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21 Best Event Management Software For Event Planners in 2023

Did you know that 40% of meeting, conference, and virtual event planners rely on event management software to make their events a success? Thanks to advanced event management platforms and technologies, some firms may save hours arranging events.

Without a doubt, if your organization does not use an event management system, you are investing more time, effort, and money than is required.

With all the other event management software available these days, it’s no surprise that more and more event planners are taking a look.

Based on real user ratings and standout features that we know event planners would appreciate, we’ve compiled a list of the best event planning platforms. But first, here’s some additional information on how to pick the best event management software for your next event.

How to Choose the Best Event Management Software

When looking for the best event management software for your company, you must first examine your specific requirements. Event technology benefits all types of meeting and event planners, but not all of them require the same features and capabilities. Every company requires a different kind of event planning technology, from major organizations that host hundreds of events a year to tiny groups that put on one yearly event. So, how do you identify what you want from the best event management platform and what you don’t? 

To begin, you must first understand what is available. Your most difficult event planning challenges may have answers you didn’t realize were available. After you’ve figured out what’s out there, you may assess the advantages of various options. There are a few things to consider.

  • The tool should be simple to operate. The user interface design is important since it makes it much easier to navigate and implement the product. Regardless of how cool the features are, if the event management software is simple to use, you’ll have a higher chance of getting it adopted quickly by your whole team.
  • A high level of customer service is required. Onboarding and learning new technologies takes time. Choose a service provider who can supply you with the resources you need to succeed as well as the necessary assistance.
  • One of the most important criteria in deciding which event management software to choose is the price. However, with so many event planning software options in the market, there will be no shortage of companies willing to sell you the ‘greatest’ event management software for a low price.
  • A robust event networking platform. One of the major reasons that people attend events is to network. Make sure the event management software you pick includes a robust networking function that keeps the dialogue going before, during, and after the event. An integrated event networking platform is a boon to your events, and you should make use of it.

Now, to help you get started with your event planning, here are several event management software with good evaluations, and user-friendly features.

Eventdex Event Management Software

Eventdex is an Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person event platform that delivers seamless event experiences. It offers a one-stop solution for all virtual, hybrid, and in-person event needs, including online registration, website creation, mobile event app integration, poster walk, and business matchmaking solutions, as well as onsite event registration. With mobile event applications and business matchmaking apps, Eventdex encourages attendees to network. Our easy and user-friendly event registration software platform gives you everything you need to put on a spectacular event.

Eventdex event planning software allows you to easily manage registrations and ticket sales for your event, including offering different ticket types and packages. It also has powerful networking tools, such as a mobile event app and in-app messaging, to help attendees connect with each other and generate leads.

Eventdex B2B matchmaking is a networking service that helps businesses connect with each other at events. With this service, Eventdex uses its powerful networking tools and algorithms to match businesses with potential partners, customers, or clients. 

Eventdex also offers a range of event planning tools to help you manage and plan your event, including a customizable event website, agenda builder, and scheduling tool. It also provides detailed analytics and reporting capabilities, so you can track the success of your event and make data-driven decisions for future events. Eventdex event planning software offers a dedicated mobile event app for attendees, which allows them to access event information, connect with other attendees, and interact with the event in real-time.

Some top features of Eventdex Event management Software are:

  • B2B Matchmaking App
  • Lead Retrieval App
  • Onsite Event Solution
  • Event Check-In and Badge Printing
  • QR Code and Onsite Ticketing
  • Speed Networking
  • Event Gamification
  • Event Registration Software
  • In-Person Event Platform
  • Virtual Event Platform
  • Hybrid Event Platform
  • Mobile Event App
  • Integrations
  • Support Hardwares, Badges/Labels, RFID Chips etc

Integrations: Salesforce, Zapier, Payment Gateways, Choose2Rent, Social Point, Mailchimp, GrowthZone, B-Com, Postman, MUX, Vonage Tokbox, SSO, Twilio, etc

Capterra Score: 5.0/5.0
Customer Service and Training: 24/7 Customer support, Email, Knowledge Base, Chat Bot. Training provided during events.

AcceleventsEvent Management Software

Accelevents is an all-in-one event management software that enables event planners and marketers to make legitimate human connections and build their businesses. With a user-friendly yet robust collection of configurable and interactive features, Accelevents is revolutionizing how companies communicate with their customers. Attendees may watch keynote speeches, participate in several breakout sessions, connect with virtual exhibitors, network with groups or individuals, take surveys, download documents, and participate in live chats. 

