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Use the best B2B event matchmaking software for highly targeted networking to generate quality leads and increase the bottom line.


Eventdex’s Online Business Matchmaking Software Platform

Our B2B matchmaking app offers organizers the opportunity to connect buyers with the best-curated list of businesses. It allows small and medium businesses (SMB) new ways to find dedicated time with corporate and government agencies to demonstrate their products and services. Our matchmaker software provides capabilities that deliver better networking in a more personalized manner.

Features of Business Matchmaking App

Set Appointments

Our b2b appointment software allow users to schedule, reschedule or cancel 1-on-1 appointments based on their preferences and availability. Empower buyers to schedule open, semi-open, closed and custom appointments, set agenda and do a lot more with few clicks!

Auto Matchmaker

Our intuitive matchmaker software also allows the event admin to automatically schedule meetings between buyers and sellers in case there are any last-minute cancellations and fill their event schedule.

Bulk Actions

Save time by modifying schedules of users in bulk with this seemingly small yet important feature. Make changes to your list in a minute and avoid manual errors that can creep in while handling a significant volume of data!

Lead Scoring

Our online B2B matchmaking software makes it easy for your attendees to score leads based on the profile of people in the app. With our intuitive matchmaker app, buyers can have an effective post-event follow up, resulting in higher productivity, more conversion and better quality of leads.

Higher Personalization

Tap into the power of personalization using our business matchmaking app that allows users to schedule meetings, send messages, like the profile they are interested in and even customize their agendas. With our matchmaker app, everything is perfectly synced together in an individually customized schedule for each attendee.

Email Communications

Leverage the integrated email marketing feature to keep attendees informed about the event. Whether it is sending personalized schedule or booth information, the exhibition management software helps disseminate content on the go. Exhibitors and buyers can leverage it to advertise their products and services to boost their ROI.

Robust Reporting

With dashboards, analytics and customized reports, our matchmaking app gives critical insights into attendees’ preferences at the event and uncover interesting trends. Buyers and sellers can store attendee information and export it to their CRM for better follow-ups.

Add Projects

To save time on creating new events, business matchmaking apps allow you to reference and clone your past events and get insights to improve your next event. With critical data in hand, you can compare targets and ROI, control budgets, expense and actual revenue of your events.

Benefits of Online B2B Matchmaking software

Enhance Event Experience

Improve the overall event experience by allowing attendees to meet the right businesses even before the event starts with the best B2B matchmaking software. Enhance engagement rate, attendance, and the overall satisfaction score of your event.

Generates Quality Leads

Your participants are sure to generate quality leads when you connect them with the relevant suppliers using online business matchmaking software platform. Highly targeted matchmaking apps help sponsors/exhibitors/SMBs to increase revenue and focus on quality over quantity.

Save Time With Personalization

Business events matchmaking software is different from regular mobile event apps since it allows buyers and sellers to create personalized meeting schedules and messages for a more strategic networking approach. It saves a ton of time and offers customized experiences like no other technology in the meeting and events industry.

Gather Real-Time Insights

Get real-time data into attendee’s behavior by tracking which booth had the maximum footfall with business  matchmaking software. Allow buyers and sellers to take notes of their conversation and follow up almost immediately with the data to boost the brand recall value!


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