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Bringing the Medical and Pharma Industries Together with Business Matchmaking Platform.

Matchmaking events are a must for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, especially at a time when it is witnessing a seismic shift. While events create a much bigger opportunity for researchers, doctors, and other medical professionals to leverage the strengths of their peers, exchange ideas, and collaborate. And B2B matchmaking events make it possible for them to deliver the transformation of healthcare that was long promised to the world. In this blog, we’ll discuss what a business matchmaking platform is and its benefits in the medical and pharma industry.

What is a Business Matchmaking Platform?

A business matchmaking platform is a technology that connects buyers with a highly curated list of businesses based on their needs and interests. It is used to schedule appointments between relevant groups to ensure maximum value from events. It uses advanced AI and Natural Language Processing to accurately match potential buyers with sellers by considering String Matching, Priority Matching, and Semantic Matching. 

In the medical and pharma industries, the business matchmaking platform allows all players to establish connections, showcase their latest developments, and engage in targeted networking. The B2B matchmaking platform can be used to connect industry professionals with SMEs, medical manufacturers, distributors, universities, service providers, or research teams, based on the event type.

Use cases of Business Matchmaking Platform in the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

The business matchmaking platform is useful for almost everyone in the pharma and medical industries. Here are the top three use cases of matchmaking events:

  • Enterprise – A large organization in the medical or pharma industry can find qualified experts and collaboration partners worldwide by having effective one-to-one meetings. This helps expand the business and enter new markets with ease.
  • Research & Tech Organisation or Universities – Companies in R&D can leverage the business matchmaking platform to showcase their research to the relevant audience for securing funding or finding partners for technology transfer.
  • Product Manufacturer/Supplier – A medical device manufacturer or supplier can find enterprises, doctors, and other professionals to showcase their products and innovative solutions to grow their business. 

Benefits of Business Matchmaking platform For the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Most medical and pharma events and conferences happen solely for professional development, networking, and academic growth. If your attendees can get these three things from your event, they are sure to come back for more. And the best way you can do that is by using a business matchmaking platform. Here are some of the top five benefits of a business matchmaking app for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. 

1. Save time

A business matchmaking platform is different from a simple event mobile app. It is powered by AI to match attendee profiles and allows buyers and sellers to create personalized meeting schedules in hybrid or offline events. It offers a more strategic networking approach as participants only meet people relevant to their field, thus saving time and increasing the event’s overall value. 

2. Increase networking

Imagine this: You are hosting a MedTech tradeshow or medical conference like Medical Expo. Your attendees are eager to meet digital health or surgical robotics suppliers. How do you facilitate such a meeting? Finding the right exhibitor can be challenging, even with a floor map or a list of exhibitors. It’s not effective. 

Business matchmaking takes out the guesswork from networking by allowing exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees to update their profiles on the matchmaking app so that they are matched based on their interests and needs. It ensures participants meet almost everyone that is the right fit for their organization, thereby increasing networking opportunities with a highly curated list of people.

3. Generate quality leads

More than 70% of companies use events to generate leads. It is one of the many key reasons why people like attending events. Business matchmaking platform facilitate lead generation with features like scheduling one-on-one meetings, accepting, rejecting, managing appointments, and uploading marketing material. 

A product medical device manufacturer or supplier can collect quality leads that have expressed interest in collaborating based on the prior understanding of their business and what to expect when working with them. Quality lead generation is a great way to increase targeted networking and keep participants coming year after year. 

4. Improve event experiences

Business matchmaking software is more than just a scheduling app. While it allows attendees to manage their appointments, it also gives them enough flexibility to plan their day during an information-packed event. It makes navigating multi-day conferences a breeze. You can add a floor map and agenda so attendees can decide which sessions they want to attend and how much free time they have to meet and network with people in their industry. 

Also, using business matchmaking software, you can save printing costs associated with handouts and brochures and go green. Your attendees can access the digital copy from your app or the web browser anytime they want without carrying bulky papers that they often leave at the venue.

5. Collect actionable insights

One of the KPIs of every event organizer is to prove their event ROI. It’s perhaps your KPI too. With the business matchmaking platform, you can show the return on your events by collecting data on how your attendees like to network. It gives you unmatched insights into your participants’ preferences based on the people they meet and the sessions they attend. All this information can help determine how effective your event was, at what time the attendees networked the most, etc. Equipped with such data, you can further improve your future events.

Business Matchmaking platform Medical and Pharmaceutical industry

Business matchmaking software is essential for the medical and pharma industry. At a time when the world is balancing hybrid and offline events, it helps industry professionals manage vital relationships to grow professionally, network, or expand their business. And for you, it removes the stress of creating networking opportunities at events and effortlessly allows participants to get the maximum value from your events. 

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