Trade shows, fairs, workshops, seminars, and other events are all supported by Accelevents. The easy event registration and event check-in procedures, integrated badge printing, and reliable lead capture tools are a hit with event planners.

Some top features of Accelevents event planning software are listed below:

  • Virtual lobby
  • Branded event website
  • Attendee management
  • Customized branding
  • Lead generation
  • Online registration
  • Surveys and polls
  • Mobile event app

Integrations: Twilio, Salesforce, Zoom, Hubspot, Zapier, Eventmobi, Interprefy
Capterra Score: 4.7/5.0
Customer Service and Training:  24/7 support, Email

Boomset – – Event Management Software

For organizing guest check-in, Boomset is the best event management software. This event management system may be useful for event organizers who want to check-in visitors quickly and reduce lineups at the registration stations. Attendees who have not pre-registered can use the walk-in registration capabilities of this event management software. The Boomset event planning platform may also be used by event organizers to print customized event badges and avoid errors.

Boomset event registration platform is trusted for end-to-end live and online event solutions by event coordinators, marketers, event and marketing firms, IT departments, HR professionals, and much more. With Boomset‘s modern and user-friendly turnkey system, you can  improve event experience. The event management platform‘s user-friendliness and easiness, coupled with unmatched customer care, helps event planners save time, boost event value, and optimize event experiences.

Some of the top features of Boomset event management software are listed below:

  • Badge printing
  • Kiosk check-in
  • Facial recognition
  • RFID management
  • Access control
  • Gamification
  • Guest check-in
  • Onsite services
  • Lead retrieval
  • Integrations: Zapier
  • Capterra Score:  4.7 /5.0
  • Customer Service and Training:  Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base,Phone Support,24/7 (Live Rep),Chat

BizzaboEvent Management Software

Bizzabo is a complete event management software that is generally used by medium-to-large companies. It’s excellent for concerts or fundraisers since it frees up event managers to focus on marketing and other time-consuming responsibilities. This advanced program includes everything you’ll need to speed up work completion and team cooperation.

Event Experience Leaders can manage events, interact with audiences, activate communities, and produce strong business results using the data-rich Bizzabo Experience OS. It’s excellent for concerts or fundraisers since it frees up event managers to focus on marketing and other time-consuming responsibilities. This advanced program includes everything you’ll need to speed up work completion and team cooperation.

Some of the top features of Bizzabo event management platform are listed below:

  • Event creation
  • User registration process
  • Payment processing
  • Mobile event check-in
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Event website creation
  • Email automation and customization
  • Attendee Engagement
  • Event agendas and schedules
  • Performance and reliability
  • Integrations

  • Integrations: Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce, and Pardot 
  • Capterra Score:  4.5/5.0
  • Customer Service and Training: Email

AsanaEvent Management Software

Asana is a fantastic event management tool that makes planning events for groups of 10 to 10,000 people a breeze. Event planners may use this event management app to generate tasks for the event and allocate them to various team members. Asana event planning software can assist you in managing suppliers and attendee lists, as well as creating a day-of-event timetable. If you require tools to handle the event planning process, our recommendation is Asana.

To keep your projects moving forward, you do not need to switch between spreadsheets, email, and other tools. With Asana, you can keep track of and handle everything, from the first day to the last. If you require tools to handle the event planning process, our recommendation is Asana.

Some of the features of Asana event planning software are listed below:

  • Project Views
  • Project management
  • Views and reporting
  • Admin controls
  • Communication
  • Mobile apps
  • Integrations
  • Success and support

Integrations:  Slack, Dropbox, Instagantt, and Google Drive

Capterra Score: 4.5/5.0

Customer Service and Training: Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Chat

Zoho BackstageEvent Management Software

Zoho Backstage is an all-in-one event management solution that lets you plan and coordinate in-person, virtual, and hybrid events with more efficiency and impact. From developing an event website, selling tickets, and advertising it to communicating with attendees, providing sessions, and assessing its performance, Zoho Backstage has everything an event management system requires for you need to make your event a success.

With Zoho Backstage OnAir, you can virtually host your events online. Run presentations, interact with your attendees, livecast your sessions, and more. With just a few clicks, you can create an effective, multilingual website and mobile application for your event. To go live in minutes, you can select from pre-built themes and templates.

