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Things To Consider When Choosing Lead Retrieval Solutions

As lead retrieval app continue to evolve, it can become overwhelming to choose the right one for your trade shows. Lead retrieval app still continue to be the most reliable way to capture and track leads. With the help of a lead retrieval scanner or badge reader, exhibitors can easily capture and retain registrant’s information to follow up on them once the show is over.

Lead retrieval scanners and badge printers are generally provided by a show management-approved contractor. However, their rental price can leave a hole in your pocket as the price normally starts from $500 per unit. Some mobile lead retrieval devices can capture leads on the floor, during breakout sessions, during intermissions, on the bus… anywhere! But these apps are not one size fits all and won’t work at every trade show. Before you choose a lead retrieval software, make sure you consider the following things –

Size and Layout Out of Your Booth

The size and layout of your booth are very important when deciding the type and number of lead capture devices you require. Make sure you choose the right solution so that your staff doesn’t end up capturing leads by walking around your booth.

Number of Leads You Plan to Capture

This one can be tricky. The number of leads you capture is in no way linked to the lead-capturing stations you need. However, if you expect more than 1,000 leads at a two-day event, then make sure you have all the resources and bandwidth to manage that influx.

Number of Booth Staff and their Experience

You don’t want your staff to crowd lead-capturing devices rather than engage prospects at your booth. There is no magical number, and you need to make a decision on how many people you need to engage prospects and capture leads. You also need to consider their experience at engaging and qualifying prospects at the busy booth. By no means, a more experienced staff will automatically be good at these things. To make sure your staff is efficient at capturing and tracking leads, make sure the app is simple and easy to use.

The Event Type

The type of event you plan to attend should determine your lead retrieval need. For instance, if the event has many networking breaks, then the normal lead retrieval app may not be the best bet. Opt for a solution that works when and where you need it.

Post Event Resources

Your lead retrieval app should help you even after the show is over. Once you’ve collected the data, you need to sort them and follow up on them. Your lead retrieval app should be able to help you with all this and much more. Some apps also help you score leads so that you know which one to follow up on and which one to nurture further. According to industry reports, less than 25% of leads collected at trade shows are not followed up after the event is over.

Due to a continuous demand to prove higher ROI, you need to justify the cost of attending any trade show. Today, organizations demand metrics and data that go beyond your visitor’s name, title, email address, and telephone number. Because of a shift in the way we perceive events, the traditional model of renting scanners may not suffice. The difference between what data is captured and what is required to prove ROI needs to be reduced. With the cost of participating in trade shows rising year on year, you need to capture all the information to qualify leads more effectively.

See how Eventdex can help you capture, score, and track leads. Let me know in the comments section below how you manage and capture leads at trade shows.

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