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How To Make Your Next Trade Shows A Successful One

Tradeshows are the most import strategy for any company. It gives a good platform for networking opportunities and showcasing your products in front of many prospects and clients.

Tradeshow planning requires a long process of tedious planning and long working hours to design the entire show. Careful research and planning goes a long way in the process  for any tradeshow to make it successful.

Below are the top 10 most top tips to a successful Tradeshow:-

Location of your booth:– At tradeshows, try to get a good location. Most of the trade shows are using prime locations, which often gets to sell out fast, so you may need to think in advance in order to select any prime locations.

Booth Designs:  Standout with outstanding graphics, color schemes and booth designs. Buyers are always attracted to good designs and it makes a difference when visitors stop by.

Quality: Focus on the quality as every tradeshow is not equivalent for every small business. One must take time to research, each possible tradeshow and determine how it will help the business to get more ROI.

Creating Buzz: It is important to create the buzz about the upcoming tradeshow, and spend some time to speak to your clients and your market about the upcoming tradeshow.  Create email marketing programs for your target audience and spread the message.  You may leverage other  low cost online digital marketing tactics market about the show.

Contests and Promotions:- It is very engaging if there is a contest or a special raffle show, as everybody loves to win and it excitement for people visiting the booth.

Refreshments:- Offering drinks and snacks is well appreciated by the tradeshow attendees. You may use your company branding in the plastic mugs/bottles used to offer drinks. This helps to remind the attendees about your brand.

Calling your hot prospects: – Make sure that the sales team is constantly following up with the hot tradeshow leads. Most sales team frequently makes a mistake of following up with the tradeshow leads, months before the show.  The team should be following up with the leads closer to the date, as this acts a reminder and boosts attendance.

Social Media Marketing: Make sure you are using full social media potential to market your show.  The best way to utilize social media is to engage with people who have checked in at your venue of the tradeshow.

Giveaways:- You may use your brand giveaways in order to promote your brand and ensuring your investment is a worthwhile. Some popular and cost effective giveaways are:-

  • Pens
  • Notepads
  • Bags
  • USB’s, pen drives
  • Coffee mugs, water bottles
  • Card holders
  • Badge holders

Collecting Business cards:- Make sure that you are collecting business cards, from people visiting your booth. This gives a big opportunity for the sales team to follow up with the potential customers. This also, helps in creating a personal relationship when we are contacting them

Conclusion: Tradeshow planning requires detailed planning and strategy to execute. So, it is important to learn as much as possible to exhibit your next show.  Once you have done the first tradeshow, you will have a better experience of what should be done next. If you regularly attend tradeshow, it will give you more clear vision to follow a routine, and one you have a routine, you can always innovate and expert it.

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