Some of the top features of Zoho Backstage are listed below:

  • Website builder
  • Event Ticketing system
  • Marketing tools
  • Sponsorship management
  • Attendee engagement
  • Event analytics

  • Integrations: GSuite, Screen Magic, Jira, Slack , Salesforce
  • Capterra Score: 4.5/5.0
  • Customer Service and Training:  Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, Chat

IdloomEvent Management Software

From enrollment registration to badge design to paying, Idloom has everything you need to run a successful event. An “all-in-one” event management solution that allows you to focus on the only aim that matters: making your event so successful that everyone who attends raves about it! Designed specifically for trade groups, governments, event organizers, and public relations firms. The world’s best user-friendly event management system has been recognized.

With  Idloom, you can  create comprehensive online learning packages, exams, and quizzes; speak with your contacts database; and generate and manage certificates for attendance at events; training and courses.

Some of the top features of Idloom event management software is listed below:

  • Website builder
  • Event Ticketing system.
  • Marketing tools.
  • Sponsorship management
  • Attendee engagement
  • Event analytics
  • Zoom integration
  • Integrations: Zapier, Paperform
  • Capterra Score: 4.8/5.0
  • Customer Service and Training: Email/Help Desk, Phone Support, 24/7 (Live Rep), Chat

Bitrix24Event Management Software

Bitrix24 is widely used as free event management software since it includes all of the tools required for the job. The CRM and customer management feature, for example, allows you to make quotations and invoices, as well as send emails and manage suppliers. Second, shared calendars allow you to arrange and reserve numerous locations at the same time. Finally, organizers utilize a project management module and job templates to manage ground staff.

Technically speaking, Bitrix24 is an online cloud service that can be accessed through a browser or mobile/ desktop app. It has a number of unique features, including cross-integrated and accessible components like CRM, tasks & projects, chats, online meetings, website builders, and online documents.

Some of the top features of Bitrix24 event management system is listed below:

  • Marketing
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Sales
  • CRM
  • Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Collaboration & Productivity
  • Commerce
  • Content Management
  • Customer Service
  • Integrations: Zapier, Telegram, Google Docs
  • Capterra Score:  4.1 / 5.0
  • Customer Service and Training: Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, 24/7 (Live Rep), Chat

FLOOREvent Management Software

FLOOR is a one-stop shop for community organizers and event planners. They make it easy for you to create, participate with, and administer your community all in one location. FLOOR is a completely customized virtual and hybrid events platform with best-in-class systems and access rights, trusted by over 2000 clients across the world.

A fully customizable virtual and hybrid events platform with best-in-class systems and access permissions is called FLOOR. Any type of online event can be organized on FLOOR, whether it be a standalone or hybrid event with physical ones, such as expos, meetings, training sessions, or summits and meetups. FLOOR provides a wide range of digital goods and services, including membership, marketing, advisory, and events.

On FLOOR, you may host any type of online event, either independent or in conjunction with actual events. FLOOR is your room to develop and grow, regardless of your format or purpose.

Some of the top features of FLOOR event management software are listed below:

  • Event creation
  • Event Operations
  • Session scheduling
  • Attendee Engagement & Networking
  • Event agendas and schedules
  • Performance and reliability
  • Administration
  • Event Configuration
  • Speaker Access and Control
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Built-In Webcasting
  • Integrations: N/A
  • Capterra Score:  4.5 / 5.0
  • Customer Service and Training:  N/A

EventzillaEvent Management Software

Eventzilla is a leading cloud-based event registration and marketing tool. Conferences, webinars, virtual events, fundraisers, seminars, and sporting events are all good candidates. Eventzilla includes everything you’ll need to create a personalized event website, post the event calendar, accept money, manage participants, and check people in.

Users can accept registrations directly from their website thanks to Eventzilla’s selection of widgets that can be plugged into blogs and websites. With out-of-the-box features like email invitations, social promotions, and more, users can advertise their event on a variety of platforms. Utilizing Eventzilla, users can easily manage communications with attendees at all stages, from registration confirmations to ad-hoc announcements, reminders for payments, and post-event surveys, all the while keeping their professional brand presence.

Some of the features of Eventzilla event planning software are listed below:

  • Attendance Management & Tracking
  • Attendee Management & Profiles
  • Attendee Tracking
  • Badge Management
  • Barcode / Ticket Scanning
  • Conferences/Conventions
  • Confirmation/Reminders
  • Customizable Branding
  • Email Management
  • Event Gamification
  • Onsite Event Ticketing
  • Integrations: Salesforce, Zapier, Paypal ,Slack, Zoom
  • Capterra Score:  4.4 / 5.0
  • Customer Service and Training: Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, 24/7 (Live Rep), Chat

Social TablesEvent Management Software

Social Tables brings you the finest in venue selection, event diagramming, guest management, and event check-in. With the free event planning tools, you can create to-scale designs in minutes. You may create a thorough strategy that you can share with venues, clients, and partners. In addition, Social Tables assist in the administration of visits ranging from VIPs to special food requests, as well as visual seating in diagrams.

