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5 Best Hopin Alternatives and Competitors for 2023

Hopin Competitors: Product Features and Score

The way the events industry has shaped up with the advent of event technology, it has definitely changed the events industry landscape and taken it to a totally different level. Considering this, there is a lot of event management software out there that have a lot of different features, Hopin event management platform being one of them. In this blog, we aim to give you information on Hopin alternatives, and if you are looking for a Hopin competitor, then you are headed in the right direction, to assist you in hosting in-person, virtual and hybrid events.

Remember that each of them has characteristics that distinguish them even though their goals are the same. In addition, they also differ in pricing, the size of the events they are capable of supporting, customer support, etc. Therefore, without further delay, let’s jump right in and find out which are the best Hopin alternatives.

Hopin Alternative Eventdex

Eventdex is an event management software for all sorts of events, be it mid-size, large events or small events. It comes with a host of features that cater to in-person, hybrid or virtual events. Eventdex shines through as compared to other event management software in terms of reliability, scalability, cost and affordability and flexibility. It is designed to meet the needs of any event organizer.

Eventdex’s event management solutions include a cache of features, ranging from event ticketing, event registration, on-site badge scanning, self event check-in, badge printing, lead retrieval, virtual and in-person B2B matchmaking, virtual event gamification, language interpretation, etc., which makes it one of the best event management software around! The above features are intuitive, user-friendly and simple to set up.

To give you a brief about all of Eventdex’s features, you can read through this blog to get an idea. Starting with event registration and ticketing, this is done through the event ticketing software. Secure online payments can be done through integrated payment solutions, like Paypal and Stripe. Through Eventdex’s self check-in kiosks, your attendees can be checked-in without any hassles, as these kiosks are kept at many locations throughout the event venue. onsite Badge printing is done through robust and best printers of various make, like Brother, Zebra and Epson.

The B2B matchmaking feature comes in virtual as well as in-person format, and lets participants connect in pre-ordained one-on-one meetings during the event. The virtual event platform also distinguishes itself by being a 2D event platform, and covers all aspects of the virtual environment, like the event lobby, networking lounge and virtual round tables and trade shows. Eventdex’s virtual speed networking also is an important feature that helps you connect efficiently with other attendees at the virtual event in a few seconds, from the comfort of your devices. The lead retrieval app lets event exhibitors collect vital attendee information so that your attendees can turn into potential customers.

Capterra Score: 5.0 / 5.0

Hopin Alternative Zoom Events

Zoom Events is a virtual event management platform that supports numerous features, including popular event sharing, ticketing, and further. If you’re planning a smaller-scale event that would not require all the features provided by an event planning software that is more comprehensive and all-inclusive, Zoom Events is worth taking into consideration.

It will, however, lack most of the more cutting-edge features that other event platforms offer, such as sponsor and exhibitor booths, mobile brochures and tailor-made agendas for event attendees, pre-and post-event networking, and further. This Hopin competitor might not get the perfect fit if you’re setting up a multi-day conference or gatherings because at the same time typically worked with smaller courses and webinar series.

Capterra Score: 4.6 / 5.0

Hopin Alternative Microsoft Teams

Hopin alternative Microsoft Teams is a part of Office environment 365 suite, and has a chat-based work area. It combines individuals, discussions, and content with the equipment teams require to work together more easily and accomplish more. Through integrated registration, multi-presenter support, and interactive participation, function organizers can simply set up and deliver webinars and website link with audiences.

This Hopin competitor is used by organizations to interact with attendees and give webinars with immersive views that combine content, speakers, and even more with speaker mode. Large audiences can be managed using host controls, attendee audio, video, and chat can all be turned off; access to the software may also be managed through lobby controls.

Capterra Score: 4.5 / 5.0

Hopin Alternative Google Meet

Hopin competitor Google Meet is a virtual event platform appropriate for businesses of all sizes and is the business-focused edition of Google’s Hangouts platform. With the help of the answer, up to 30 users can participate in each high-definition online video meeting. Therefore, in case your event offers fewer attendees, you can sponsor video calls with no time are often using this free and dependable tool.

Users of the application also can choose a hyperlink, enter the meeting code, as well as contact using their cellular phones when the invitation includes their unique contact information to pre-scheduled meetings based on calendar events.

The total list of participants and planned meetings is displayed in Meet, which is integrated with Google Calendar and Gmail. This allows users to easily join the meeting and gives options to mute during the conference.

Capterra Score: 4.5 /5.0

Hopin Competitor Rainfocus

Centered on information from situations, Hopin competitor RainFocus offers programs to design personalized marketing and academic campaigns. A cutting-edge event promotion platform, Hopin competitor RainFocus was created to obtain, analyze, and use unheard-of data for better conferences and events. RainFocus streamlines event enrollment, content management, exhibitor activation, and on-site encounters from one dashboard thanks to its authentic SaaS architecture. With this Hopin alternative, you can maximize event value, save time period, and boost attendee engagement.

At just about every stage in the event journey, Hopin alternative RainFocus’ attendee module engages attendees and personalizes their experiences. Its articles module saves some collected insights with streamlined content supervision. The exhibitor module in this Hopin competitor gives participants the ability to self-support and gain visibility in quality leads.

Capterra Score: 4.0 /5.0

Hopin Competitors: A Summary

We bring you the best Top 5 alternatives and competitors of Hopin for the year 2023. It would be a boon to find the best economical and cost-effective event management solution that comes with a host of features and that can drive your attendee engagement at the same time.  We have chosen Hopin competitor Eventdex to be the best amongst the others listed above, to get the best for your B2B events.

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