Virtual Speed Networking Platform

Create virtual speed networking events that provide a structured, fast way to meet relevant people. Help attendees build relations and efficiently connect with people in a matter of minutes. Cut off the small talk and create value for participants from the comfort of their homes.

Speed Dating + Business Networking = Speed Networking

The power of networking at business events is unarguable, and today more than ever. With time being as important as money, virtual speed networking emphasizes ‘speed’ to create flash business meetings to connect potential customers. It takes up less time for executives and is the fastest way to get reliable contact information.

“Dating” Tool For Business Professionals

Eventdex’s virtual speed business networking platform offers a powerful AI-powered solution that intelligently matches potential attendees and connects them for further one-on-one conversation at events. It opens the opportunity for executives to meet up to 10 attendees
in an hour, a lot more than they would meet at traditional onsite events.

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Meet, Network and Connect !

Speed Networking Platform Features

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Meet the Right People

Take advantage of our AI-powered technology that ensures attendees are accurately matched for a superior networking experience. It connects the right people based on the information provided by the participants.

Maximize Networking

Increase networking at events by quickly matching attendees. It allows attendees to meet up to 10 relevant contacts in an hour. With speed networking software, participants meet more people than they typically would using traditional networking in the same timeframe.

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Exchange Information

Give participants enough time to introduce themselves and arrange follow-up meetings to drive the conversation forward by exchanging contact information with the right prospects. Create a community by allowing attendees to connect and follow each other on social media.

Host Sponsored Speed Networking Sessions

‍Increase brand visibility and leads for sponsors by creating speed networking sessions for them. Match registrants with a particular company based on their interest and host exclusive sessions that create powerful experiences and convert into 1:1 meetings between visitors and exhibitors.

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Private Appointments

Networking doesn’t have to stop after the speed networking session. Go beyond the flash meeting and set a speed networking platform for extra engagement. Allow attendees to easily schedule appointments for private conversation.

Create Surveys

Create quick surveys for attendees after completion of each round to collect vital information and measure engagement levels at the event.

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Benefits of Speed Networking Software

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Saves Time

Save time by getting rid of pleasantries and coming straight to the point to understand if the attendee has something valuable to offer.

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Increases Participation

Connect with a range of professionals and never miss a networking opportunity by participating from anywhere, from any device.

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Fits All Event Types

The powerful AI technology is suitable for all event types and industries by matching profiles based on the information provided.

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Higher ROI

Monetize your event and allow sponsors to host speed networking sessions for generating inbound leads, enabling them to follow up with each registrant for private meetings or online chat.

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Better Collaboration

Schedule private meetings and share screens to explain services and products for increased collaboration and higher value from virtual events.

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Structured Networking

Increase exposure and meet more people in a short time. Network with potential business interest only and schedule one-on-one meetings.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you are familiar with speed dating then you can think of speed networking as the equivalent of speed dating for businesses. Most b2b events are geared towards facilitating businesses to network with each other to generate leads and opportunities. Speed networking is a great way to accomplish this.

Virtual speed networking allows attendees to network with other attendees of the event from the comfort of their home or business without having to waste time or spend tons of money on travel.

Unlike traditional events, speed networking usually needs a moderator for timekeeping and ensuring smooth events.

The format for speed networking is typically to join a room where other like minded attendees or businesses looking for leads join and wait for connections to be made using the virtual speed network software. Each meeting is typically scheduled for a short duration of time with an option to extend based on the availability of both the participants. The virtual speed networking apps allow attendees to exchange contact information and follow each other on social networking tools.

The advantages of the Virtual speed networking platforms are the ease of connecting with potential business partners without the hassle or awkwardness of reaching out to strangers and having a conversation. The speed networking software matches and intelligently identifies potential leads and brings them together.

Virtual networking events can be hosted by using virtual meeting apps such as eventdex where you have options to host either a speed networking event, or round table networking or one to one business matchmaking events.

The virtual networking software platform can not only help attendees network at the business events but it can be a great tool for member organizations, associations, and corporations to facilitate networking.

Time is limited in speed networking events so that attendees don’t have to wait and meet maximum participants.

Speed networking events are fast-paced, where everyone seeks to build professional relationships and meet new people in the quickest possible time. In contrast, traditional networking usually has one person reaching out to another, hoping to find the right person.

Unlike traditional events, speed networking usually needs a moderator for timekeeping and ensuring smooth events.

Time is limited in speed networking events so that attendees don’t have to wait and meet maximum participants.

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