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Elevate your In-person experience with Eventdex’s Onsite Solutions

An onsite solutions is a critical tool that assists event organizers in simplifying onsite event logistics such as event registration, event check-in, and onsite badge printing, as well as lead retrieval. The onsite solution simplifies event processing while eliminating the possibility of last-minute blunders. 

In most situations, all of the preparation and registration are completed successfully, but the organizer fails to manage the crowd on the day of the event. Without the use of a professional onsite solution, attendees are checked in manually, which is time-consuming and may disappoint the audience because they must wait in large lines outside the venue. 

As a result, fantastic events may be created by investing in solutions that aid in event management while enhancing overall efficiency.

Onsite Event Registration ensures event organizers of substantially faster event check-in by providing onsite solutions for attendees who have not registered for the event through online portals. Furthermore, the online solution streamlines the event check-in process by generating badges and collecting crucial participant information on-site. The following is a list of important characteristics given by a well-designed onsite event solution.

Enhance Onsite Check-In Experience

The on-site check-in experience at an event is an important aspect of the attendance journey. After all, it’s the first physical contact they have with the event. Eventdex’s Onsite Check-in process is simple, quick, and high-tech, leading guests have a favorable image of the event for the remainder of their stay. 

Self Check-In Kiosk

Event check-in is often the initial point of contact for attendees with an event, however, it does not necessarily have to take place at the site. It’s time to say goodbye to huge queues and manage attendees effortlessly. Self Check-in Kiosk mode allows you to decrease the number of people working at the registration counter while quickly getting through the day.

Self-service kiosks can be set up at local transit hubs or hotel partners to assist guests in checking in before they ever enter the event. These remote event check-in kiosks assist event organizers in streamlining the event check-in procedure and avoiding huge lineups and wait times at their events.

Simplify Event Registration with Onsite Event Badge Printing 

To organize a successful event, you must ensure that your registration game is on point, which means getting the most number of guests through the door in the shortest amount of time. With Eventdex’s on-site badge printing, your event may be more flexible, cost-effective, and professional. Attendees can be processed through the door in as little as 3 seconds, and walk-ins and last-minute registrations are also accepted.

Event Mobile App

Nothing is more powerful when it comes to personalization than a mobile event app; the major advantage is that most guests already have their own device to access it on. Eventdex‘s mobile event app software combines attendee engagement, crucial information, and interactivity capabilities in a unique way, making it a perfect on-site partner for your visitors. Attendees may effortlessly communicate with one another with private in-app chat. A B2B matchmaking tool may also improve the networking experience by matching together like-minded participants and identifying spaces for them to connect one-on-one.

Tips for a successful onsite event

Following are a few tips that can help you easily manage your onsite event.

Seamless Attendee Check-in

It is critical to have safety on site, as well as to ensure that only invited people are allowed in. But you don’t want guests standing in long queues to enter the venue. Make it feasible for people to register before attending the event, and keep the pre-entry criteria as easy as possible.

Foster Interaction

Networking works best when it links two people with similar interests. Event technology facilitates this process; an attendee may create a profile and then organize meetings with others who have the same interests, all on their phone before the event even begins. Pre-arranged meetings remove the unpredictability from event schedule planning, particularly if an attendee wishes to meet someone important.

Track Session Attendance

Get insights into less popular sessions by viewing when maximum check-in/check-outs happened. With event data, you can improve future events and keep people coming back year after year.

We recognize that handling participants on-site may be a difficult task without the proper assistance. As a result, our cutting-edge onsite event management solutions provide you with the technology and support you need to bring your events to life and leave a lasting impression. We have the best B2B event management software that eases stress and efficiently checks in participants while providing you with important data. 

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