Social Tables event management platform has a user-friendly and intuitive interface, which makes control and navigation very simple. After granting them access to your system, partners will be able to use it fully without any training. Another cool feature is that all event information is kept in a single, central location where users can easily access it with permission while remaining secure.

Some of the features of Social Tables event management software  are listed below:

  • Easy Event Check in
  • Secure Cloud Storage
  • Social Graph
  • Collaboration
  • Fully Customizable
  • Cloud-Based Event Software

  • Integrations: Salesforce
  • Capterra Score: 4.5 /5.0
  • Customer Service and Training: 24/7  (Live Rep)

MomiceEvent Management Software

Momice is an all-in-one event management system that takes care of everything from registration to website creation to event reporting. Even though the solution is priced in Euros, it is accessible to anybody with an internet connection, regardless of their location. ThLke event planning tools are included in the starter packages for a total of three events, and you may add up to five people at a time.

To automate workflows, Momice event management software platform is used to create professional invitations and registrations. With chat, polls, audience questions, session guidance, and more, this event planning software provides tools for building beautiful websites for events. You can also utilize the dashboard to gain insight into event outcomes. The software is used by marketers, small, and medium-sized businesses.

Some of the features of Momice event management software are:

  • Open or closed registration
  • Registration form
  • E-tickets
  • Guest list
  • Workshop registration
  • Extra guest registration
  • Integrations: N/A
  • Capterra Score: 4.3 / 5.0
  • Customer Service and Training: Chat

AventriEvent Management Software

Aventri is a cloud-based meeting and event management software that helps organizations of all sizes manage multiple procedures in the event planning lifecycle. Users may create events, manage and customize event sessions and agendas, add and manage speakers, and produce custom reports using Aventri. Email marketing, event surveys, networking and matchmaking, a seating plan manager, project management, event budget management, room and resource inventory management, and venue and hotel sourcing are among the other services available in this event management system.

Event planners can make electronic events with Aventri that provide the same experience to in-person events. The event management platform’s seamless electronic event management solutions include session monitors, branded event graphics, live surging on all devices, real-time market engagement tools, and screen-sharing and presentation options.

Some of the top features of Aventri event management software are listed below:

  • Mobile Event App
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Builder
  • Lead Retrieval
  • Venue Sourcing
  • Attendee Surveys
  • Virtual Booths
  • Project Collaboration
  • Resource Scheduler
  • Booth Manager
  • Event Check-In and Badge Printing
  • Session Tracking

  • Integrations: Stripe,  PayPal & PayPal Express,  Checkout , HubSpot,  Marketo, Salesforce , Concur, Google Analytics
  • Capterra Score: 4.3 / 5.0
  • Customer Service and Training: Phone Support, Email/Help Desk, Chat, FAQs/Forum, 24/7 (Live rep), Knowledge Base

Attendo PlusEvent Management Software

​​Attendo Plus is an event planning, creation, promotion, and management software that lets businesses plan, produce, promote, and manage events. Exhibitors may utilize the networking feature to engage with guests, export leads, and capture visitor information via QR codes. Automated notifications, bespoke forms, digital certificates, and reminders are all key aspects of Attendo Plus. It allows event planners to design questionnaires to get input from attendees and to obtain real-time attendee statistics. Businesses may also track event registrations, obtain reports, and brand the site with their colors and logos.

Organizations can create QR codes with Attendo Plus to simplify event check-in procedures for each event and view a dashboard of guest entries. Administrators have the ability to create feedback forms with specific questions and access information in real-time regarding registrations, sign-in, and attendance. By including branded logos or colors, businesses can further customize the event platform and use the networking feature to connect with customers.

