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Eventdex, is a leading event management software platform helping organizations successfully execute multiple aspects of their events. Some of these organizations include DA4S, WBENC, NMSDC(7 chapters), various PTACs, corporations, and universities. We are minority owned and certified by the NMSDC and also carry these designations from NJ, PA, and NY (City/State). At the core of our platform is an integrated system that allows for ease with registration, attendee check-in, lead retrieval, match-making and networking, and great attendee experiences during an event.

Since our inception, Eventdex had been extremely involved in diversity and inclusion initiatives globally. This software platform is an extension of that commitment, as we maintain a significant focus on diversity and inclusion related events.

Besides the fully integrated aspect of our system, another key differentiator from competitors is the exceptional level of customer service inherent in our business practice. Most of our clients are able to reach us within 24 hours of making an inquiry, raising a question and or when simply seeking guidance.

Our Partnership, Diversity and Inclusion expert is available to help you maximize usage ofthe Eventdex platform.


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