Eventdex’s Advanced Badge Scanning App

Eventdex's advanced badge scanning app streamlines the event check-in process at events by using the device's camera to scan and read QR codes or barcodes on event badges. When an attendee arrives at an event, they simply present their event badge, which contains a QR code or barcode, which is scanned by the QR code scanner app. Eventdex’s badge scanner app then verifies the badge information and checks the attendee in.

Attendance tracking to access control, discover the uses of Eventdex's Badge Scanning App

With Evendex's Badge Scanning App, easily scan and read QR codes and barcodes on employee or event badges. Get real-time syncing of data, as well as offline support. Get detailed reports and analytics on attendance, access, and badge information, and push notifications through the attendance tracking app. With our badge scanner app, you can easily check-in attendees and avoid long lines on the event day. It improves the overall experience of your guests and enables you to focus on other important aspects of your event.

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Eventdex Badge Scanner App Features

Badge Management

With badge management, users can store and manage event badge information such as employee profiles and event schedules. This information can be used later for future use. Badge management includes creating, editing, and updating badge information, as well as tracking and reporting on badge usage. Make it easy with keeping track of who has access to an event and manage the flow of attendees. Badge management can also be integrated with other systems such as access control and event management platforms to provide a seamless and secure experience. Additionally, Eventdex’s badge scanning app helps to be compliant with security regulations and ensures the right people are in the right place.

Real-Time Information
Contactless Check-In

Attendance tracking

Keep track of who has checked in at your event. No more manual sign-in sheets, efficient attendance tracking is possible through Eventdex's Badge Scanner app. From barcode or QR code scanning to RFID, track attendance in real-time, and never miss a beat, through Eventdex’s badge scanning app.

Push notifications

No more missing important updates or events! Stay informed and in the know with push notifications, delivering real-time information straight to your device, even when the push notification app is closed. Get alerts of new updates, new messages, or other important information. Get reminders of upcoming events or tasks, through the badge scanning app which is a  powerful tool for communication and engagement.

Self Check-In

Automated check-ins

Get increased security and reduce the risk of unauthorized access with our automated event check-in feature. Our event check in app verifies identities and grants or denies access to restricted areas, ensuring only authorized individuals have access to the event.


Save costs associated with manual event check-ins, such as printing and distribution of paper tickets or event badges through Eventdex's badge scanning app.

Self Check-In
Take your events to the next leveL

Badge Scanning App Benefits

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Faster and efficient check-ins

Eliminate long queues and reduce wait times through faster and easy check-ins. Eventdex’s badge scanning app allows attendees to check-in within 3 seconds.

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Real-Time Syncing

Get information that is always up to date with real-time syncing of data with other systems and devices, through real-time updates. Smart integration with CRM like Salesforce helps with analytics and real-time data syncs., through this real-time syncing app.

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Cross-device compatibility

Use our badge scanner app on any of your handheld devices, across the latest iOS and Android versions.

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Convenient to Use

Integration of Eventdex's badge scanning app with Linea Pro that connects directly with iOS devices, and with Socket Mobile Scanners makes it very convenient to use.


Frequently Asked Questions About Badge Scanning App

Event Badge scanning refers to the process of using technology to capture your attendee’ information by scanning their event badges. Eventdex’s event badge scanning feature ensures efficient capture of attendee information.

Badges at tradeshows can be scanned using dedicated scanners or smartphone apps equipped with QR code or barcode scanning capabilities. Eventdex badge scanner app enables you to scan event badges at a tradeshow by scanning the QR Code or bar code on the attendees’ event badge through its badge scanning software, using scanners such as Linea Pro and Socket Scanner.

Event badge software is a digital tool that helps create and manage event badges in turn simplifying the registration process for both event organizers and attendees. Eventdex has a badge designer template tool that enables you to create custom event badges as per your requirements, incorporating branding elements and attendee information.

To create an event badges, use event badge software through your event management software vendor or use online tools to design it, include attendee information, and select suitable printing material. Eventdex’s on-site badge printing software tool enables you to create event badges as per your requirements. You can incorporate attendee details through the drag and drop feature in the tool, and you can also include company logo, QR codes or bar codes, and much more to create beautiful custom badges.

Event badges are used for identification, networking, access control, and data gathering during events.

A lead scanner app captures attendee data from badges by scanning the code and storing it digitally to help exhibitors track and manage leads effectively during and after an event. Eventdex’s lead scanner feature, Lead Retrieval or Boothleads enables exhibitors to capture leads during events and store them in CRM. This valuable data can be used later to increase the event ROI and foster lasting connections.

Create event badges using badge software or online platforms, customize the design, add attendee details, and choose appropriate printing options. Eventdex’s new feature badge designer tool enables you to create beautiful custom badges as per your event requirements.

Event badges are typically made of durable materials such as PVC, paper, or plastic or sustainable material to ensure they remain intact throughout the event. Eventdex offers a diverse range of badge options, including PVC plastic badges, sustainable badges, and high-quality paper badges. 

Event badges come in various sizes, with the standard dimensions typically around 4 x 3 inches, 4 x 6 inches, and more, providing enough space for attendee information. Eventdex offers a whole range of event badges in various sizes, such as 3 x 4 inches, 2 x 3 inches, 4 x 6 inches, 2 x 3 inches, 3 x 5 inches, and more.

There are various types of badges, including paper badges, PVC plastic badges, reusable or sustainable badges, and digital badges, catering to different event needs. Eventdex offers sustainable event badges, single and double-sided event badges, mirror event badges, pre-printed color event badges, full-color onsite event badges, PVC plastic event badges, adhesive event badges, and lanyards as well. 

The most popular badge size is typically 4 x 3 inches in dimensions, as it balances providing sufficient information with being easily visible and wearable. Eventdex offers size 4 x 3 inches badges which can incorporate names, graphics, logos and other details of the attendee.

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