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Eventdex event management software for Universities, Colleges, and higher education institutions allows you to plan and create engaging academic events on and off-campus and build lasting relationships between alumni and students.

Event Planning Software & Solution for Educational Institutions

Alumni events, graduate fairs, fundraising, or education conferences—Eventdex event management platform is all you need to deliver a seamless event experience. Our comprehensive platform automates manual tasks, streamlines processes across different departments, and boosts your team’s efficiency without stretching your budget. With Eventdex, you can track registration and budget spending, engage attendees before, during, and after the event and immediately share important reports with stakeholders.

Event Management Platform - Boost your Event ROI

Simplify event planning and management with our event management solution is built to plan, promote, manage and report on in-person, virtual, or hybrid events for staff, students, alumni, or parents.


Database Management

Effectively manage alumni data by allowing participants to update their information and forward event invitation to their colleagues and friends.


Create Tier-Based Registrations

Build different registration types based on various parameters, ensuring multi-path, relevant registration process. Have dynamic pricing or VIP passes depending on contact types such as administrators, students, staff members, and alumni.


Collect Payments Online

Allow participants to register and pay online for classes or alumni events. Accept online payments or donations with our secure and compliant system.


Create Engaging Events

Provide up-to-date event-related information and enable your delegates to engage with each other, with you, and the content with our native mobile event apps.


Manage Event Budget

Never overshoot your budget by constantly tracking and controlling event expenditure. Use our integrated budget management feature to monitor different revenue streams and the financial performance of your events.


Maximize Attendance

Create branded, responsive event websites for people to register online. Maximize attendance by scheduling and sending drip emails and reminders.


Promote Referral Marketing

Allow members to spread the word about your event and increase attendance. Gain new members by allowing people outside your database to register and attend the event.


Gain Event Insights

Collect in-depth insights into your event’s performance by measuring critical statistics to understand which sessions, sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers had the greatest impact on your participants.


Collect feedback

Send feedback during the event planning and execution stages to accurately analyze attendee feedback and measure the success of your current event. Use this feedback to improve your future events and build a powerful attendee community.


Onsite Check-in

Create a memorable first impression the moment attendees step into the event venue with self-check-in kiosks or check-in booths. Print badges onsite to avoid sifting through name badges before the event starts.


Create Networking Opportunities

Virtual, hybrid, or onsite, whatever your event type, Eventdex has different features to boost networking opportunities. From an interactive event mobile app to clubhouse-style meeting rooms and virtual speed networking, your attendees will always get an opportunity to meet like-minded people.


Manage Abstracts

Manage abstracts with a breeze by easily customizing your submission form’s look and feel and crowdsource great content via a streamlined Call for Papers process, including collecting submissions to entering final submissions in the agenda. Collect only the relevant information you need for making informed decisions.


Schedule Poster Walks

Create an interactive poster walk session and allow presenters to showcase their research papers during virtual or hybrid events. Allow participants to like, comment, vote, or download content.

Why Choose Eventdex For Universities & Higher Institutions?

Event management software for universities is ideal for hosting exhibitions, academic symposiums, graduations, orientations, or other local events. Choose Eventdex to deliver the best possible campus experience to staff members, students, and alumni. 

With Eventdex, your institution will have all the support and tools you need to support your campus’ broader mission and every department-centric event needs. With best-in-class automation and workflows, it frees up your time to allow you to focus on other strategic tasks. Eventdex lets you broadcast first-class education and events confidentially with our secure and compliant platform, ensuring data safety and minimizing potential vulnerabilities and threats.

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