UMA's Graduation Day
Case Study

Revolutionizing Graduation Day: How Eventdex Transformed UMA's Commencement Experience



The prestigious Yuengling Center in Tampa Bay, Florida, home to the leader in healthcare education, Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA) held its Spring 2024 commencement ceremony. The event aims to honor the academic accomplishments of graduating students annually. Ultimate Medical Academy and Eventdex worked together to use Eventdex's advanced registration and attendee scanning tools to accomplish this event.


The main objectives of the UMA commencement ceremony were to:

  • Streamline the registration process for graduates, family members, and other guests.
  • Ensure quick and efficient check-ins on the day of the event.
  • Provide real-time tracking and reporting of attendee data.
  • Enhance the attendee experience through the use of event management technology.

The Challenges

Numerous attendees, including graduates, their families, and other guests, had to be handled by UMA. The main goals were to shorten the waiting times while ensuring a smooth and efficient registration and check-in procedure.

The Solution

To address the above challenges, UMA implemented Eventdex's comprehensive event management solutions, focusing on two key components: Eventdex Registration and Scan Attendee.

Eventdex Registration

UMA implemented Eventdex's registration platform to manage the registrations. Eventdex’s attendee registration platform allowed event attendees to register easily via an easy interface, and, in turn, seamless check-ins at the event.

Scan Attendee

On the day of the university graduation commencement, Eventdex's Scan Attendee app was deployed at the registration desk within the Yuengling Centre.  Scan Attendee app was used to scan the QR codes the applicants used on their iOS/Android devices. This procedure made sure check-ins were quick and effective, giving users real-time information on the number of attendees and aiding in UMA's use of crowd control and seating arrangements.

What We at Eventdex Did

  • Eventdex implemented its user-friendly event registration platform to streamline event registrations.
  • Eventdex deployed the Scan Attendee app to facilitate fast and efficient check-ins using QR codes.
  • Eventdex provided real-time tracking and reporting of attendee data to enhance event logistics.
  • Eventdex ensured a modern, tech-savvy experience for attendees, contributing to the success of the event.

The Result

  • The use of QR codes and the Scan Attendee app significantly reduced wait times at entry points. Event attendees appreciated the smooth and fast check-in process.
  • Utilizing Eventdex's solutions, UMA was able to gain more detailed information about attendee check-ins, enhancing their ability to manage event logistics.
  • Graduates and guests experienced a modern, tech-savvy commencement ceremony. The smooth registrations and check-in process contributed to a positive experience.
  • Post-event feedback highlighted the convenience of the QR code system and the professionalism of the event management.


By leveraging Eventdex's Registration and Scan Attendee solutions, Ultimate Medical Academy successfully hosted its Spring 2024 commencement at the Yuengling Centre. The technology-driven approach streamlined operations and created a great attendee experience. Eventdex proved to be a reliable partner in managing large-scale events with precision and efficiency.