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Everything You ‘Should’ Want In Your Event Registration App

Time and again, we have discussed about why you should absolutely have an Onsite Event Registration Software in the first place. Today however, we will additionally discuss the main features that you should keep an eye on while evaluating such an app before your upcoming event, conference or tradeshow.

While creating an event for your business, the main objective would be to control the ability to find, invite and network with the attendees. One of the main ways to achieve that would be to take away the worry of the Registration & Ticket Selling process. Make sure that you choose a powerful app that will not only enable you to sell tickets advance/online (through website) but also make a smooth on- site Registration as well.

That will help you channelize your time and resources more towards increasing attendee engagement and improving their experience.

Try and pick a cloud based platform that is easily configurable for selling tickets at a low price. This will keep up your profit per ticket. Keep in mind, your ultimate goal is to increase the attendance of your event and decrease the overall cost. An efficient event app will let your attendees not only access their tickets but also check other things like event schedule, exhibitors, event map, speakers, and session information.

With a great onsite event Registration App comes a greater responsibility and that is to make instant hassle free payouts with every ticket purchase. Be it through checks, cash or credit cards, the software should provide you with a platform using best of the breed payments systems.

Another recent trend noticed is that organizations prefer Event Apps which can also help in  collecting the critical attendee data and provide you with a report or integrate them with a CRM, not to forget social networking and invaluable badge printing options by the way.

And last but not the least, do not make the mistake of choosing an app that just looks customizable and beautiful, see what it actually does. Does it solve the purpose?

Having talked about the reasoning part, let us probe into some functionalities to look out for in your ticketing app. We have outlined here a feature list for both Online & Onsite Event Registration systems.

Onsite Event Registration Software                                                                       

  • Select different options for Paid, Free and Donation Tickets
  • Sell Packages for Ticket Combinations (for package refer to our previous article on Creating Packages in your event app)
  • Group Registration
  • Mobile friendly registration forms
  • Allow Registrants to book tickets for guests
  • Individual portals for attendees to view, modify and print tickets

Onsite Event Management Software

  • Manage onsite registration as logged-in Staff user
  • Print name badges, attendee lists
  • Create and print confirmations and invoices
  • Collect and process credit card payments securely
  • Facility to brand new registration via onsite Kiosks or iPads

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