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Seamless Lead Scanning App

Get non-stop leads capturing only through Eventdex’s Lead Scanning tool for all types of event. A high volume of leads are seamlessly scanned by our Lead Retrieval App, be it a Tradeshow, seminar, expo, conference, business meet, etc. Works perfectly in both online and offline modes.

Say goodbye to business card collections

Save time on collecting leads manually

Spend more time engaging with your prospects

Multiple Lead Scanning Methods

Scan your leads through our Lead Retrieval App at the event, by 3 different methods

  • Use built-in camera of your mobile phone
  • Use external scanners such as socket mobile or IPC Mobile
  • Add lead manually by entering the SCAN ID of the attendee

You can use any lead scanning method as per your budget, availability of scanning tools or convenience.

All your lead notes systematically stored in the app

Upto 3 users per booth

Offline Integration

lead retrieval app for trade shows
lead scanning

Scan And Connect Instantly

Leads scanning is fast and accurate. It captures high volume leads data and stores in cloud effortlessly which can be used later for reporting. Salesforce integration helps in instantly connecting with qualified leads and to follow-up them, later. Attendee Check-In is fast and also can be used in Kiosk services.

Directly export lead data into Salesforce

Don’t lose track of a single lead ever again

Efficiently follow up with your collected leads

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Everything you need to manage your event at the touch of a button.

No need for blowing up your event budget on different apps and tools for each process. Why not stick to a single Event management app that delivers all that you need?

Set up and plan your event with ease

Increase engagement during event

Measure and Boost ROI