Multi Badge Label

What is a Multi Badge Label ?
If a ticket or attendee has multiple badges, and we need to print multiple badge labels, we can utilize a Multi-Badge Label.

Steps to use Multi Badge label :

Step 1 : To enable multi badge labels, go to the event settings, then attendee settings, and finally ticket settings. In the basic information section, select the option to enable multi badge labels and save the changes.


Step 2 :  Please ensure that you also enable the Multi Badge Label in the ScanAttendee settings in order to view them in the scan attendee feature. Refer to the image below for more information.

Step 3 :  Navigate to the “Tickets” section and select “Ticket more information“. Here, you have the option to allocate a badge label and tag to the ticket. Once done, click on the save button.


Step 4 :  Navigate to Event Settings and select “Multi Badge“.

Next, choose “Add” and pick the tag name associated with the ticket. This will automatically create the Multi Badge Label once it is assigned in the ticket’s “More Info” section.

Additionally, you can include additional Badge Labels within the Multi Badge Label Field.


Step 5 : Create a badge in the ScanAttendee App, include the “MULTI BADGE LABEL” field and save it.

You can then choose to print the multi badge label in either a row or column format by selecting the multi badge label field and enabling either “row” or “column” under the miscellaneous tab.

Multi Badge Label Column Preview :

Multi Badge Label Row Preview :


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