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Why Lead Retrieval app is essential for Event Organizers and Exhibitors

Companies that organize events or attend big events regularly are constantly looking for methods to increase lead retrieval. Because of the many ways that lead retrieval may help a company grow and connect with new clients, the most successful businesses will understand the need of investing in an effective lead retrieval app

If you want to know more about the Eventdex lead retrieval app or want to generate new leads, read through this blog.

Lead Retrieval App for your events

A company might expect to encounter hundreds of individuals during a show or conference, many of whom may fall exactly into their ideal consumer profile. However, trying to collect the information of those who want to hear from you might result in potential business being lost.

Lead Retrieval is a process of acquiring attendee information at trade shows, conferences, and other live events. The lead retrieval app simply links to a database that contains the attendee’s profile which was collected during the registration process.

To ensure a seamless follow-up, the event data may be used for marketing automation and lead nurturing.

How do the lead retrieval apps benefit event organizers?

One of the most vital aspects for event organizers is an efficient and effective lead retrieval technique. Because there are fewer costs, check-ins are faster, and leads are more successfully converted into sales, the correct system boosts participant and exhibitor satisfaction.

In addition, lead retrieval system give organizers useful information. Organizers may access real-time data insights from the trade show, such as how many unique visitors are present, how many leads each exhibitor received throughout the event. These statistics may help you enhance your show’s year-over-year experiences, increase exhibitor renewal sales, and make it perform more smoothly.

The following are some of the main reasons why event organizers should consider using lead retrieval apps:

Reduced Cost

Event organizers spend a lot of money on lead retrieval systems, whether they own them or rent them. Lead retrieval apps, on the other hand, are much less expensive to develop and operate. Additionally, because the installation does not need a large IT infrastructure, organizers save money on pre-show setup.

Quick Registration

Using the lead retrieval app, event organizers can combine lead retrieval services and registration zones, making it easier for exhibitors and guests to register. As a result, the registration process becomes simple and easy, which is an important event metric for attendee satisfaction.

Real-Time Reporting

Eventdex’s trade show lead capture software to get real-time reports of the event activity through detailed analytics including lead stages, lead categorization, etc. This helps event organizers in fine-tuning their plans for future events.

Increased Exhibitors ROI

Exhibitor ROI is one of the most important marketing KPIs for organizers, and applications may assist enhance ROI in a variety of ways. Exhibitors may convert leads more efficiently with the help of a lead retrieval tool. Additionally, organizers may utilize the information to develop methods for increasing ROI year after year.

Data Protection

When using a lead retrieval app, your attendees’ and exhibitors’ payment information and personal information are protected. For example, lead retrieval apps are purchased in advance of the show, so no credit card is required on the exhibition floor. Furthermore, applications are designed to comply with certain consumer data protection rules, ensuring that personal information is kept safe.

How do the lead retrieval apps benefit exhibitors?

Exhibitors appreciate well-designed, user-friendly lead retrieval software because this software is affordable, easier to operate, and may be utilized anywhere and at any time. Not to mention that all of that crucial lead data is available to exhibitors in real-time.

The following are some of the main reasons how Eventdex’s lead retrieval app can be helpful for exhibitors:

Quick Event Check-Ins

Lead retrieval apps reduce the need to wait for devices to be checked out. This also improves exhibitor satisfaction, which is an important factor of exhibitor renewals.

QR Code Scanner

QR codes are simple to read, and they save exhibitors from having to do the dreaded scanning ritual. Eventdex’s trade show exhibition management software comes with a trade show badge scanner app that allows to easily collect leads by scanning the code on name badges and business cards.

Easy Customizable

Customized reporting and data visualization are possible with lead retrieval apps. Exhibitors may see their progress during the show in real-time and share that information with their sales staff.

Using customizable lead qualifiers to track and score leads can help your sales team prioritize post-event follow-up and effectively map the buyer’s journey of each contact.

Device Compatibility

Eventdex lead retrieval app for trade shows is compatible with all mobile devices working on iOS and Android, providing you information anytime, anywhere.

Works Offline

Exhibitors can scan leads even when the internet is not working. Once the network is back all the offline data sync in real-time with their backend portal. 

Supporting hardware for Eventdex’s lead retrieval app 

Devices supported

  • Routers and Switches
  • TP-Link Router or Router with Wifi or AER 1600 Router
  • 8 Port Ethernet Switch w/25 Ethernet Cable(2)-to enable connecting multiple devices 

Credit Card Readers

  • ID Tech – Shuttle


  • Zebra printer GX420t/GX-420D/GK-420D Ethernet or ZD500 or ZD600 with Ethernet 8 Port Ethernet Switch w/25 Ethernet Cable to enable connecting multiple devices. 
  • Brother printers QL series either 710, 720, 810, 820, or 1110 with wireless.


  • Linea Pro5/6-works with iPod 6th generation 
  • Linea Pro7-works with iPhone 7 version
  • Socket Mobile Scanners 

To Conclude

Technology is changing the way people do business. Gone are the days when leads were lost due to missing data or a barcode that wouldn’t scan. Gone are the days when you couldn’t catch a lead because you weren’t near a lead recovery device due to a technical issue.

In today’s competitive event industry, a lead retrieval app is a necessity. Everyone on the event floor benefits from them. Exhibitors close more leads, show managers gain more data to optimize their events, and spectators can engage with the exhibitors they contact.

Remember that exhibitors and event organizers attend live events to generate new leads and business prospects, so make sure you give a solution that not only assists them in accomplishing their objectives but also delivers a pleasant user experience.

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