How to schedule the meetings?

Step 1: Please go to appointments under the matchleads tab. Step 2: Please select the attendees from the tickets as shown in the picture and drag them to the Add                    Appointments section. Step 3: Please choose the date and time that […]

How Can I Edit Attendee Details from Orders?

Step1: Please go to Orders under the ticketing section. Step2: Look for the order or search the order by using the search box. Also, you can search with a name. Click on the preferred order no. Step3: Pleases click on the pencil edit icon to edit the profile. Note: 1. […]


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How to start Virtual Meetings?

If you do not have an Eventdex account Please Sign Up. If you are already an Evendex user, please log in with the same email address that you have used earlier for the registration. After logging in, select the event and click Go to enter the Event Dashboard. Step 1: […]

How do I access Virtual Meeting?

Option 1: If you do not have an Eventdex account Please SignUp. If you are already an Evendex User please log in with the same email Id that you have purchased for the ticket. It will prompt you to your profile dashboard. Step 1: Click on My Appointments.   Step […]

Can we filter the orders with date range?

Step 1: Go to the Orders screen under the Ticketing section. Step 2:  Select the filters dropdown and click on the Expand/Collapse filter.   Step 3: Chose the date range and click on the search. You can also export them by clicking on the Action button.

How to add a message in Success Page?

Follow the below steps. Step 1: Go the Registration Template. and go to Page 3  . Step 2: Drag the text box into the designer and add the text. Step 3: Click on the Save button.  You can also redirect to the link you want. Follow the below steps. Go to The Display […]