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How Business Matchmaking App is Transforming the Events Industry

Despite the rapid evolution of technology in the meetings and events industry, face to face meetings still constitutes a major portion of the marketing budget of most of the organizations. According to Laura Ramos at Forrester, in “A pattern that has been consistent since 2008”, in-person events comprises 14% of the total budget in 2015, making it the biggest chunk of B2B budgets. The study by Forrester clearly shows that face to face events delivers business values for the organization, the attendees, as well as sponsors and exhibitors. But the question remains: how to deliver maximum business value to everyone?

The answer is simple: event technology! Event technology such as business matchmaking apps can provide great business value to attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors in large events like conferences and tradeshows. Despite over hors d’oeuvres, business cards, and elevator pitches at meetings and events, in most cases, people leave the event with an empty promise to stay in touch and end up having very few useful contacts. Without matchmaking mobile app, viable business partnerships and valuable sales follow up fall flat. In such scenario proving the ROI of the event to all the stakeholders becomes all the more difficult.

If you can relate to all these problems and want to see how a business matchmaking software can help you at your next event, then read our latest ebook: The Essential Guide to Business Matchmaking. As conferences continue to evolve, the traditional methods of sponsorship are changing. With a decline in the traditional booth-style setups, event professionals around the world need to look for innovative methods of bringing exhibitors close to attendees. And that’s just one of the many advantages of using business matchmaking app at large events!

What all can you learn in our free business matchmaking e-book?

The ebook is your complete guide to this magical app that can completely transform the way conferences and tradeshows are organized. A business matchmaking app allows event organizers to easily and efficiently manage business matchmaking at the event. A basic matchmaking app allows attendees to choose the products/services they are interested in. Based on their preferences, the app matches them with the list of exhibitors who have such offerings. Once it is matched, attendees can then even request a private meeting with exhibitors and save a ton of time and be more productive. In return, exhibitors receive better quality leads to boost their ROI.

As the ebook progresses, you’ll also learn four main reasons why event organizers should use business matchmaking app at events and its benefits. Diving deeper into the ebook shows how a business matchmaking software can help you match the right attendees with exhibitors, create personalized messages, track event data and get detailed reports. Also, read the different types of events where business matchmaking can be used and what are the main features that you should look out for. After all, there is a dime a dozen business matchmaking app provider who claims to have the best app in the market. However, it is up to the event organizers to decide which solution will work best for their events. While a lot of app providers will vouch for having “something extra” for the event organizers, many of the features remain common across the board. Some of the basic features of a matchmaking app include ways to engage attendees before the event, detailed post-event reports, and the ability to create multiple networking profiles.

In conclusion, if you are an event planner and want to know how to deliver value to your attendees, exhibitors and sponsors then business matchmaking solution might be your best bet. If you are still not sure, even then we recommend you read this ebook to find out if your events are the right fit for business matchmaking and what all features should you look at before buying it. This ebook will also help you make a business case for your boss so that you can have one at your next event.


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