibitors to gather essential contact information and key details about potential clients or customers by scanning their badges or QR codes. Eventdex’s lead retrieval software is known as Boothleads.

How do you capture leads at a trade show?

Leads can be captured at Trade shows using lead retrieval apps or specialized scanning devices to scan attendees’ QR codes, enabling quick and accurate data capture directly into a digital database. Eventdex’s lead retreival app known as BoothLeads enables leads to be captured at Tradeshows easily.

What is a lead capture app?

A lead capture app is a digital tool designed to facilitate the efficient and streamlined collection of potential customer or client information during various events, including trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions. Eventdex’s lead capture app allows exhibitors or sales representatives to gather essential contact details and relevant data from prospects for further engagement and follow-up.

What are lead capture forms?

Lead capture forms are digital or physical data collection tools used to gather relevant information from potential customers or clients during various events, such as trade shows, webinars, or online campaigns. Key elements often found in lead capture forms include contact information fields, demographic information fields, and more. 

What is the purpose of lead generation?

The primary purpose of lead generation is to identify and attract potential customers or clients interested in a company’s products or services. Eventdex initiates consumer interest and engagement through various marketing strategies, ultimately converting these prospects into leads for the business through lead retrieval.

What is the difference between Lead Retrieval and Lead Capture?

Lead capture refers to the process of collecting potential customer information through various methods, such as forms, surveys, or digital tools. Lead retrieval, on the other hand, focuses on the management and analysis of leads captured during events or trade shows, typically involving the use of specialized software to efficiently organize and follow up with these leads. Eventdex’s specialized software for generating leads is known as Boothleads.

How does Eventdex facilitate Lead Retrieval?

Eventdex facilitates lead retrieval by providing a comprehensive lead retrieval app called BoothLeads. This app allows exhibitors to scan attendees’ badges or QR codes, capture lead information, take notes, rate leads, and integrate the data with CRM systems such as Salesforce for efficient follow-up and analysis. Eventdex’s app also offers real-time syncing of data, offline lead capture capabilities, and 24/7 customer support to ensure a seamless lead retrieval experience.

How does offline Lead Capture work?

Offline lead capture works by enabling the capture of lead data even in the absence of an internet connection. This is typically achieved through specialized lead capture apps that allow exhibitors to collect lead information offline using mobile devices or scanners. The captured data is stored locally on the device and can be synced with the main database once an internet connection is reestablished, ensuring that no lead information is lost during events or trade shows. Eventdex’s lead retrieval app has an offline sync feature enabled for this purpose.

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