In-Person Event Platform

Whether you need event registration system, badge printing app, event check-in app, or mobile event app, Our in-person event platform offers end-to-end services and tools to simplify the event management process.

Our In-Person event platform provides a comprehensive solution for managing on-site attendees and B2B live gatherings. With features like onsite badge printing, onsite event check-ins, event registration, and on-site event support, event organizers can effortlessly handle every aspect of the event. The badge printing feature allows the creation of professional-looking event badges, displaying attendee information prominently. The efficient event check-ins minimize the waiting time, ensuring a smooth entry process for participants. Our user-friendly event registration interface simplifies sign-ups, session selection, and event payment processing. On-site event support is readily available to address any queries or technical issues, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free event experience for all your attendees.

Transforming In-person Events with Eventdex

Eventdex’s In-Person Events Platform, the ultimate solution for creating immersive and engaging in-person experiences. With features designed specifically for face-to-face events, our onsite event platform offers seamless event registration, streamlined event check-in processes, interactive networking tools, attendee engagement activities, and real-time analytics. Elevate your in-person events with our comprehensive in-person event platform, ensuring smooth operations, enhanced participant experiences, and valuable connections that foster growth and success.

Effortless Badge Printing at In-Person Events

Get seamless badge printing and attendee badge scanning capabilities that enhance the overall event experience. Our efficient badge printing system streamlines the event registration process, allowing attendees to quickly receive their personalized event badges upon arrival. This saves time and adds a professional touch to your event. Furthermore, our attendee badge scanning technology ensures swift and accurate capture of attendee information, eliminating the need for manual data entry and minimizing errors.

Elevate Your In-Person Events with a Seamless Experience

Elevate Your In-Person Events with a Seamless Experience

Enhance event security, streamline operations, and provide a seamless experience for all participants. By simplifying event registration and event check-in processes, you create a positive first impression and set the stage for valuable connections and networking opportunities throughout the event. Trust our in person event platform to deliver a smooth, efficient, and engaging event experience for both event organizers and event attendees.

Powering Memorable In-person Events with Integrations

At Eventdex, we prioritize attendee engagement with seamless integrations. Our in-person event platform seamlessly integrates with Interprefy for real-time language interpretation, Walls.io for interactive social media walls, payment gateways for convenient transactions, Zapier for automated workflows, and Salesforce for streamlined attendee data management. Additionally, our integrations with QZ tray and Avery templates simplify onsite event badge printing, ensuring a professional and efficient event registration process. Get to choose from a host of robust printers for your on-site badge printing needs. Elevate engagement, maximize interaction, and create memorable experiences with our comprehensive suite of integrations.

QR Code Transforms Seating Management

QR Code Transforms Seating Management

Embark on a smooth event experience with Eventdex's QR code technology. Locate your seat effortlessly through the Scan Attendee app, and the QR Code feature streamlines real-time adjustments, streamlining event check-ins for multiple attendees. Ideal for prestigious events, Eventdex empowers through its admin portal, marking a paradigm shift in event navigation.

Meet, Network and Connect !

Features of In-Person Event Platform

Event Matchmaking & Networking

Facilitate 1 on 1 networking among attendees with our intuitive networking tools. From personalized profiles and messaging capabilities to interactive networking sessions, our in-person event platform empowers attendees to connect, collaborate, and build valuable relationships.

Attendee Event Check-Ins

Efficiently manage attendee event check-ins with our user-friendly event check-in system. Streamline the event registration process, track attendee arrivals, and provide a seamless entry experience. Say goodbye to long queues and enhance overall attendee satisfaction.

On-Site Event Badge Printing

Elevate your on-site event experience with professional and personalized event badges. Our on-site badge printing solution supports popular printers like Zebra, Brother, and Epson for high-quality and fast badge printing. Choose from a wide range of event badge sizes to meet your specific requirements. Our PVC plastic badges ensure clear and vibrant prints, enhancing attendee identification and event branding. Experience seamless badge printing with QZ Tray integration. Create polished and durable event badges that leave a lasting impression.

On-Site Event Badge Printing
Self-Check-In Kiosks

Self-Check-In Kiosks

Empower attendees with self-check-in kiosks for quick and hassle-free event registration. Our self-check-in kiosks offer a user-friendly interface, allowing attendees to check-in themselves, print event badges, and access event materials independently.

Multiple Device Event Check-Ins

Ensure flexibility and convenience with multiple device event check-ins. Our in-person event platform supports various platforms and devices, smartphones, tablets, and laptops, both iOS and Android, enabling event organizers to efficiently manage attendee check-ins from different entry points. Sign in to up to four devices at a time.

