Top 10 Best Event Management Software in 2020 to Plan & Manage Your Events

Top 10 Best Event Management Software in 2020

If you are an event management professional, then you would know the importance of an event management software. We all know that an event management software can not only reduce your manual work and increase your efficiency but also help you prove event ROI to your stakeholders. The challenge today is not about debating over an event management software, but how to choose one for your event. There are a dime and dozen providers in the market claiming to be the best. But before you consider any one of them, make sure you know what will make the event management app best suited for your business. To help you get started, here are a couple of things you need to consider when prospecting an event management app for your business.


An Event Management App – How To Choose?

There are so many event management software’s in the market because one size does not fit all. These powerful Software promise all kinds of successes and are available in all shapes and sizes. But while they are so different from each other in terms of functionality, some features are common across different platforms. Some of the features that an event management software should include are:


  • Event registration
  • A dashboard that gives customized reports
  • In-app messenger for communicating with attendees
  • Social media integration for event promotion


Depending on the size of your event and your biggest pain point while planning an event, you’ll want to select an event management software that serves as your one-stop-shop for event planning and management needs. To help you save time and make quick decisions, We have listed the top 10 best event management software for 2020 that can turn you into a rock star event planner.



Eventdex is a comprehensive event management software that enables you to create better events without any technical know-how of HTML. It is your one-stop shop to not only create events but also collect registration fees online. It allows you to automate all the manual pre-event processes with features like onsite event check-in, onsite badge printing, and scanning. Eventdex also boosts networking amongst attendees with mobile event app and business matchmaking apps. Our user-friendly and simple event registration software platform provides you with all that is needed to execute a memorable event.



Asana is a great event management software that simplifies event planning for gathering ranging anywhere between 10 and 10,000. This app allows event organizers to create tasks for the event and assign them to different team members. Asana can help you manage vendors and guest lists and create a day of event timeline. Our advice: go for Asana if you need a software that manages the process of event planning.



Bizzabo is a comprehensive event management software that is preferred mostly by medium-to-large-sized businesses. It is ideal for concerts or fundraisers as it allows event planners to concentrate on marketing their events and other such hefty tasks. This sophisticated software has everything needed to streamline task completion and team collaboration.



Boomset is a great event management software for managing attendee check-in. Event planners may want to use this app for checking in attendees quickly into the event and reduce queues at the registration desks. This event management app also has walk-in registration features for attendees who have not pre-registered. The Boomset platform also allows event planners to print customized badges and reduce the errors of typos.


Top Table Planner

Top Table Planner is an event management software app that allows organizers to arrange a seating plan for attendees. This app is ideal for weddings, banquets, or other larger dining events. The service provider also provides a 7-day trial before you buy it. So, try before you buy!



Like Asana, Blossom is also a project management app that works great for event planning. Blossom event management software comes with integrated instant chat applications like Slack or HipChat to keep everyone on your event planning team on the same page. You can try the app’s 14-day free trial and see how you can leverage it for your next event.



24me is your personal assistant to help you stay on the event planning track. This event management app has integrated calendars, to-do lists, and notes, which allows organizers to keep all event-related information in one place. The app also has the capability to send reminders so that you don’t miss any deadline. 24me is a great event management software for planning smaller events.



For a handy event calendar to help you increase event attendance, try Localist. It is a nice software to increase awareness and enhance the public’s discovery of your event. Use Localist to build an interactive calendar and then publish it for the world. This event management software also connects with Facebook so that your potential registrants can select “I’m interested” for your event.



Pingg is an awesome event management software that lets you send customized invitations to your guests. You can also add a gift registry or a potluck sign-up to see who is bringing what to your event. You can also check the people who have confirmed their attendance at your event. Pingg allows event planners to sell tickets and collect funds in case the event has a registration fee.


Planning Pod

Planning Pod is a robust platform for event planning. It gives event organizers access to tools that can help in attendee management, team collaboration and business management. It provides customization features to arrange seating, register guests, build event websites, etc. With planning pod, you can also build schedules, budgets, to-do lists, and calendars.


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