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How To Choose The ‘Right’ Event Management App For Your Company?

The most widely googled question by event organizers are related to ‘choosing the best or right event management app’. Whether it’s just a lead retrieval tool or a combination of multiple tools in a single app, this seems to be a matter of great concern and a lot of time is spent evaluating and assessing quotations and feature comparisons from various vendors.

Ideally, before asking questions to your vendors, you should first find out why you need such an app and what are your expectations from it. Assess your requirements, your resources and your budget before doing a feature comparison. One article rightly brings out the most pertinent questions to which we agree.

Some of these comprise-

a. Customer support

b. Ease of use

c. Good online presence

d. The platform on which the app is built

d. Capacity to deal with multiple events

e. Real-time data accessibility & of course

f. Richness of its features.

So true! No matter how big and popular the company is, if you are not satisfied with the quality of support (don’t just blindly go with someone who says 24/7 support) and the behavior of reps (after the deal is closed), do not go with the vendor. Simple.

Pick a software that has a very easy navigation. Something that can be used by the most non-technical person in your company. Observe the product demo and ask any question that comes to your mind. After all it is supposed to make your life easier, isn’t it? Also, ask yourself if you would end up managing multiple events in a month or year and whether the app is dynamic to address the same.

When you, me, and even our favorite celeb is on social media, the vendor should preferably have a social presence as well. Its important how they are connecting and building a circle on the internet, how updated they are technologically.

Review their product in forums such as Capterra.

Check for the key features highlighted that would eventually help you plan your events faster and easier. Look for features such as automatic lead retrieval system, ease with onsite registration, generating instant badges, finding leads around you with a click of button and also engaging meetings with vendors and prospects (i.e. business matchmaking). See which is more relevant to you and choose wisely.

Also most of the time what we miss out to review is the platform or technology on which the app is built. If the product is built on a reliable platform for example Salesforce it takes away half your worries instantly. In such a case, simply focus on the support, on the pricing and features. You automatically trust the product company even if the vendor is new in the neighborhood. You are easily able to judge based on data accessibility, security, reporting and an overall robustness of the app.

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