Dynamic Template

What are Tags ? How to assign tags for the tickets or attendees ? If you need to print multiple badges based on the ticket category or badge labels, you can assign Tags to the tickets or an attendee. Each Tag can have its own design for the badges, and […]

Multi Badge Image

If you need to print multi badge images, you can do so by using the multi badge image option. Step 1 : Simply navigate to the event settings, then attendee settings, ticket settings, and select the option to enable multi badge labeling under basic information. Don’t forget to save your […]

Multi Badge Label

What is a Multi Badge Label ? If a ticket or attendee has multiple badges, and we need to print multiple badge labels, we can utilize a Multi-Badge Label. Steps to use Multi Badge label : Step 1 : To enable multi badge labels, go to the event settings, then […]

Self Check-In Banner

Access the Admin Portal through the Eventdex Force portal link. Step 1 –  Go to the Event App tab on the left, and under it go to the App Settings. Step 2 – Click on the Theme Design to access the Custom Themes through dropdown lists. Step 3 – Click […]

How to Setup Printer in ScanAttendee Web App

  Steps for PC Steps for MAC Steps for iPAD   Steps for PC: Step 1 Go to https://qz.io/ and download qz.io on your pc. Step 2 Install the Printer Driver for your printer. For Zebra Printer Install the Zebra Driver using Zebra Setup Utilities to Communicate with Zebra printer […]

How to Clone event with Scan Attendee Feature?

Please follow the below steps to set up the Event. Scan Attendee Ticket: This ticket is only for Event admins, and it allows them to scan the users. Attendee Ticket: This ticket is for adding and importing attendees. Step 1: How to Clone Event? Clone Event: Watch the video provided to […]

How to Create Roundtables ?

To create Roundtables on Eventdex Portal, please follow the steps below: Path : Go to Eventdex Portal >> Login with your credentials >> Matchleads >> Setup >> Roundtables >> Appointments. Step 1:  Set up the calendar by referring to the guide available at https://www.eventdex.com/support/knowledge-base/how-to-setup-your-roundtable-event/. Step 2 :  Create Roundtables under the Event […]

How to add Attendee from Scan Attendee App ?

To add an attendee, please use admin logins to see the tickets.  Select the ticket and quantity and add an attendee  Path : Menu>>Tickets>>Select ticket and quantity>> tap on the cart icon at the top right corner. Add attendee details and tap next to save it. Step 1 : Select […]

How to generate Affiliate ID link?

Here are the steps to create the Affiliate ID link Step1: Please login into your Event and go to the Online Registration page under the Registration tab on the left side. Step2: Click on the AFFILIATE ID LINK button to generate the link. See images below   To see the […]