Event Management Software for Financial Services

Meeting regulatory compliance, heightening security needs, and making financial services accessible to consumers—achieve all this and a lot more when you plan your meetings with Eventdex event management software.

A trusted Event Management Platform for Financial Services

Financial services companies must have a sound approach when planning enterprise-wide events and meetings. It needs meticulous planning, engaging content, and the flexibility to appease the masses while ensuring compliance and data security. When you use Eventdex event management software to plan financial services events, you get a highly customizable, easy-to-use, intuitive event management solution that can help you manage events of all sizes and types. Whether it is a simple internal meeting, a hybrid event, or a complex, multi-day user conference, Eventdex event management software empowers you with the tools and insights needed to create and scale both in-person and virtual events. 

Unmatched Event Management Features for Financial Services

Create engaging events and networking opportunities while delivering value and the latest information on the ever-changing financial services industry.


Maximum security

Our security policies, technologies, and procedures comply with international regulations for excellent data security standards.


Custom reporting

We make it easier for you to prove the ROI of your evens with custom reports and dashboards. Get a complete view of your events before, during, and after it is over.


Highly scalable

Eventdex event management software for financial services is cost-effective and scalable based on your event requirements.


Simplify planning

Automate manual event planning tasks like sending drip emails to become more efficient and productive with Eventdex event management software. Keep all stakeholders informed with project & resource management tools for better accountability.


Comprehensive integration

Our integrations let you seamlessly transfer and aggregate event data from Eventdex to your organization's existing SaaS and automation tools.


Memorable attendee experience

Equip your team with all the essential features needed to make the attendee experience more memorable and build a stronger community for all participants.


Print badges onsite

Check-in last-minute walk-ins, sell tickets onsite, create kiosks for self-check-in, and print name badges for your attendees on arrival.


Networking opportunities

Allow your investors, executives, and other attendees to network with a personalized mobile event app and features like clubhouse-style meeting rooms and virtual speed networking.


Create a superior brand experience

Create custom branded, mobile-responsive communication, event pages, and other marketing collateral that resonate with your participants.


Generate sponsorship opportunities

Monetize your events by creating sponsorship opportunities in the event app or website. Save cost by going green and reducing printing costs.


Business matchmaking

Connect participants with a highly curated list of investors and executives for maximum impact and value.

Effective Events begin with Eventdex

Eventdex event management software for financial services is a solution built to help event planners save time with a centralized system. It allows organizers to clone, modify or create multiple events with similar financial profiles and manage all event-related activities without switching systems. Eventdex event management software can improve your efficiency with different frameworks, privacy settings, and integrations so that you can easily focus on promoting your brand to investment professionals. 

Why choose Eventdex for FinTech Events?

Eventdex event management software is carefully designed, keeping in mind the needs of financial services and banking industry events. Whether it is our enterprise-level security, targeted networking, or monetizing events, our event management software creates memorable events for investors and other executives in the financial services industry. 


With our all-in-one event management software solution, you can plan fintech product launches, investor board meetings, corporate conferences, financial forums, workshops, roadshows, and sales training. Use Eventdex event management platform to drive the success of your next corporate meeting or bigger conventions in hybrid, live, or formats. 

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