Hybrid Event Platform

Unlock the full potential of events by delivering memorable experiences and bringing the best of both live and virtual events. Eventdex is tested and tried by thousands of users worldwide to plan, manage, market, and monetize hybrid events from a single event management platform. With features that cover all aspects of hybrid events, our hybrid event platform mimics live events to deliver a unified attendee experience.

Hybrid event platform

Hybrid Business Matchmaking

Our hybrid B2B matchmaking app ensures you connect hosted buyers with a highly curated list of SMBs in an online-onsite format. Our comprehensive platform allows users to schedule multiple appointments and create personalized agendas from a single online video room. Our hybrid business matchmaking software uses an AI algorithm to find the best possible matches and maximize networking. It allows users to rate and offer feedback after each meeting and share their presentations during sessions. Hybrid business matchmaking is an intuitive solution that creates an enhanced networking funnel and connects more organizations.

Harness the power of the Hybrid Conference Platform

Our hybrid Conference Software is the most powerful tool for creating engaging event experiences for all of your participants, whether they attend in person or remotely from their homes or office. Hybrid Conferences and meetings are not one-size-fits-all, but Eventdex's Hybrid conference software lets you offer in-person & virtual sessions at the same time.

Hybrid Business Matchmaking

Optimize Event experience with Hybrid Event Management Software

Our hybrid event management platform makes event planning for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events simple. It provides the power and flexibility that global businesses want, as well as the scalability that event planners demand.


One Solution, Multiple Audiences

Allow remote and in-person attendees to access all features from different devices.


Streamline Event Planning

Easily plan, promote and execute events from a single platform and integrate with different CRM solutions. 


Send Personalized Messages 

Whether in-person or virtual attendees, keep all of them informed through uniform yet personalized announcements.


Get Real-time Analytics

Capture crucial data in real-time to understand the performance of your events through detailed analytics and insights.

Boost Engagement with a Hybrid Event Management Platform

With our hybrid event management platform, you can increase the value of your events. Captivate a larger audience for your event by creating interesting experiences that keep people linked, whether they're in-person or remote.


Repeat Sessions

Allow all participants and no-shows to rewatch sessions by uploading recordings and collecting relevant insights for future events.


Personalized Sessions

Avoid confusion among registrants by dividing and creating sessions based on whether the registrants are online or onsite.


Hybrid Poster Sessions

Create poster sessions for both audiences from a single platform. Allow interactive presentations, pitches, and galleries to increase engagement and knowledge sharing.


Live Streaming

Boost content engagement levels by live streaming various sessions and speakers for virtual attendees and recording them for absentees to engage with it later.


Create Interactive Events

Use features like polling and Q&A to collect responses from both live and online events through one hybrid conference platform.


Onsite Check-in & Badge Printing

Eliminate long queues at the registration desk and print badges by checking attendees into the event. Set up self-service kiosks for attendees to check themselves into the event while maintaining social distancing.

Maximize Networking with Robust Hybrid Event Management Platform

With our robust hybrid event management platform, you can provide an integrated and seamless event networking experience for your in-person, remote, and on-the-go participants.



Create networking opportunities

In addition to our highly targeted hybrid business matchmaking solution, use Eventdex to connect online and offline attendees through text chats, video calls, clubhouse-style meeting rooms, panel discussions, and round tables.


Exchange Business Cards

Let attendees curate and grow their network by uploading digital business cards and exchanging them with their peers. Extract reports to take a stack of the digital cards to never miss a follow-up in the future.


Speed Networking Platform

Engage remote attendees using speed networking, allowing them to quickly meet people with the same interest.


Event Gamification

Ramp up attendance with different games and let attendees compete on the leaderboard to boost engagement among attendees.


Event Mobile Apps

Facilitate meetings and interactions between face-to-face and online audience with a host of functions such as chat, event marketing, social media profile integration and endless sponsorship opportunities.

Increase Exhibitor and Sponsorship ROI


Create Digital Booths

Create a customized digital booth to allow maximum exposure to exhibitors and sponsors during hybrid conferences.


Boost ROI

Reach more audiences in a hybrid format and allow exhibitors and sponsors to reach them through in-person chats and live streams.


Share Content

Use innovative ways to drive attendees to the booth and read relevant content. Upload digital flyers and brochures along with company videos for online participants.


Maximize Participation

Create contests, coupons, or raffles on both mobile app and desktop to attract attendees and give more visibility to sponsors.


Lead Retrieval

Collect and better manage leads at hybrid events with the lead retrieval app. Deliver value by allowing participants to track, score and analyze leads for better follow-up at events.


Frequently Asked Questions

The hybrid event format may be used in a number of situations. You may hold a variety of hybrid events and interact with attendees from all around the world. Speakers can participate remotely from their remote places at the hybrid event. 

A Hybrid event allows individuals to connect personally if they desire an in-person experience. Individuals who would not usually be able to attend either to health issues or travel limits can now participate remotely in a hybrid event.

Increased Reach and Attendance

Great Audience Engagement

Better Sponsorship Opportunities

Improved ROI

Event Flexibility

Planning a single Event

Creating Ticketing Strategies

Connecting both In-Person & Virtually

Creating value for Sponsors & Exhibitors

Be real, transparent, and loyal to your brand

To provide good attendance experiences, gather the necessary information.

Embrace accessibility

Hybrid Events are organized by defining the goal, choosing the right event management platform, identifying the target audience, conducting marketing strategies, and encouraging participation.

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