Virtual Event Gamification

Gamification is the concept of incorporating game elements into an activity for a variety of reasons, such as increasing attendee engagement and leads, creating a more relaxed environment, increasing attendee self-confidence, increasing revenue, getting better event management, and so on. Event Gamification style, among other things, improves attendant performance and reduces checkout times. As a result, event planners in the current events sector cannot overlook the effectiveness of gamification.

Increase attendee engagement

Event Gamification for Virtual & Hybrid Events

Eventdex’s feature of virtual event gamification offers a fun way to engage participants and influence their behavior through friendly competitions that incentivize the actions of attendees. Virtual event gamification increases participation by encouraging each participant to actively participate in solving numerous tasks in order to win rewards.

Gamify your Event

Virtual Event Gamification Features

Increase Attendee Engagement

Your event will be a success if your guests are entertained and engaged from beginning to end. Event gamification not only aids in learning and comprehending new knowledge, but it also allows your visitors to have fun while participating in useful activities. Attendees that arrive early might use gamification activities to focus on the event and avoid boredom. Incorporating event gamification into your virtual and hybrid events is a great way to boost virtual attendee engagement since it is entertaining, engaging, and useful to all people involved. Event gamification actively engages and encourages participants of virtual events to interact and participate.

Increase attendee engagement
Effortless Networking

Effortless Networking

The majority of people who attend events do so in order to network. They want to meet influential people in the industry, as well as business partners and competitors. Although the aim is clear, reaching it might be challenging and unpleasant. It's difficult to know who else is going to the event, how to contact other attendees, and who would be a good match. Event gamification provides an environment that encourages communication, making it easier for participants to approach one another throughout the event. Attendees may spend more time meeting the individuals they want to meet rather than hunting for the perfect connection.

Increase Event ROI

Event ROI is a critical factor in determining whether or not an event is a success for the organiser. After the event, event analytics aids in calculating the event ROI. Implementing event gamifying is beneficial to event organisers because it increases engagement; attendees are more likely to download the event app and participate merely to take advantage of the incentives and benefits.

Gamify your Event

Benefits of Virtual Event Gamification

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Improves Proactivity

Each attendee's demands are taken into account when gamification is being used. When done correctly, Event Gamification benefits everyone and encourages audience participation.

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Facilitate Communication

It motivates, stimulates participation, offers challenges, promotes social interaction, rewards victory, and incentivizes performance. All of this contributes to effective workplace communication.

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Get Real-Time Feedback

Event planners may get real-time feedback on the performance of their event by using incentives and short questionnaires.

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