Some of the features of Attendo event management software Plus are enlisted below:

  • Budgeting/Forecasting
  • Attendee Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Conferences/Conventions
  • Email Marketing
  • Event Scheduling
  • Exhibit/Vendor Management
  • Registration Management
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Social Promotion
  • Sponsorship Management
  • Surveys & Feedback
  • Event Ticketing
  • Weddings/Parties

  • Integrations: N/A
  • Capterra Score: N/A
  • Customer Service and Training: Chat

Idloom-eventsEvent Management Software

Idloom-events is a cloud-based event management and online registration system that allows users to construct an event management website, register volunteers for events, and book rooms. Payment processing, automated invoicing, badge creation, and event check-in are also available. Using content editing tools and pre-defined event templates, users may construct a personalized event website. Company websites and logos are examples of these websites. Users can also develop customized templates that they can reuse for several occasions. Websites may be used to collect data from visitors and notify volunteers about upcoming workshops.

Idloom users can design their own event websites which include partner and sponsor pages, full event programs, and speaker lists with descriptions. Last-minute registrations at the event venue are also supported, and guest lists with information on registration status can be viewed in real-time. During the registration process, visitors have the option to reserve lodging from a pre-selected provider or directly through the event website.

Some of the features of Idloom event management software are listed below:

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Attendance Management
  • Attendee Management
  • Attendee Segmentation
  • Attendee Tracking
  • Badge Management
  • Integrations: Zapier, Paperform
  • Capterra Score: 4.9/5.0
  • Customer Service and Training: 24/7 (Live rep), Phone Support, Email/Help Desk, Chat

TicketbudsEvent Management Software

Ticketbud, a white label ticketing, and best event planning platform is a one-stop-shop for both small and major event planners. Ticketbud’s ability to arrange variable compensation schedules for multiple event suppliers utilizing specific days, weekly and monthly increments is a unique feature. Users also prefer Ticketbud over similar programs (such as Squarespace) since it allows for repeated or recurring events when most others do not.

On Ticketbud, event planners are provided with a simple, editable event page with options like RSVPs, donation tickets, and “comped” tickets.

On both iOS and Android devices, Ticketbud keeps up with event ticketing mobile apps for event planners. The app enables event planners to view real-time attendee data, scan tickets, and manage their events. Additionally, it provides ticket buyers with mobile ticketing options.

Some of the features of Ticketbud event management software are:

  • Event creation
  • User registration process
  • Payment processing
  • Mobile event check-in
  • On-site tickets and event registration
  • Event website creation
  • Social media promotion
  • Lead generation and lead retrieval
  • Integrations: Zapier, Salesforce, Zoho
  • Capterra Score: 4.7 /5.0
  • Customer Service and Training: 24/7 (Live rep), Phone Support, Email/Help Desk, Chat, Knowledge Base, FAQs Forum

TrelloEvent Management Software

Trello is another excellent list-making and project management tool for event planners. Their visual tools put colleagues on the same page using their board and card system. Their easy at-a-glance project update interface keeps event planners calm at all times during the planning process.

Trello is a fun, adaptable, and rewarding tool for visual collaboration that helps your team come to an agreed-upon point of view on any project.

Some of the features of Trello event management software are listed below:

  • Detailed & Quick Overviews of Front/Back Cards
  • Easy, Drag-and-Drop Editing
  • In-Line Editing
  • Easy Organization with Labeling, Tags, and Comments
  • Card Records Archive
  • Easy Upload (Local Devices, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box)
  • Deadline Alerts and Notifications
  • Automated Email Notifications
  • Activity Logs
  • Information Retrieval
  • Customer Support
  • Integrations: Slack, Google Apps, Jira, Crmble
  • Capterra Score: 4.5/ 5.0
  • Customer Service and Training: Email/Help Desk, Chat, Knowledge Base, FAQs/ Forum

InEventEvent Management Software

InEvent is a group of event experts who are driven to push the limits of event technology. Through software, hardware, and dedicated 24/7 customer support, their product provides great experiences for corporate enterprises, providing them with a white-label solution to organize virtual and hybrid events. To fuel interactive and immersive experiences, the InEvent integrated platform provides live interaction, seamless registration, dynamic networking, sophisticated marketing automation, bespoke websites and mobile applications, real-time analytics, high-powered beacons, and 100+ more features.

InEvent offers a virtual lobby to host interactive hybrid event experiences. 

To create high-end TV-like experiences, it also offers the option of live streaming. Utilizing Inevent, you can personalize your attendee journey with a marketing suite that includes email and messages. Its integrated registration systems print badges, process payments, and gather data. CRM software like Salesforce, Marketo, and HubSpot can be integrated digitally.Another high point is an interactive mobile app for real-time interaction with in-person, virtual, or hybrid attendees.

