UMass cancer walk
Case Study

How Eventdex's Scan Attendee App made an Impact on the UMass Cancer Walk & Run Event


The Challenge

The University of Massachusetts wanted to use an app that would be able to take the pressure of checking in about 3000 guests. They were seeking a solution that would help with speedy check-ins without any roadblocks.

The Solution

After researching various event management software options, the organizers decided to use Eventdex. They found that Eventdex event management software had all the features they needed to check in and check out their guests, through the Scan Attendee App.

Using Eventdex, UMass Cancer Walk and Run was able to easily set up and enhance the experience for attendees and get them checked in within seconds for the event. 

What we did

Eventdex was more than happy to have served the University of Massachusetts at its prestigious annual event. The Attendee Management feature in the Scan Attendee App made the check-in and check-outs as swift as a breeze.  A feature is enabled where users can search by name, email, or company name for faster check-ins.

The Result

In the end, the UMass Cancer Walk and Run was a huge success. The event raised a sizeable amount for cancer research, and about 3000 participants made their presence felt. The organizers received positive feedback from attendees who appreciated the seamless planning and registration process. The use of Eventdex was a critical factor in the event's success.