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Top 5 Best Event Check-In Apps for 2023

Events generally need meticulous planning ahead in advance, from creating an ideal event managing strategy to choosing the perfect venue to opting for the best printers, badges, etc. Event check-in apps is a great tool for event organizers to reduce the bottleneck that can exist at an event for the attendees by delivering a streamlined and efficient event check-in process.

When the event day comes, the most important part is to have seamless and smooth event check-ins, which creates a great impression in the minds of the attendees and makes your event a thing to be remembered. Since the pandemic got over, physical events have made a great comeback, and event organizers and planners use event technology as a tool across the process, from planning to execution. Check-in apps are an indispensable addition to any hybrid and in-person event platform

Event check-in apps for Speeding up your Event Registrations/ Event check-in apps for making your event registration a breeze!

An event check-in app checks your attendees into your events. It gives access to real-time information so that the event managers can check on guests, to get an overview of the check-in status anytime.

To help organize and keep events streamlined, an event check-in app allows organizers to handle on-site registrations, touchless event check-ins, session tracking, in-person conferences, and on-site badge printing, event check-in apps are used. 

Why do you need event check-in apps?

Attendees and guests nowadays have expectations and expect good service. An event check in app allows planners and hosts to digitally (or manually) mark attendees present, either at the event itself or through mobile.

Organization and management of events is done through Event check in apps. Attendees can enter their names, event time, and any other relevant information. 

This way, attendance of the attendees can be kept track of and organizers can make sure that everyone attending is aware of the time.

A user-friendly event check in app delights the attendees at the event, thereby increasing guest satisfaction.

How do you check guests at an event?

At an event, from the moment the attendee walks in, the event check-in app collects attendee details through tools like simple check-ins, check-in kiosks, tablets, event apps, turnstiles, barcode or QR code scanning, and facial recognition or NFC tags. Event check-in through QR code scanning is the fastest. Once the attendee checks in, the badges are printed instantly through the badge printing machine. This reduces the burden of pre-printing event badges and long queues.

Features that make an event check-in app a great one!

A good event check-in app must have good features, like tracking the number of attendees at the event, timely arrivals by the attendees, keeping track of the attendees, preventing unauthorized access to the event, etc. 

Today, as eco-friendly and sustainable events are on the rise, an event check-in app comes in handy, as it is paperless and there is no use for printed guest lists and floor plans.

Although there are many event check-in apps available with varied features, we have compiled a list of 5 best ones below:

Here are the top 5 Best Event Check-in Apps to be used in 2023


Eventdex is an all-in-one cloud-based event management software that runs for all your Virtual, Hybrid, and On-site events. Eventdex’s event management platform streamlines each step of planning and execution, right from event ticketing to event check-ins to onsite engagement to business matchmaking to analysis.

Eventdex‘s event check-in app enables users to check themselves in and out of events and sessions using their own mobile devices. The app simplifies event ticketing and event registration. It also lets you cancel, modify, and process refunds for attendees. 

The conference registration software lets you easily collect, monitor, and export important registrant data by allowing attendees to enter their details. An important feature is the event ticketing solution, which enables you to sell tickets and collect payments securely.


Eventbrite is a event ticketing and event management platform. The Eventbrite event check-in app enables to monitor of real-time ticket sales, scanning attendee’s data during event check-in, online booking, attendee management, social promotions, tracking attendance, accepting secure payments, etc. 

What’s more, Eventbrite also provides day-to-day or combined tickets for any event, which is an integration known as Sched, and enables the attendees to buy say Saturday tickets, or a combo of Saturday-Sunday tickets. An option for package tickets is also available. With Eventbrite, the event registration process can be integrated directly into your website.


Cvent‘s OnArrival Event Check-In app makes tracking attendance easy with the swipe of a finger. It enables a host of features like searching through your attendee list by name or email, filtering by registration type, and scanning a barcode. One tap on the invitees’ names enables them to open their records.

Cvent event management platform is a leader across event management platforms, and it eliminates the need for paperwork and sheets to track attendees. It can accommodate events of all types and complexities and is a completely customizable app. 


RegOnline is a cloud-based event management software, it is a great platform that enables the management of event attendance, manages tickets, etc. Its event check-in app boasts some advanced features like a unique venue sourcing tool, smart communications and scheduling, and Passkey integration that are suitable for large events. It also provides bespoke registrations for different types of tickets.

It is best suited for non-profit organizations and corporations and is a fully flexible suite that can meet the needs of complex events as well.


Hopin event check-in app is an all-in-one event planning platform that provides different types of services, like social networking, event management, chat, and video conferencing/ streaming in a single event app. Attendees can create their schedules before an event, and ticketing is also enabled. If there is a hybrid event, Hopin’s event management software enables you to create various event check-in points throughout the Onsite part of the event. This enables you to create different content in different rooms, at the same time enabling monitoring the number of people in each room.


The smallest mistake can set your event and team, back by a few steps. To increase productivity and give your attendees the best experience, and an overall successful event to add on to that, an Event Check-in App is best.

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