Eventdex partnership with idloom

Eventdex Collaborates with idloom to Offer Comprehensive Event Registration and Management Solutions

idloom, an event management software, has announced the integration of its registration system with Eventdex’s onsite badge printing and matchmaking solution.

MORGANVILLE, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, April 28, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — idloom, a leading provider of online registration and event management software based in Belgium, has announced the integration of its registration system and expertise with Eventdex‘s onsite badge printing and matchmaking solution. By integrating with Eventdex’s onsite badge printing, event organizers using idloom’s registration system can now print event badges on demand and make registration more efficient for attendees. The incorporation will also provide real-time data on attendees’ arrival and check-in times, giving organizers more insight into event attendance and allowing for better planning. Also, the integration with Eventdex’s matchmaking solution will allow attendees to connect based on shared interests, preferences, and objectives. This feature will enhance the attendee experience and facilitate networking opportunities, leading to more meaningful connections and a greater overall event experience.

With Eventdex and idloom’s combined expertise, customers can now effortlessly manage the entire registration process for online, live, and hybrid events through the automation of most processes. Customizable to meet the unique needs of any event, the software offers a wide range of features, such as multilingual event websites, custom registration forms with unlimited conditional logic, session and track management, attendee communication, badge printing, invoice generation, event check-in, certification, and much more. Customers will have access to a wider range of tools and services thanks to this collaboration, which will allow Eventdex to take advantage of idloom’s extensive experience in event management solutions. Event organizers will now have access to more features, such as customized event websites, automated email marketing, and advanced analytics to help measure event success, due to the unique approach to event registration solutions.

User-friendliness being its key strength, apart from unique features, integrations, security, and best customer service, idloom brings a breath of fresh air to event registrations. idloom is designed to be easy to use, making the event planning process hassle-free. Event organizers can customize the software to meet the unique needs of their event, ensuring that attendees have a seamless registration experience.

About Idloom:

idloom, based in Belgium and in the USA provides event planning software that simplifies the organization and management of events. Their online registration and event management software allows event organizers to create, promote, and manage events with ease, providing them with the tools they need to succeed.

About Eventdex:

Eventdex is a leading end-to-end event management platform based in New Jersey that streamlines the planning, promotion, and execution of on-site, virtual, and hybrid events. With solutions for event registration, ticketing, onsite event check-in and badge printing appB2B matchmaking, and more. Eventdex offers a comprehensive suite of tools that enable event organizers to create successful events with ease. Some unique products provided by Eventdex include Scan Attendee, Lead Retrieval, Custom Event Badges, Mobile Event app, On-Site Event Management Software, and much more.

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