Top 10 Event Management Tools – Must Read For Every Event Professional

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Planning an event means having a bunch of items on a single plate. The checklists are endless and it becomes all the more easy to make mistakes at the last minute. Here is a list of some of the most popular apps (based on user reviews) that could prove useful to the #eventprofs for various reasons.

1. Eventbrite– One of the most highly rated software, allowing businesses to organize and sell tickets (online events)  proficiently. From creating and customizing event pages to letting your attendees pay online, this emerges as a  dynamic tool giving you real time access to reports and analytics

2. Eventdex App- With an overall customer rating of 4.5/5 , this app of is used for addressing a variety of  subjects such as registration, selling tickets, lead retrieval system, match making system, check-in app and more.  Comes with an affordable price of just $0.75/ticket and 100% free for free events.

3. EventEspresso– This is a must check out application for those of you using WordPress as their event website.  Don’t miss their event registration and ticketing plugin for WordPress.

4. Eventzilla– A catchy name and a very catchy product. With a starting price of $1/attendee and free for Free  events, this is sure to catch your attention with its event management and registration solution

5. Purplepass – If your requirement is just a good, cloud based Ticketing app, check this out. An intuitive easy to  use software, with a smooth buying process and fabulous customer support

6. Paam– This is a unique recruitment app that allows you to hire and manage staff and volunteers for various  events

7. DW Alliance– From small to large enterprises, this platforms simplifies the entire cycle of the event process. Be  an office party or a corporate tradeshow, it has you covered for attendee management to social media networking  and is 100% online

8. Meetingapps– Came across this in an article years back.The concept is simple. The website is a collection of some  of the amazing mobile apps for events and is worth taking a look at

9. Expologic– Another great event management application with good customer reviews offering solution from registration to logistics

10. Superplanner– One of the most favorite apps used by #eventprofs for calculating venue capacity, staffing,  catering and other things which prevents your budget from going haywire. An event with food/drinks running out?  That’s the last thing anyone would want

Write to us if you have had experience using any of these apps. Want to list another name? Please subscribe and share your comments below.

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