How an Attendee can connect to another Attendee?

In the Event App, once the attendees log in to their Mobile/iPad when they click on the “Attendees” tab as shown in the below screenshot they would see the “Chat icon” next to the attendee’s name. Once they click on it, a connection request will go to that attendee whom […]

What is Attendee connect?

In the Event App, there is also an option “Attendee Connect” as shown in the below image, as an Event Admin can give access to the attendees to connect and chat with each other attendees, there is a “connection” tab where the attendees need to click to send the connection […]

How to edit Registration Template?

To edit the Registration Template, please follow the below steps. Step 1: Click on the Registration template under the Event Settings, the template will open in the new tab. Step 2: Look for the Live template then click on the three dots to edit the template.

Can we add same attendee to another ticket?

Please follow the below steps to add the same attendee to another ticket? Step 1: Click on Attendees to expand the registered attendee’s info. Step 2: Please click on the add attendee tab, it will pop-up a copy from the existing attendee.Step 3: Please enter your registered email and click […]

How to filter the orders by Ticket Name or Ticket Type?

Note: The Difference between Ticket Type & Ticket Name. Ticket Type is something that defines the ticket category whether it’s an attendee ticket, exhibitor, sponsor, etc. whereas the Ticket Name is something that event organizer labels for tickets that he creates for e.g. Attendee Ticket Type can be labeled as […]

App Statistic Report & Login History Report

Step 1: Path: Eventdex Portal >> Login >> Select the Event >> Reports >> App Statistics Report. Step 2: Click on App Statistic to view the number of attendees logged to the event app in Android and iOSLook for Attendee connect details to view the number of attendees connected to each other with pending and approval status […]