How to Enhance Your Attendees’ Experience at An Event

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In today’s business environment, meetings, conferences, and events are essential in establishing an in-person touch point to different business as well as growing one’s professional network. The dynamic event management industry is constantly evolving and embracing innovative ideas and super technologies to tackle various event operation challenges. Here we are presenting some of the current global trends in the event industry, that event managers are using to enhance their attendees’ experience. 1) Focusing on a Niche Audience The sheer volume of the audience at your trade show or conference is…

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7 innovative ways to create more networking opportunities at your event

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Networking opportunities at events should never be left to chance. The opportunity to networking and community building with someone influential is a huge incentive for registrants, and smart event planners are well aware of it. They actively facilitate one-on-one networking opportunities between attendees. It’s a great way to make your attendees feel productive while they are out from the office. Meetings and event planners are getting innovative to encourage networking. From shared picnic baskets to fortune cookies containing conversation ice breakers, planners are helping attendees make the most out of…

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How To Create A Compelling USP For Houseful Events

Whether you’re planning a big conference spread over a week or a small gala dinner at a fancy restaurant, yours is not the only event of its kind. With rising number of events happening every day, it is very easy for attendees to find new, interesting events. This has also made it extremely difficult for planners to garner attendees’ loyalty. So when a potential registrant lands on your event registration page, what exactly do you need to do? How will you ensure that your event cuts through the clutter and…

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3 Simple Ways To Measure Attendee Engagement

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“You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” an old adage that I firmly believe in. And this holds very true in case of attendee engagement. Being an event planner, I have always been baffled with the idea of measuring attendee engagement. Personally, it is my number one goal since an event without engagement and buzz certainly doesn’t have a future. Attendee engagement matters because it is the barometer to measure the success of your event. Attention span is shrinking with each passing day, making it harder for planners to grab…

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The History and Evolution of Event Venues

Even though the great comedian Patton Oswalt said that ”Every audience is different even with the same venue and you have to make every audience your audience”, we can never doubt for a second the impact a venue has on an event or its attendees. The term venue is actually derived from the Latin word ‘venire’ which means ‘to come’ or basically a place where people can come to. During the Inca period, men would blow hollowed out cow horns to summon a population for a meeting or festival. In…

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