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Lead Retrieval App

Boost ROI, Capture Quality Leads!Use the best lead retrieval app to easily capture and export attendee contact information at trade shows.


Lead Retrieval App for Trade Shows

Maximize ROI with Eventdex’s trade show management software that gives exhibitors a better way to handle the lead retrieval and conversion process. It is an affordable solution that attracts more exhibitors while offering several benefits to both organizers and exhibitors.

Features of the Best Lead Retrieval App

Scan QR Code

Our exhibition management software comes with a trade show badge scanner app that allows to easily collect leads by scanning the code on name badges and business cards.

Score Leads

Use customizable lead qualifiers to track and score leads to help your sales team prioritize post-event follow-up and effectively map the buyer’s journey of each contact.

Take Notes

Never miss a chance to have a personalized follow-up with a contact with the lead retrieval app for trade shows, which allows you to take notes of your conversation on the floor.

CRM Integration

Export the complete list of contacts in the CSV format and import it into your CRM solution for effective lead nurturing and maximum lead conversion.

Real-Time Reporting

Use our trade show lead capture software to get real-time reports of the event activity through detailed analytics including lead stages, lead categorization, etc.

Schedule Follow-Ups

Ensure effective follow-ups and marketing by sending relevant collaterals to all the contacts captured through our trade show lead capture app in just a few clicks!

Works Offline

Exhibitors can scan leads even when the internet is not working. Once the network is back all the offline data sync in real-time with their backend portal.

Device Compatibility

Our lead retrieval app for trade shows is compatible with all mobile devices working on iOS and Android, providing you information anytime, anywhere.

Benefits Of Lead Retrieval App

Measure Booth Traffic

Eventdex lead retrieval app technology allows you to measure booth traffic and attendance and provides multiple reports, including the projected vs actual footfall at the booth.

Achieve High ROI

Help your exhibitors get more business from your event so that they keep coming back for more year after year. Eventdex lead capture app empowers exhibitors to collect leads on their phone or any other device and later export it to their CRM.

Manage Leads Effectively

Better manage leads by automating the classification, organization and lead scoring process. Score leads based on the media channel, geography, engagement period, or any other defined attributes.

Generate Quality Leads

Our trade show badge scanner app empowers exhibitors to gain more visibility on who is attending the event, connect with high-quality leads and generate more business opportunities and, in return, more ROI.


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