Event Management Software for Healthcare & Pharma

Eventdex event management software for the pharmaceuticals industry allows you to plan, promote, comply and report engaging medical events and conferences in virtual, hybrid, or offline format.

Leading Pharmaceutical Event Management Software

Trusted by biotech and pharma companies, Eventdex event management software provides a secure way to create memorable life sciences events. We offer a secure event management platform that complies with different laws and regulations to ensure data privacy of the highest standards. With Eventdex event management software, you can send invites, create event registration pages, have dynamic pricing based on contact type, generate networking opportunities before, during, and after the event, ensure a seamless check-in process, collect feedback and create custom reports.  

Event Management Software for Pharmaceutical Events & Medical Conferences

Our event management software for healthcare and pharma has several features that allow you to plan, market, execute and report on different events from a centralized platform. 


Create Branded Events

Our simple-to-use event management platform allows planners to create emails, registration forms, and websites with drag-and-drop features that align with your brand and event theme. It provides a seamless process for registration and access control.


Ensure data security and compliance

We follow the highest industry standards to ensure compliance and security of attendee data. Increase your event value while taking complete control and visibility over regulatory compliance. We are GDPR and PCI compliant.


Effortlessly manage abstract submission

Effortlessly manage the Call for Paper process with Eventdex event management system. Customize the look and feel of your form, collect only relevant papers, review submissions, and add only the accepted papers to the agenda.


Build engaging virtual poster sessions

Allow attendees to showcase their e-posters and scientific presentations during events. Boost engagement by letting participants comment, like, and download posters for later referencing or reviewing


Boost networking opportunity

Let people connect with each other by offering different networking opportunities through clubhouse-style meeting rooms, virtual speed networking, and breakout sessions.


Create memorable experiences

Keep attendees informed with event updates and other event-related content like speakers’ bios and agendas through an engaging mobile event app. Attendees can connect with other participants before the event begins and share their feedback via the event app.


Unify all your events

Centralize all your events in one place to better manage the entire process and boost collaboration. Save time by cloning previous successful events and focus more on attendee engagement and experience.


Increase ROI by monetizing events

Monetize your conventions, medical conferences, or product launches with attractive sponsorship opportunities through different virtual spaces, including event apps, websites, registration forms, video messaging, or attendee badges.


Quickly check attendees onsite

Check-in attendees with supersonic speed, set up self-service check-in kiosks to eliminate queues at the registration desks, scan or print badges, register last-minute walk-ins, and collect payments.


Automate data entry work with integrations

Eventdex event management software integrates with different solutions, including CRM and expense management tools, to automate mind-numbing data entry work and add more time to your day.


Create custom reports and dashboards

Keep all the stakeholders informed by capturing, analyzing, and generating custom event reports to understand the highs and lows of your event. Improve your future events, make data-driven decisions and prove event ROI by monitoring critical metrics at every touchpoint.

Deliver World-class Life Sciences and Healthcare Events

Pharmaceutical event management requires a managed and efficient marketing team. The first step towards delivering a valuable event starts by choosing the right technology and removing all the unnecessary tools.


Whether you are planning training, investigator meetings, summits, lectures, conventions, conferences, or product launches, Eventdex event management software is a highly scalable event planning solution for all event types across healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical device, and life sciences industries. It can be tailored based on your goals and needs. We provide a distinct edge in every detail of pharma event management, from budget management, content delivery, event promotion, compliance and execution, attendee engagement, and beyond. 

Why Choose Eventdex for Healthcare & Pharma Events?

Pharma and healthcare events and attendees have a unique set of laws and regulations that must be complied with. That is why having simple meeting management software is not enough. Eventdex gives you the necessary precaution and safety against sanctions with its compliant and regulated event management software. It is a scalable and flexible solution that offers different features for different event needs while saving time and resources. From medical conferences with hundreds or thousands of attendees to small training sessions, our event management software gives you the flexibility and scalability to manage them while saving resources and time and being compliant.


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