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Embrace Event Management Platform for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical event planning has become increasingly important since the significant shift toward virtual and hybrid events. As a result, event planners are embracing an event management platform for the pharmaceutical industry to help them serve their communities, expand their businesses, and build a brand.

According to research from Global Market Insights, the overall digital health market would increase at a rate of 17.4 % between 2021 and 2027, reaching £311 billion ($427 billion).

Several smart healthcare strategies and trends will boost growth, allowing patients, healthcare professionals, and pharmaceutical experts to make good decisions. In this article, we will be discussing how an event management platform for the pharmaceutical industry can be beneficial.

Need of event management platforms for pharmaceutical Industry

Despite the industry’s popularity and size, pharmaceutical events frequently fail to engage audience attention, leaving participants with no clear message or call to action.

This is where event management platforms for the pharmaceutical industry show up. Continue reading to learn why you should embrace event management software at your next pharmaceutical event:

Data collection 

In the pharmaceutical industry, data collecting is one of the most important aspects. The ability of companies to perform analysis that can initiate decision-making is dependent on data collection.

New medicines approval, quality control, the supply chain, and even worldwide marketing practices all represent significant risks to the pharmaceutical industry. Technicians in the pharmaceutical business will require agile technologies to collect and organize data while developing action plans. Data may be collected at multiple levels in the pharmaceutical sector, including maintenance, production, and quality service. To be efficiently utilized, this process should be digitalized.

Data collection should be organized. In short, this will avoid wasting resources.  The data acquired must be stored and evaluated, whether it is to feed continuous improvement or to set up maintenance plans. With Eventdex‘s lead retrieval app captures real-time data through detailed analytics using lead stages, lead categorization, etc.

Data Regulation and Privacy

The pharmaceutical industry is dependent on patient and HCP data and consent. Data security and security systems are becoming increasingly important to organizations. The rapid shift to digital offers numerous benefits for the pharmaceutical industry, but it also poses a significant danger of information leakage, which has always been one of the most serious risks to the pharmaceutical industry.

During your event, you’ll most likely reveal confidential information that you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands. As a result, you should double-check the tool’s security level before using it for your virtual or hybrid event

Luckily, the Eventdex virtual event platform is completely 100% safe. The data management is integrated with software and their customer support team is ready to help clients.


In the pharmaceutical industry, there is an increasing demand for operations that are smoother, more accurate, and transparent across the panel. Eventdex is an event management platform that eases the process of planning, organizing, and monitoring events such as conferences, tradeshows, and customer communities while also providing visibility and control over logistics, budgets, and regulatory compliance.

Networking Opportunities

Networking at Pharmaceutical events has always been a challenge. Without a doubt, in-person events give countless networking opportunities. Even if you won’t be able to chat with other participants over a cup of coffee, technology improvements have allowed us to virtually interact with exceptional individuals in ways that aren’t feasible at physical gatherings.

You never know who you’re going to run across at physical events. During virtual events, however, guests have the option of filtering through other attendees’ profiles depending on their field of expertise, job title, business name, and so on. This boosts your chances of meeting remarkable people with whom you may later work.

Event management platforms are becoming increasingly popular in the pharmaceutical industry. The current worldwide epidemic has accelerated the trend. However, the virtual shift is here to stay. One of them is the rise of digital trends and customer expectations. Hence, most pharmaceutical event professionals are looking for the best event management software for their pharmaceutical events to avoid such challenges. 

Why Eventdex

We understand that managing attendees, especially in the pharmaceutical industry can be a daunting task without proper help. That is why our leading-edge event management platform gives you the right technology and support to bring your events to life and create a lasting impression.

Mobile Event App

Nothing makes more sense than delivering the event experience right in the hands of the consumer through a mobile event app. Give attendees the freedom and flexibility they need to measure their experience remotely to streamline your event communications.

It acts as a pharma event app that brings together pharma professionals, patients, and consumers together.

Lead Retrieval App

Use our trade show lead capture software to get real-time reports of the event activity through detailed analytics including lead stages, lead categorization, etc. Generate High-Quality Leads and Boost your profile in the Pharma Industry with Eventdex’s lead retrieval app.

Poster Walk

Poster walk allows presenters to maximize the attendee engagement and share valuable insights with virtual visitors. Eventdex’s ePoster walk feature transforms traditional poster presentations often seen at live events. It aims to make content sharing easier and more engaging.

The poster walk feature helps companies in launching, promoting, and selling consumer healthcare products and patient care services.

Virtual Trade Show

With a virtual trade show, you can demonstrate to buyers from all around the world your latest and greatest products. Within Eventdex’s virtual event software, you can share product specifications and brochures, and even host sales call.

Virtual Event Platform

Launch your consumer health and medical gadgets on a worldwide platform that is scalable with Eventdex’s Virtual Event Management Platform. Using one immersive event management platform for the Pharmaceutical industry will help in collecting orders, distributing information at exposition booths, and generating new leads.

To successfully connect with patients, pharmacists, physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals, pharmaceutical companies must embrace to pharma event planning.  This will aid in gaining a better knowledge of a target audience’s desires and developing techniques that appeal to them. 

Patients, healthcare practitioners, and pharmaceutical executives will all benefit from event planner software. They offer more flexibility, accessibility, scalability, and implementation simplicity, among other benefits. All of this aids in education, communication, and the exploration of new partnership opportunities. 

The biggest challenge for Pharmaceutical companies when it comes to pharma event planning is the lack of internal manpower to manage events from start to finish. Here where the need for an event management platform for the Pharmaceutical industry comes is needed.

While some organizations have in-house meetings and event organizers, these resources may be stretched too thin to handle a “large” conference. Similarly, smaller businesses are frequently short on resources, forcing current employees to take on additional “special projects” like this. 

Hiring a platform for an event management platform for the pharmaceutical industry may make or break the success of your next pharmaceutical event. That is why major pharmaceutical and biotech firms hire event management companies to complete their tasks. Here are three reasons why they seek professional help:

Covers entire event jouney 

Having a single event management platform for the pharmaceutical industry is necessary from the moment your event touches the eyes or ears of your potential attendee through the post-event follow-up and feedback. It’s a relief for both the planner and the attendee if your event management is consistent and trustworthy from the minute you spark their interest until long after they’ve left. Both on the front-end and back-end, the ease of never having to leave the program, eliminating middlemen, and maintaining consistency are all burdens on everyone’s shoulders.

Consolidation of Tools

The opportunity to have all of the resources and support right where you need them is one of the obvious but underestimated benefits of the event management system. Because these event management platforms were created with the whole attendee journey in mind, they are prepared for every step a planner may need to take, as well as how each step interacts with the next. You’ll find all of the resources and tools you’ll need in one location.

Event Support

Pharma Event planners are provided someone to depend on and to whom they may turn for answers to their questions. During the chaos of event preparation, you want to be able to call one person who can help you with any issue. Instead of determining which component of your event management is lacking piece by piece, you’ll have a single support staff that knows all of the pieces. Event management solutions may assist you in connecting more effectively, intelligently, and conveniently.

To Conclude

Event technology has endless possibilities, allowing conferences to achieve unprecedented levels of audience connection, engagement, and satisfaction. An integrated event management platform is the only thing standing between an ambitious organizer and a successful conference.

Conducting pharmaceutical events may be incredibly beneficial for you as a pharmaceutical professional, whether you want to introduce a new product, enhance brand recognition, or position yourself as an industry leader. Streamline the event management process in the pharmaceutical industry with Eventdex’s event management platform

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