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event management software in usa

Take The Chaos Out of Event Management

Eventdex’s event management software in USA is the first mobile event app that ensures a secure and holistic experience for planners and attendees. Our cloud-based event management solution is equipped with various plug-and-play builders as well as drag-and-drop features so that you can handle events of all sizes and formats. With tools like business matchmaking, mobile apps, event registrations, Eventdex event management plaform not only helps increase attendance and engagement but also allows easy navigation of the entire event process.

All-in-one event management platform in the US

Create rewarding events with all the tools in one comprehensive solution.

Virtual Meeting Platform

Virtual Meeting Platform

Make powerful connections from the comfort of your home with our easy-to-use virtual event platform. Eventdex virtual event management software lets attendees connect with a single person or group of people virtually while allowing planners to achieve their goals, improve engagement, track key data and increase revenue.

Business Matchmaking Platform

Build a custom mobile event app for your next event with Eventdex without knowing complicated coding. Eventdex’s business matchmaking app powers attendee networking and is a great tool to share content and event updates before, during, and after the event. It also offers multiple opportunities for planners to increase their revenue and for sponsors to showcase their brand.

business Matchmaking platform
Mobile Event App

Mobile Event App

Eventdex mobile event apps are a great way to boost ROI and create unparalleled networking opportunities. Create branded event apps without coding knowledge and share unlimited content, updates, or other relevant information with participants. Monetize your event app by selling space like screens, banners, and push notifications to sponsors.

Lead Retrieval App

Forget managing business cards and seamlessly capture leads with Eventdex’s lead retrieval app. Our lead retrieval system allows you to scan attendee badges, integrate information with your CRM, and score leads for future follow-ups to effectively manage contacts in real-time, even at large events.

Score Leads in Virtual Events
Eventdex Leading Integrations

Event Registration Software

Provide seamless online registration experience to attendees by building a custom branded event page. Allow visitors to register, cancel, modify their registration, or quickly receive refunds from the easily navigable event webpage. Our effortless all-in-one event registration system lets you sell event tickets or passes online and receive payments based on different categories.

Onsite Solution

With all the advantages of a physical session, ePoster Walk is a sophisticated poster submission and management tool. The ePoster feature allows planners to manage abstract submissions, plan conferences, record presentations, etc. Get a sense of your session’s success by collecting critical metrics like the number of likes, comments, downloads, votes, and a lot more.

Onsite Event Management
Corporate Event Registration Software

Poster Walk for Virtual Events

Eventdex event management software in Canada offers an ePoster walk feature popularly used by the scientific community and the healthcare industry. Our tool lets you manage abstract submission, plan conferences, and record presentations. It offers an engaging way for attendees to stay updated and interact with different posters through features like downloads, votes, and likes.

Social Wall

Our event management software in the US comes with a social wall feature that seamlessly displays user-generated content and photos in real-time from social media feeds. Create a memorable event and impress your attendees with all the positive content about your event on a branded social wall.

social wall
Clubhouse Style Meeting Platform

Clubhouse-style meeting rooms

With both private and public rooms available, clubhouse-style meeting rooms offer a valuable experience that sparks meaningful conversations between speakers, sponsors, and attendees. Attendees can brainstorm ideas, collaborate, present, and share content during hybrid or virtual events.

Speed Networking

Create targeted networking opportunities with our speed networking app, which lets attendees meet each other in the shortest possible time in a series of short one-on-one meetings. After the round-robin format, the tool's AI matching capabilities allow participants to schedule private meetings directly on the platform.

Speed Networking
Client Testimonials

What Our Customers Say

University at Buffalo
University at Buffalo
Ryan R. Assistant Professor Higher Education

We really appreciated the adaptability of the software to meet our changing needs. For example, we liked being able to create promo codes to offer reduced rates to conference attendees with special circumstances.

NFC Group
Rajesh M. Director

Eventdex offers almost all features at a fraction of cost than other similar software.It is easy to use and heavily customisable. Their customer service is excellent. I have been using Eventdex for 3 years and not even once I had issue with getting timely response from their team.

Georgia Institute of Technology
Donna E. Project Director

It’s easy to use and interfaces very well with our needs. The scheduling function is awesome. It allows our companies and partners to schedule their meetings with no assistance thus reducing time and resources. In addition, if there are any snags in scheduling, the Eventdex staff takes care of your needs immediately.

Influence Communications
Omar Y. Account Executive

Eventdex helped me run a smooth registration process during my event and helped me deliver an excellent mobile application to my event’s attendees. Their support team was brilliant and I really enjoyed incorporating the Eventdex solutions into my events.

absolute events by corrine
Absolute Events By Corrine Ltd
Corrine T. President Events Services, Self-employed

I love the flexibility of Eventdex and the ease of use. I have tried using many other tools and I find that this one gives me the ability to get registration for my client’s program up and running very quickly with little to no issue. The reporting is also very good. I recommended the matchmaking aspect to another client which worked very well.


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