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Top Social Media Marketing Trends to Rule Event Industry in 2021

Social Media plays an important role in the event industry in several ways like driving traffic, increasing revenue and to generate curiosity in the audiences. A quantum of traffic to event registration and ticketing platforms arrives from social media channels.

Events and social media, both are similar to one another in terms of objectives

  •         To reach the audiences
  •         Distribute or advertise their marketing content
  •         Build a loyal fan-following around the product/ service/brand in the long run.

With right social media strategy for event marketing, you can pull maximum registrations and traffic to your events.  It is very important to keep a pulse on the latest trends happening particularly, in a tech-savvy industry like the events.

We are here to provide you the top social media trends to look out for 2021, which will help you in planning and strengthen your social media strategy for your upcoming events. These are the most relevant ones, to sell events using social networks.

  1. Combine Offline and Online Marketing strategy

As markets are evolving, combining online and offline marketing strategy assists to create a lasting impression on the audience’s mind. Experiential marketing, when combined with a strong social media campaign, offers maximum marketing reach.

Both offline and online marketing plans should work side by side to get great results. The event marketer should create content or arrangements at the booths e.g. offline props, photobooth, etc. for attendee’s serendipitous moments of images to share on social media platforms.

Identify moments of your event that will be popular among social media and make sure that your social media team is prepared with specific hashtags or create pre-buzz online before the event’s commencement.

  1.  Onboarding Influencers

Having influencers for your event is probably the strongest social media tactics you’ll have in 2021. The influencer social media marketing is critical, but you need to be careful. One can use them in the performance slots (speaking) and take advantage of the influencer wave for securing a successful event. The power of influencers can help in promoting the event and drive more ticket sale.

  1. Hard Selling Might Not Work

The public is becoming immune to advertising and turns off or ignores sales information that does not immediately interest them. This is applicable to social media also. Hard selling turns off people’s interest and your continuous marketing messages or contents, may not turn out to be an effective marketing strategy. We need to work wisely.

Generate value with content, ignite enthusiasm, exclusivity and scarcity. This is what social networks are incredible for. Use videos from previous events involve your speakers with event updates, short introductory videos and talk about what your program will cover. The gradual introduction and relationship building, without hard-selling (of tickets), will yield more conversions.

  1. Power of Stories

Sharing stories in social networks will continue to be a big hit in 2021, specifically in the event industry. It is a new format which will be dominated by Snapchat and Instagram. This is a very valuable tool for event marketing and attendee engagement. Instagram’s Stories allow you to add photos and videos easily. You can create a custom story and allow all attendees to add their content to your event’s timeline page. This is a powerful medium to build a credible image and lasting impression in the audience.

  1. Invest in video

A solid event has a solid video strategy. It is important to create videos that are worth watching and meets your event’s objectives. This video will become one of the most important marketing materials for your next year’s event. Think about how you can use live video at your event to sell next year’s tickets.

Try to invest in tools that allow you to stream on Facebook, Periscope, YouTube, and Instagram. Sync multiple live-streaming platforms at the same time and maximize your live presence by having one stream for all of them. Capturing video testimonials from your attendees and stakeholders at the event will have an edge over hand-written ones.

  1. Driving Engagement through Brands

Popular Brands are the audience pullers, they work like magnets. Presence of strong brand in your event enhances your event’s image and helps in attracting the attention of the audience when promoted on social media.

The brand engagement is increasing as more consumers are mentioning a brand while sharing their personal accomplishment on social media. They love to say thanks to the brands for their accomplishments and also, enjoy getting positive responses for such sharings from the brand. Events provides a direct connection point to the interested audience to network with the brand.

It is all about making relationships and providing feedback when users need it the most in a more personalized way, which is possible by sharing and promoting such experiences, through social channels.

  1. Newsjacking

Newsjacking refers to the ability of presenting breaking news, to capture the interest of social network users to a particular topic. It needs special skills and should be carried out by experienced social media users, only.

A newsjacker should comment only if there is a connection line between the news and the content of your event. Use your speakers to comment on the news or get some relevant quotes, blogs for newsjacking for social network amplification.

8. Capitalize the Power of FOMO

FOMO – Fear of missing out, can play a significant role in pulling the audience to your event. It can trigger more ticket sale via social media. Get the audience to share on social media, the fact that they are attending your event. You can offer incentives to such audience, pre-populate their tweets or Facebook updates. Share their excitement creatively on social channels.

During events, opportunities created by FOMO can help you to sell tickets for next year. Try to create a sense of desperation in the audience watching your event’s online live video/s, who could not make to the event. Capitalize on their frustration and make them buy next years’ event tickets.

In conclusion

Social media provides a wealth of opportunities for marketers to connect with audiences, develop long-term relationships, increase communities, distribute good content and build a brand. The shifts in social media trends are quick and staying ahead of this trend is imperative. Before following any trend, quality should be given preference than quantity for better social networking.

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