How to Clone event with Scan Attendee Feature?

Please follow the below steps to set up the Event. Scan Attendee Ticket: This ticket is only for Event admins, and it allows them to scan the users. Attendee Ticket: This ticket is for adding and importing attendees. Step 1: How to Clone Event? Clone Event: Watch the video provided to […]

How to Create Roundtables ?

To create Roundtables on Eventdex Portal, please follow the steps below: Path : Go to Eventdex Portal >> Login with your credentials >> Matchleads >> Setup >> Roundtables >> Appointments. Step 1:  Set up the calendar by referring to the guide available at Step 2 :  Create Roundtables under the Event […]

How to add Attendee from Scan Attendee App ?

To add an attendee, please use admin logins to see the tickets.  Select the ticket and quantity and add an attendee  Path : Menu>>Tickets>>Select ticket and quantity>> tap on the cart icon at the top right corner. Add attendee details and tap next to save it. Step 1 : Select […]

How to generate Affiliate ID link?

Here are the steps to create the Affiliate ID link Step1: Please login into your Event and go to the Online Registration page under the Registration tab on the left side. Step2: Click on the AFFILIATE ID LINK button to generate the link. See images below   To see the […]

How to create Seminar/Session?

To create an event seminar/session, please log in to your account and select an event. Please select Seminar under Event App and click on the Create Seminar given on the right-hand top corner of the screen.  Fill in the required details in the “Create Seminar” Section and click on “Save”. […]

How to join the Virtual Meetings?

Please login to the Matchmaking portal at using your registered email address and password. Upon logging into the portal, go to My Appointments and you will see all your confirmed appointments. Join the meetings by clicking on the Virtual Meeting button. If you join early to the meeting, you […]

Camera & Microphone settings

Here are the settings for your browser for the virtual meetings you attend. Go to settings and as shown in the below pictures and select your Microphone and Camera.   If you have still an issue with your browsers here are the steps to allow the Microphone and Camera settings. […]

How to update Profile from past events?

If you have attended other events in the past using the Eventdex matchmaking platform, you will be able to update the profile without the need to re-enter the profile information. To copy the profile from the past event: Click on the Profile tab Click on the Copy Profile icon Select […]