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Take onsite event registration of your attendees to the next level by utilizing Eventdex's fully automated best Attendee Check-In App. Give your attendees the best of their event experience through smooth guest check-ins with mobile event registrations, B2B networking, and the like and all-around support with the best event check-in apps!

Robust attendee conference check-in apps that enhance your event!

Elevate your event game and increase efficiency, accuracy, and security with our attendee check-in app, a must-have tool for every savvy event manager! Track and manage your event attendees before, during, and after your event. Keep a database of your guests for your future use.

Take your events to the next leveL

Streamline Attendee Check-In with Our Advanced Event check-in software

Simple Registration interface, on the go!

Make your event registration smoother and the event experience better for your attendees. Make your guests enjoy the event more, rather than standing in long queues and dealing with paperwork. If you have last-minute registrants who have tagged along,  quickly generate tickets and register them for the event through self event check-in kiosks or through handheld iOS or Android-enabled tablets or mobiles. Step up your event a notch higher with QR code event check-ins. Register anywhere, anytime with minimal effort and time!

Simple Event Registration interface
On-Line and Offline Syncing

On-Line and Offline Syncing

Get your tickets scanned and validated in offline mode, enabling efficient and faster attendee check-ins, in case of a power outage. Self-service kiosks enable attendees to type out their own details and take prints with the contactless self-print badging feature. You can sync back details once online.

Unambiguous Multi-Device Check-Ins

Get your attendees to check in through multiple devices. It gives more speedy event check-ins through multiple device scanning and less concern for the event organizers and event attendees due to queuing delays. Multiple devices can be used with one single login.

On-Demand Event Badge Printing and Bulk Printing

On-Demand Event Badge Printing and Bulk Printing

Get personalized and customized on-demand badges, in black and white as well as color badges in seconds. Facilitate bulk and speedy printing of badges, in case of many attendees through robust printers - Epson, Zebra, and Brother. The scanners used are Socket Mobile and Linea Pro. Get prints through AIR-compatible printers.

Meeting badges of different sizes, from the very basic 4x3 badge and 4x6 badge and higher up are available.  The same printer can be used for a number of scanners and devices. The most common technology used for badge printing and scanning are barcodes, custom codes, smart cards, magnetic stripes, RFID (radio frequency identification).

Accept Secure and Quick Payments from Attendees

Collect and process payments from your attendees through secure integrated payment systems for event registration and event ticketing of your attendees through payment systems like PayPal, Stripe, Stripe Adaptive, Trustcommerce, Authorize.Net, Touchnet etc.

Live Attendee Check-In Analytics and Reporting

Learn how many attendees have checked- in, and how many have missed the bus. Through live analytics, learn which sessions have the most attendees, and which have the least. Get live attendee report summaries with flexible exporting to integrated CRMs like Salesforce. 

Take your events to the next leveL

Attendee check-in App Benefits

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Easy and Convenient Attendee Registration

With the attendee check-in system, event organizers can eliminate the hassle of long queues and paperwork. Information is already fed into the system, all that is needed is scanning barcodes or QR codes to check them in.

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Speedy Process

Speeds up the process of getting attendees into the event. Organizers can even let attendees enter the event without tickets, and with minimum details, you can look them up in the system.

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Greener Choice for Sustainability

Deal with last-minute changes in case some attendees miss the event. Print badges for attendees who are present, and cut down on paper wastage and printing costs.

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Event Security

Attendee Check-ins can help ensure that only authorized individuals are allowed into the event, providing an added level of security.

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Best attendee check-in software saves time, as the faster, your attendees are checked in, the more they will be happier, thus saving time and in turn keeping up the mood of the event brighter.

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Better Event ROI & Cost Effective

An attendee check-in feature will help lower your event costs, making your attendees happy and making them feel empowered.

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Productive Event Check-In Staff

Best Attendee check-in software which is fully automated and efficient requires less staff at the registration desk so that you can deploy your team elsewhere, and let your attendees not feel overwhelmed.

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Customer Support

Get 24/7 customer support from our customer support team. Get all technical support with training so you can fully focus on your event.

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