Multiple Device Event Check-Ins
Track Session Attendance

Track Session Attendance

Monitor session attendance and gather valuable insights into attendee engagement. Our in-person event platform enables you to track and analyze session attendance, helping you optimize your event program, identify popular sessions, and deliver a personalized experience to attendees. 

Event Sponsorships

Boost event success with sponsorships, generating revenue and adding value to users. Utilize virtual booths, branded ads, sponsored sessions, and exclusive attendee data access. Foster valuable connections by facilitating sponsor-attendee networking. Experience seamless networking, streamlined event check-ins, on-site badge printing, and comprehensive session tracking with our powerful onsite event solutions. Elevate events and deliver exceptional experiences using our industry-leading in-person event platform.

Multiple Device Event Check-Ins

Printer Solutions

Eventdex’s advanced event management platform seamlessly integrates with a range of top-quality printers, providing you with effortless onsite badge printing options in In- Person Events. We are proud to support industry-leading brands such as Epson printers, Zebra printers, and Brother printers. Print from iOS, Android, iPads, Notebooks, Mobile Phone, Tablets and QZ Tray in your events.

Epson C4000 Label Printer

Epson C4000 Label Printer

Stock Type

Printing Features

Crisp photo quality images
Remote printer Management Capability
High Gloss Label
Black & White and Colour Capability

Zebra ZC10L Printer

Zebra ZC10L

Stock Type
PVC Plastic

Printing Features

Edge-to-edge color cards in a single process
Direct-to-card printing
High-Quality Designs

Brother QL-800 Printer

Stock Type
DK Roll

Printing Features 

Speed – 93 standard labels per minute
Mirror printing
Rotate printing
Auto Cutter prints one or multiple labels at a time

Zebra ZD621 Printer

Zebra ZD621 Printer

Stock Type
Die cut or continuous(with or without black mark)
Label or tag stock
Linerless media

Printing Features 

Fast Print Speed
Intuitive User Interface
Direct Thermal / Thermal Transfer Prints


Benefits of In-Person Events

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Saves Time

In-person events eliminate the need for extensive travel and accommodation expenses associated with remote events, allowing attendees to save time and money while still benefiting from valuable networking and learning opportunities.

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Reduce errors and miscommunication

In-person events minimize the risk of miscommunication and errors that can occur in virtual environments, ensuring clear and direct interactions between attendees, speakers, and exhibitors, leading to better understanding and collaboration.

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Increase brand exposure and recognition

In-person events offer valuable branding opportunities, allowing businesses to showcase their products and services directly to a captive audience, increasing brand exposure and recognition among attendees.

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Stay ahead of industry trends

In-person events provide access to industry experts, thought leaders, and cutting-edge content, enabling attendees to stay updated with the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in their field, gaining a competitive edge.

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Enhance productivity and collaboration

In-person events foster a higher level of productivity and collaboration among attendees. The face-to-face interactions and real-time discussions enable efficient problem-solving, brainstorming, and knowledge sharing, resulting in innovative ideas and stronger professional relationships.

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Immerse in Engaging Experiences

In-person events create immersive experiences that engage all the senses. Attendees can explore interactive exhibits, participate in hands-on workshops, and engage in lively discussions, resulting in a more memorable and impactful event experiences.


Frequently Asked Questions

An in-person event platform refers to a technological solution or software that facilitates the planning, management, and execution of live, face-to-face events.

An In-Person Event Platform is a technology solution that facilitates and enhances the organization and execution of in-person events, such as conferences, trade shows, workshops, seminars, and other similar gatherings. It combines various tools and features to streamline event management processes, improve attendee engagement, and provide a seamless experience for event organizers, participants, and exhibitors.

Picking the right In-Person Event Platform depends on the kind of event, conference, or tradeshow you are hosting. If you are planning to host a day long conference or more with the ambition to create a customized experience for attendees to participate in networking, attend multiple sessions, chat, and exchange business cards, visit trade show floors, setup 1 on 1 matchmaking appointments, then you need to select an In Person Conference software that has all the features with the right price and great support options.

Some of the benefits of In-Person Events Platform are:

  • Cater to attendees who are within the local population
  • 1 on 1 interaction with attendees through Event Matchmaking
  • Better networking and opportunities for attendees through personal interactions 

Event platforms for in-person events give you the power to collect attendee emails, attendee data through Lead Retrieval, 1 on 1 meetings through Event Matchmaking, and more. These metrics would typically be a nightmare to track on paper, but In Person platforms make it a cinch to follow up with leads after your event.

Platforms for in-person events assist brands in gathering more data, enhancing attendee experiences, and generating more leads. An In Person Event platform is very important for event planning,as it enhances the value of your events through lead generation which is beneficial, as you get potential leads for your future events, you get to interact 1 on 1 with like minded attendees within similar fields of your interest and more.

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