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Boost Your Event Engagement With Virtual Event Gamification

As organizers adapt to the reality of virtual events, many are pivoting towards event gamification app or platform to boost attendee engagement. Event gamification is a fun way to engage participants and influence their behavior through friendly competitions that incentivize the actions of attendees. Simply put, event gamification is building game mechanics based on the principles of points, goals, leaderboard, and badges. Virtual event gamification enhances engagement by actively involving each participant in solving various challenges to receive exciting prizes.

If you are new to event gamification and are looking for various ideas for virtual event gamification, then this blog is for you. In this article, we’ll highlight the advantages of event gamification and how you can leverage some quirky techniques of online gaming.

Common types of virtual event games

Gamification event planning can include creative games such as virtual escape rooms, virtual scavenger hunts, and polls. Whatever you choose, make sure that all the event buzz created with gamification drives sponsor engagement, session attendance, and other ROI-positive actions.

Once you have your gaming strategy in place, track each touchpoint where the attendee interacts with the event management software or app. It will help you identify which elements of your virtual event are the most successful and improve your future events.

Benefits of Event Gamification

Event Gamification can transform online event organizing by helping attendees connect with each other seamlessly and get positive feedback on various social media channels. Let’s look at some of the benefits of virtual event gamification:

  • First thing first, event gamification proactively engages attendees of virtual events and encourages them to connect and participate.
  • It is a great ice breaker that helps maintain a relaxed atmosphere. 
  • Creates an engaging, worthwhile experience for guests.
  • It is a fun way to grow your brand.
  • Event gamification helps build more social buzz and deeper bonds by promoting interactions between attendees, speakers, event staff, and other guests.
  • Fosters a culture of exchanging ideas, thinking out of the box, and solving numerous challenges collectively. 

Top three techniques to gamify your next event

Knowing the value gamification can add to your virtual event is not enough. How do you effectively gamify your event? What are the critical things to keep in mind? How do you reward and incentivize people to participate? Here are the top three techniques you should know for the perfect event gamification.

Use the right event gamification platform

Gamification at events mostly depends upon the type of event software or event gamification platform you use. Several event gamification apps can help you customize your events based on your requirements. For instance, a virtual event gamification platform gives you options to provide event gamification access to your team or sponsors, or lets you select the type of challenges and exciting games.

It is always advisable to select an event app with gamification or a simple event gamification tool that is easy to use for both you and your attendees. An easy-to-use event planning solution will ensure that your attendees are engaged for longer and keep exploring the entire event. Games such as treasure hunts, puzzles, or other networking games are a massive hit among attendees. While gamification event planning, make sure to create leaderboards and promote them on social media.  

Incentivize attendees with exciting rewards 

It is important to incentivize virtual attendees to boost engagement and enhance their event experience. Rewards are, therefore, very critical to ensure it motivates participants while they enjoy the games. But deciding what type of rewards to keep and at what steps can make or break event gamification. In other words, incentives should be structured and based on what motivates the attendees. 

Whether you are planning event gamification at live or virtual events, you need to understand your attendees’ interests. You could use a survey in the registration or post-event form to get all the required information. Start by offering rewards to people who finish the survey and send their valuable feedback.

Another way to generate interest is to build a leaderboard and display all the prizes. For instance, you could reward participants who reach early at the venue and showcase the prize during the opening session screen. You could also offer VIP access, a post-event virtual party, or a private meeting with a guest speaker.

Just remember, prizes, regardless of their value, add excitement to both live and virtual events. Whether it is a simple recognition, gift card, or certificate, rewards can incentivize attendees to participate in carefully crafted games. It also helps you define your event gamification strategy by helping you calculate the number of items and the value of prizes given at the end of each game. 

Pro tip: don’t forget about non-winners during the event. It is also recommended to offer giveaways to all participants to make your event even more memorable. Have branded swags such as caps, shirts, or mugs with the event name and logo to encourage participants to attend future events.

Organize a Q & A Session

Event planners should always ask meaningful questions through event gamification. Leverage Q & A sessions for knowledge sharing, generating insights, and hosting other relevant discussions. Q & A sessions can also be used for running a competition or gathering questions from participants on the event’s theme or topic.

You can collect the answers through social media platforms, email, or an event app. You could further gamify the Q & A session by asking people to vote or giving prizes to attendees who ask the most relevant question.

Final Thoughts

Engaging attendees in virtual events is not easy. Event Gamification is an effective way to engage guests by encouraging them to relate, participate and connect with your event regardless of their location. It makes your event more memorable and valuable.

Choose an event gamification app or event management platform that is easy to use, promotes social interaction between attendees, and keeps them returning for more. If you are looking for ways to create engaging virtual or hybrid events and modernize the overall event feel, then you must check out our event management software. Book a demo, and our team will get in touch with you to explain our latest technology. Book A Demo

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