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Eventdex Virtual Speed Networking Platform speednet working platform

Eventdex’s virtual speed networking platform offers a powerful AI-powered solution that intelligently matches potential attendees and connects them for further one-on-one conversation at events. Help attendees build relations and efficiently connect with people in a matter of minutes.

Eventdex Event Check in App And Badge Printing App For in person events.

Eventdex leading-edge Onsite Event Management Software helps you deliver efficient, engaging & measurable Onsite experiences. Now, create a safe & lasting impression for your attendees as they step on-site with our fully integrated, touchless, easy-to-use check-in & badging solutions.

Revolutionizing Event Seating with Eventdex QR Code Technology

Revolutionize Your Events with Eventdex QR Code Technology! Explore the future of seamless event seating and event check-ins. Join us on a journey of innovation and discover how Eventdex event management software is reshaping the event experience. Say goodbye to traditional hassles and embrace the efficiency of QR codes. Elevate your events with Eventdex – Where Technology Meets Experience!

Level Up Your In-Person Events: Effortless Event Registration, Instant Event Badges with Eventdex

Ditch the event registration drama, and embrace the Eventdex magic! No more in-person event chaos – say goodbye to long lines and pre-printed event badge nightmares. Our lightning-fast event registration and on-site event badge printing create a seamless experience that leaves everyone smiling, attendees and organizers alike.

Revolutionizing Event Check-Ins with Eventdex's Scan Attendee App Demo

Discover the power of Scan Attendee with our quick demo! Immerse yourself in the smooth event check-in process offered by the Eventdex Scan Attendee App! Easily handle registrations with either manual swipes or camera scans. Elevate your events with state-of-the-art technology for a seamless experience!

Eventdex Badge Designer Template Video Guide

Eventdex event management software empowers you to create personalized event badges with ease with its Badge Designer Tool. Intuitive and versatile, the Badge Designer Template simplifies the process of creating customized event badges. This template is a valuable tool for event organizers, making event badge design effortless and efficient. With a selection of various template sizes available, including standard and larger options, Eventdex accommodates your specific badge requirements. The template library boasts a diverse array of pre-designed badge templates, ensuring you'll find one that perfectly complements your event's theme.

Dynamic Event Badge Template Tutorial for Eventdex Event Badges

In this tutorial, we take you through the process of using Dynamic Badge Templates in Eventdex. These templates allow you to customize on-site badges for your event attendees seamlessly. From scanning event attendees to setting tag orders and assigning tags, we guide you step by step. With the event badge tool enabled, you can define your dynamic templates and then easily select them for printing. Learn how to create distinct badges for different attendees and elevate your event management experience.

Eventdex ScanAttendee Web App Tutorial

In this instructional video, we guide you through Eventdex's user-friendly ScanAttendee web app dashboard. You'll learn how to seamlessly switch between past and current events and search for events by name. From the dashboard, gain insights into event statistics, ticket sales, sessions, payments, and more.

Eventdex Clubhouse style Video Rooms for Virtual & Hybrid Events

The Event management company Eventdex has added a new feature to its platform that allows attendees to meet in both private and public rooms. The clubhouse-style meeting rooms are designed to provide superior networking opportunities in both hybrid and virtualevents. The clubhouse-style meeting rooms give a voice to participants and replicate the experiences of an in-person event.

Eventdex Introduces Poster Walk Feature for Virtual Events

Eventdex is a leading provider of virtual event management software, which is adept at handling the entire event lifecycle. With the addition of Eventdex poster walk to its existing event management software tools like virtual business matchmaking and #virtualeventplatform, organizers can completely transform traditional poster presentations and drive meaningful conversations. Virtual Poster walk feature allows presenters to showcase scientific, medical research, and product launch e-posters during Virtual Events. They can Vote, Comment & Download their favorite posters in just one click!

How to join Lounge and Virtual Round Table Meetings

Eventdex offers a scalable and customizable virtual meeting platform to fulfill any type of online meeting, from a simple webinar to a complete 3D virtual event. Our platform provides a Virtual module for your upcoming event with 1D/2D/3D/360 animations and covers all the avenues of the Virtual environment including the Event Lobby, Sponsor/Exhibitor Booths, Networking Lounge, Auditoriums for Keynotes, Panel Discussions, 1 to 1 Meetings, Round Tables, Seminars, Workshops, break out sessions, and Webinars.


Business Matchmaking Portal Instructions

This video is a walk-through of the business matchmaking portal by Eventdex. It guides the users through the step by step process of signing up, making 1 on 1 appointments, and attending virtual meetings. The Eventdex business matchmaking portal is a powerful tool that combines AI and scheduling algorithms to match attendees and book appointments. Eventdex is a market leader in providing matchmaker solutions for buyer/seller events, diversity events, hosted events, trade missions, and investor conferences.