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Event Lead Retrieval System for Exhibitors at Trade Shows

According to Exhibitor Online’s 2015 Sales Lead Survey, collecting business cards is the most popular way to gather lead information. While the latest post-pandemic survey might have changed the perception for good, we can all agree that paper-based lead capture and lead retrieval system methods are cumbersome.

It involves collecting cards and manually entering details and notes for future follow-ups. This process, unfortunately, is tedious and often marred with human errors.

Enter the lead retrieval app, an effective digital tool that makes this process seamless and error-free. 

What is the Lead Retrieval App for Trade shows?

Lead retrieval app is used to digitally capture attendee information at live events such as trade shows and conferences. It accurately calculates the number of leads generated, score them and make notes during event to help you prove your event ROI. The captured data is then used for effective post-event follow-ups and to close more businesses.

An event organizer usually chooses a lead retrieval system provider and distributes the licenses to exhibitors and sponsors, who then use them to capture leads. Though the features may vary, most lead retrieval apps have some standard functionalities, including:

  • Badge scanner to scan attendee information from name badges. 
  • Qualify and score lead, as well as take notes. 
  • Export lead data from the app to the CRM through integrations. 

Benefits of Lead Retrieval System for Exhibitors at Trade Shows

There are several advantages of using a lead retrieval system at trade shows. Not only does it help to prove the event ROI as a planner, but it also helps exhibitors and sponsors demonstrate the return on their investment. Presenting the top three benefits of using lead retrieval systems at conferences and trade shows.

Improving ROI for Sponsors & Exhibitors

Sponsors and exhibitors at events need to justify their investment. It is a cost that needs to translate into the number of leads generated and the business closed. With a lead retrieval app, sponsors and exhibitors can capture the exact number of leads and import all this information into their CRM.

A lead retrieval tool also allows users to take notes of the conversations, see when the booth has the highest footfall, and score leads for accurate follow-ups. And the best part: data transfer is accurate and does not involve manual data entry. 

Without a lead retrieval app, all this is simply not possible. 

Meet the right audience 

Trade show floors are enormous. People will walk up to your booth to know your product or out of curiosity. If you do not have a lead retrieval app, you will ask for their business cards in either case. But all these people may or may not be the right leads. So, how do you decide? With a lead retrieval system.

For instance, an attendee walks up to your booth. You have a lead retrieval app to scan and capture their information from a QR code. While talking with the attendee, it is evident that your product is excellent for the attendee’s business. You instantly make a note in the lead retrieval app, score them, and save it for the sales for future follow-up. Sounds smooth, right? That is the power of a lead retrieval app.

Seamless Conversation

Imagine the hustle of collecting, sorting, and entering business card information. It is a job no one ever dreams of. Yet event planners who don’t embrace technology have to do it. Eliminate data entry and focus on meaningful conversations with a lead retrieval system.

The lead retrieval app makes the entire process, from scanning and qualifying to follow-ups, a seamless part of your marketing effort. You only have to scan the badge to capture all the information. Once done, you can focus on the conversation and create lasting relationships.

Achieve Higher ROI

A lead retrieval app gives you the flexibility to collect leads from your mobile phone or badge scanners and store accurate data for effective follow-ups. With qualified leads and timely, personalized follow-ups, you are likely to achieve better ROI from trade shows and large conferences.

Eventdex Lead Retrieval App for Exhibitors 

Eventdex’s lead retrieval app for exhibitors is a digital alternative to business card-stuffed coat pockets. Not having this solution at your next tradeshow means:

  • You lose out on quality leads as information is written on sticky notes, and it is easy to misplace pieces of paper. Plus, no lead information = no way to prove event ROI.
  • Massive dependency on age-old business cards, of which 88% are thrown away in a week. It is a method with a dwindling success rate. More so after a lot of executives are transitioning away from physical business cards for more. 
  • Lack of proper follow-ups without the right meeting notes and attendee information. 

With 55% of event planners admitting to not measuring their event success well enough, Eventdex can easily turn that around. It allows you to capture leads by scanning QR codes, scoring captured leads and taking notes for effective follow-ups, transferring contact information to your CRM, viewing real-time reports of the event activity, and scheduling follow-ups. 

In other words, it is a single solution that can help you manage the entire tradeshow lead lifecycle so that you can be efficient and do not have to switch between different systems.

Learn more about our lead retrieval app here. http://eventdex.com/lead-retrieval-app-trade-shows/

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