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What is Event Management Software?

Events are an effective marketing strategy for any business. But planning them can take a lot of your time, effort and money. Therefore to get a strong return on investment on your events, you need to ensure that they are executed well and give your attendees what they are looking for.

The power of an event lies in the networking opportunities it provides to attendees. Networking is one of the top three reasons why people attend b2b events. Despite all the advancements in technology like Virtual and Augmented Reality, there is nothing as powerful as human connections and face-to-face interactions.

For businesses of all sizes, across all industries and sectors, events provide a way to showcase solutions and give a platform where businesses can position themselves as thought leader in their industry. Importantly, they help organizations to convert leads faster and get more business.

While you plan events, the overall aim for any event planner is to give a great impression of the business and engage attendees in a way that keeps them coming back year after year. Remember, your first impression is very important since your attendees will be judging you and your business at every step of your event. So make sure you run it smoothly and professionally from start to finish.

This means, from the very moment you think of planning events, you need to find ways to smoothly run event registration, promotion, event content, on-site check-in, post-event follow up, etc.

If you are doing all this manually, then that is great. But with event planning being one of the top 10 stressful jobs, you could use some help. A specialized event management Platform can be the teammate you had always wanted – supporting you throughout your event planning, at each and every step even when you are not around. Event management system is a unique technology that helps you handle the entire event lifecycle – right from building an event website, sending invites, to on-site check-in and reporting and Analytics. Here are some of the benefits of an event management software

The benefits of event management software

Make life easier with automation

The key benefit of using event management software is that it helps you maximize registration while minimizing manual efforts. Once you have automated your event, you can sit back and relax and let the software do all the major work. With the manual work behind you, you can concentrate on ways to promote your event differently.

Save time and money with event management platform

A great event management software saves a lot of time and money spent on executing events. With the software doing registration tracking and payment processing, you can save time and reduce stress in your life. You will also be able to save money used in printing invites, event content, and badges. It will help you stay within the razor-thin marketing budget and keep your stakeholders happy.

Aid professionalism

Another benefit of event management software is that it can make you and your organization look professional and create a great impression on your attendees. When the entire event is over, your attendees will feel much more satisfied and comfortable in doing business with you. An event management software ensures that you don’t miss anything while planning events of all shapes and sizes.

Increase engagement and networking

Engagement is at the heart of all events. It has to begin long before an event even starts and continue during and after the event is over. A good event management app helps provide engagement opportunities at all the stages of planning and empowers you to analyze the engagement data in real-time.

A holistic approach

Overall, event management software can be a central hub that has all the important information in one place. This information can then be accessed by different teams such as sales, marketing, and finance. It helps keep everything connected – right from the registrant list, event agenda to speakers’ information and sponsors.

Things to remember

Before you invest in an event management software, remember these critical things –

Lack of customization

Make sure your event management software can be customized according to your brand and event theme. If the design options are basic and limited, then it can hamper your event’s branding.

Ease of use

Make sure the event management software you choose is easy to understand and operate for both you and your attendees. You definitely don’t want people to shy away from registering for events because of the complexity of the software.


Be sensitive to the price of the event management software you choose. Make sure you only opt for the software that you will utilise completely. You should not invest in software that has a lot of features that are no use for you.

Support channels

With any event management software you choose, you will always need support for the times you get stuck somewhere. You should opt for event management software that offers responsive customer service. It will make you feel confident and reduce downtime, if and when that occurs.

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