Event Check-in App and Badge Printing App

Why Choose Eventdex’s Event Check-in App and Badge Printing App Solution?

To make a strong impact and a great first impression at your event, what more would help you than a robust Event Check-in app and Badge Printing App?

If there is something that you need about event management, it is important to know that to make meaningful connections, you need to save time. How do you do that, hassle-free and in a short while? What is the most important thing that makes it easier while checking in your guests?

The most pertinent solution is an event check-in app and badge printing solution

Through this blog, step into a world of seamless event experiences with Eventdex‘s cutting-edge Event Check-in app and Badge Printing App. The best way to encourage networking at your events is through onsite badge printing. Participants can communicate with one another and form connections more efficiently as a result. Badges are the first conversation starters and can give you an idea of the person in front of you. Since event check-in is the first point of contact at the event, onsite badge printing should be a smooth process. Each event badge should be ideally printed in a matter of seconds, preventing lengthy lines at the event’s entrance and allowing everyone to take advantage of it right away.

By monitoring the number of attendees present at events, their real-time locations, and even the sessions they attend, mobile event check-in apps streamline and optimize your event management strategy. Event check-in apps for events are a relatively new addition, but they have quickly established themselves as essential components of any in-person and hybrid event platform.

Get a glimpse of Eventdex’s Dynamic Event Badge Template Tutorial

With Eventdex’s on-site check-in app and badge printing app, you could do just that – and that’s why most event planners choose to use Eventdex‘s event check-in app and badge printing app. You could use these for a small event of a hundred people to a large event of more than a thousand people. You can print your badges within a few seconds the minute your attendees walk in!

Eventdex Event Check-in App and Badge Printing App – How does it work?

  • Attendees are instructed to download the event app just before the event begins.
  • The QR code in the mobile event app is scanned at the event entry, revealing attendee details in the app.
  • Badges are printed within seconds through integrated printers like Epson, Zebra, and Brother.
  • Printed badges are quickly distributed to attendees.
  • A self-event check-in option is available through kiosks, allowing attendees to check in without organizer assistance.
  • The event mobile app is compatible with iPhones and iPads running iOS 13 and above, as well as Android phones and tablets with versions 5.0 and above.

Features of Eventdex Event Check-In App & Badge Printing App

  1. Efficiency: With the ability to quickly check-in attendees and print badges on-site, event planners can streamline the event check-in process and reduce wait times for attendees.
  2. Convenience: Eventdex’s event check-in app and badge printing app which is known as Scan Attendee App, allows event planners to easily check-in as well as check out attendees and print badges on-site, eliminating the need to pre-print badges or rely on external badge printing services. The Scan Attendee app comes with impressive features that make your event check-ins a breeze. QR codes on badges allow the scanning of attendee details. On-site event registration can be done with handheld devices – supports iOS and Android.
  3. Customization: Eventdex‘s new badge printing app allows event planners to customize event badge designs and layouts according to the event’s needs. The badge printing app‘s customization capabilities set it apart from competitors. There are a host of options available in Eventdex‘s onsite badge printing app, ranging from designing and personalizing your event badges through beautiful templates wherein you can add logos, personalize event badge layouts, choose event badge sizes, print single page or multi-page, add text, images, objects and more! On-site event badge printing is done through integrated printers like Epson, Brother, and Zebra, which are air print as well as Android compatible. Bulk onsite badge printing in various dimensions can be done in case there are many attendees from the same organization who are attending.
  4. Integration: The event check-in app and badge printing app is fully integrated with Eventdex‘s event management platform, allowing event planners to easily access and update attendee information.
  5. QR Code and Bar Code: Integrating QR codes and barcodes into event badges enhances networking opportunities. Each event badge is equipped with a QR code that, when scanned, captures attendee data, providing valuable information about each participant. This streamlined process facilitates easier networking, offering insights into attendees’ profiles and fostering meaningful connections at the event.
  6. Last-Minute Additions: Did your event get some last-minute attendees? You can add your last-minute guests right away through Eventdex’s event check-in app and badge printing app, and print a name badge instantly. The kiosk mode allows self-check-ins super fast, as various kiosks are kept at the event venue for faster event check-ins.
  7. Offline Syncing: Scanning can be done offline as well, if there is a power issue during your event. This attendee check in app enables syncing back whenever power is restored. Also, with one single login, 4 devices can be used. You can also edit your attendee’s profiles for any errors before printing the badges.
  1. Real-Time Error Correction: Eventdex‘s badge printing tool enables instant adjustments to attendee profiles, rectifying any errors before the badge printing process. It also ensures precise and error-free badge information, enhancing the event experience.

Here’s a short video that shows how Eventdex’s Event Check-in App and Badge Printing work:

With Eventdex event check-in app and badge printing being an important part of any event, you can make sure that every attendee at your event will have a badge within a few seconds with Eventdex’s event app. Although self-check-in kiosks are present at the event venue, you can also be rest assured of the amazing customer support given by Eventdex at the event. If you want a seamless event check-in and badge printing experience, contact Eventdex for a demo today!

Frequently asked questions

What kind of Badges does Eventdex offer?

Eventdex Attendee check in app offers badges in various sizes, ranging from single-sided event badges, double-sided event badges, mirror event badges, PVC Plastic event badges, pre-printed event badges, black and white event badges as well as customized color event badges to make your event experience better. Event badge sizes come at compact 4×3 and 4×6 inches and other sizes as well.

How does Eventdex create custom badges?

Eventdex has customized templates in its event check-in and badge printing app, which enables your attendees to create their designs suited to the event. We have simple event badges as well as unique event badges, which will enhance your attendee experience. The latest offering from Eventdex is the On-Site Event Badge Template which empowers you to make your own customised event badges.

How do I print names on badges?

Your name badges can be printed through integrated printers (Brother printer, Epson printer and Zebra printer)

What technology do badges use?

The most common technologies used are magnetic stripes, barcodes, RFID (radio frequency identification), barcodes, smart cards as well as various biometric devices. Eventdex uses QR Codes, Barcodes to name a few. 

How do name badges work?

Name badges are an important part of your event, and help build corporate identity. It can be a great conversation starter for your attendees who are looking to network and can help with building company and brand recognition.

What are the types of badges?

Eventdex Scan Attendee App offers paper badges with lanyards, laminated badges, single and double-sided badges, mirror badges, pre-printed color badges, PVC plastic badges, sustainable eco-friendly badges, and customized event badges suited to a host of events, like trade shows, conferences, walkathons, etc, to name a few.

How long does it take to print event badges?

It takes a few seconds to get the event badges printed. Also, bulk badge printing can be done within that time frame. 

What if I need very long names printed on the badges?

Very long names can be adjusted within the event badges, through personalization and customization.

What size are your badges?

Sizes of event badges range from the most common 4×6 and 3×4 sizes to larger ones.

What if I have my own design in mind?

Yes, you can get your event badge custom-designed with your own design. Eventdex has the latest addition to its repertoire, on-site badge template through which you can design your custom event badges.

I want to print my own badges, how can I do this?

You can upload your event badge design on the Eventdex event app which has been downloaded, and use various templates available on its On-Site Badge Designer Tool, choose your favorite design, and voila! Get your event badge printed through the integrated printers.

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