Some of the features of InEvent event management software are:

  • Account-Based Marketing.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization.
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • Demand Generation.
  • Digital Analytics.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Event Management.
  • Integrations: Zapier, Hubspot, Salesforce
  • Capterra Score: 4.5 /5.0
  • Customer Service and Training: Phone Support, 24/7 (Live rep), Chat

EventleafEvent Management Software

Eventleaf is a multiplatform event management software that is easy, powerful, and dependable. Eventleaf is a potent combination of an online registration, on-site badging, and tracking system. Eventleaf is a web-based and desktop event management software that allows users to create stunning event web pages, issue invites, sell tickets, print badges, run surveys and polls, share presentations, scan business cards, connect with attendees, and execute a variety of other tasks. Eventleaf may be accessed from anywhere and is readily shared.

Making professional-looking event badges that you can distribute to everyone who attends your event is simple with Eventleaf. The Eventleaf Event check In mobile app then enables you to scan attendee badges to verify identities. People from particular seminars, rooms, sessions, or anything else you want to check in or out are checked out.

Some features of Eventleaf event management software are listed below:

  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • Demand Generation.
  • Digital Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Event Management

  • Integrations: Salesforce, Marketo, Google Analytics, Zoom, WebEx
  • Capterra Score:  4.9 /5.0
  • Customer Service and Training: Email/Help Desk,FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base,Phone Support, 24/7 (Live Rep),Chat

VoxVoteEvent Management Software

VoxVote is a powerful event management platform that also serves as a mobile voting tool for speakers and event organizers. VoxVote is a fantastic Audience Response system that is completely free. The program is free to use and comes with live graph data that show how engaged your audience is in your event. For corporate events, users may build quick questioners, make presentation slides, add graphics, clone the event, export data, combine questions in the result view, and do custom voting.

Additionally, event planners can connect the platform to a large screen to show audience comments or interactions. Creators can also allow customers or audiences to ask their own questions during conferences and meetings. Real-time results are presented in VoxVote along with graphical data and customized reports based on selected metrics.

Some of the features of VoxVote event management software are as follows:

  • Feedback Management
  • Gamification
  • Live Results Sharing
  • Online Polling & Voting
  • Presentation Streaming
  • Q&A Management
  • Question Library
  • Real Time Data Collection
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • SMS Messaging
  • Summary Reports
  • Survey/Poll Management
  • Surveys & Feedback

  • Integrations: Zoom, Skype, Teams, WebEx, MeetUp
  • Capterra Score: 4.5 /5.0
  • Customer Service and Training: FAQs/Forum, Email/Help Desk, Phone Support,24/7 (Live rep), Knowledge Base, Chat

Conrego – Event Management Software

Conrego is a powerful and easy-to-use event management system with a wide range of features and functions. Conrego may create registration forms for event attendees and send out mass invites to those who are likely to attend. Conrego is a powerful piece of software that allows users to create unique questioners to ask their audiences during live events. Managers may recognize the presence of participants, make print-ready event badges, evaluate and create reports for event insights, and enable seamless event flow using this software company and individual events.

Custom pricing, online payment processing, invoice generation, email confirmations of transactions, and discount code management are additional features that CONREGO users can use to manage event ticketing. To provide organizers with an overview of metrics like registration number, ticket sales, payment status, and more, reports are also displayed within the dashboard.

Some of the unique features of CONREGO event management software are listed below:

  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Attendee Tracking
  • Badge Management
  • Barcode / Ticket Scanning
  • Budgeting/Forecasting
  • Conferences/Conventions
  • Email Marketing & Reminders
  • Event Ticketing
  • Group, Onsite and Online  Registration
  • Payment Processing

  • Integrations: Stripe, Paypal, DotPay
  • Capterra Score: 4.9/5.0
  • Customer Service and Training: Email/Help Desk, FAQs/ Forum, Phone Support, Chat

To Conclude

Managing events is a difficult task. No matter what’s the event about, we have listed out the Top and best 21 Event management softwares in 2023. Take a closer look and try Eventdex which is know for its best services and attendee experience. 

It’s difficult to determine which platform is best for your company when there are so many to pick from. We produced this list of the finest event management platforms, as evaluated by verified consumers, to assist you in making an informed selection.


Event Planning Made Easy With Eventdex

Curious how event planning software like Eventdex works? The video below shows how Eventdex’s Event Management Platform, event planning is made simple and saves both time and money, resulting in a better overall attendance experience.

Click here to request a free live demo from Eventdex, or here to get a breakdown of which features work best for virtual, hybrid and in-person events.

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