How to Join Speed Networking

To begin the process, log into Eventdex’s Matchmaking portal using the same email address you registered with. Step 1: You can visit to access the MatchMaking portal. If you previously used the Eventdex platform, please log in using the same email address that was used for the event registration. […]

How Admin can assign Attendees to the Round Table

To assign attendees to Roundtables on Eventdex Portal, please follow the steps below: Path : Go to Eventdex Portal >> Login with your credentials >> Matchleads >> Setup >> Roundtables >> Appointments. Select Session Type as Round Table and Select Date / Time. To assign an attendee to the Round Table, simply drag and drop […]

How to Bulk Print the Badges

ScanAttendee Web Portal URL : Step 1: After logging in and selecting the event, click on “Printers” and enable the Printer Service option. Ensure that the PC and printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.     Step 2: Go to External Settings in “Settings” section and enable group […]

How to Design Avery 5392 Badge

ScanAttendee Web Portal URL : Step 1: Login using your ScanAttendee credentials.   Step 2: Select the event you want to create a badge for.   Step 3: After selecting the event, click on the Badge Editor to design the Badge   Step 4: Click on paper settings, you can select Template […]

Dynamic Template

What are Tags ? How to assign tags for the tickets or attendees ? If you need to print multiple badges based on the ticket category or badge labels, you can assign Tags to the tickets or an attendee. Each Tag can have its own design for the badges, and […]

Multi Badge Image

If you need to print multi badge images, you can do so by using the multi badge image option. Step 1 : Simply navigate to the event settings, then attendee settings, ticket settings, and select the option to enable multi badge labeling under basic information. Don’t forget to save your […]

How to Create a Multi Badge Label

What is a Multi Badge Label ? If a ticket or attendee has multiple badges, and we need to print multiple badge labels, we can utilize a Multi-Badge Label. Steps to use Multi Badge label : Step 1 : To enable multi badge labels, go to the event settings, then […]

Self Check-In Banner

Access the Admin Portal through the Eventdex Force portal link. Step 1 –  Go to the Event App tab on the left, and under it go to the App Settings. Step 2 – Click on the Theme Design to access the Custom Themes through dropdown lists. Step 3 – Click […]