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Questions To Ask About a Lead Retrieval App for Next Event

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For many event organizers, exhibiting at trade shows is routine. Exhibitors can range from holding one event a year to being road warriors that hold forty shows in each fiscal. You need to make use of a lead retrieval app for trade shows to become an efficient exhibiter. Lead retrieval is gradually catching up across the world and helps organizers collect sales leads instantly. You don’t need to collect business cards from potential customers at an event anymore.

Successful exhibitor lead management is all about using an event app that simplifies your search for services and products. Lead information is better channeled when you use event apps. In 2011, about 9 percent of events offered mobile apps in trade show events as part of the attendee experience. In 2017, that figure changed dramatically; with 86 percent of US planners using some form of lead retrieval app for trade shows.

Event apps are now the buzzword and have more than a digital agenda. With all the features offered by many mobile event app providers, is important that you discern between frivolity and necessity.

Here are the top questions you ask, should you decide to use an event app for lead retrieval app

Does the event app cover all critical exhibitor information?

Your mobile event app of choice should have the agenda and session description listed along with speaker details and exhibitor information. Attendees should also be able to get a map of the venue where the trade show is being held.

Is it easy to use?

The event app platform selected by an organizer should not be too complex and consist of any finicky technology. Building an easy to use, intuitive and user-friendly app is the key. Most delegates have fairly entrenched app use habits. The event lead retrieval app should be engaging and help attendees plan their next move.

Is the app social?

One of the advantages of installing a lead retrieval app on your phone is its ability to create social networks. There should be an activity feed section in the app where the users can post their photos and add status updates about the event being organized. There should be room for building an online community that helps boost interest in the event. Social network features help generate valuable data and information about the trade show and the attendees.

Is the app collecting the right data?

One of the most desirable features of a lead retrieval app is the fact that it provides actionable insights of events for organizers. You can monitor engagement during and after an event. Aside from the social features in the app, there should be room for application polls and surveys that are great for knowledge about attendees. The right data should be measured and captured to offer a blueprint for similar events. Your data mapping will determine the success of your event.

Is the app presenting data about delegates in a digestible way?

A lead retrieval app should be able to provide adequate information about post-event and real-time data. Interpreting this data should not be complex but easy to understand.

Are you able to monetize the data?

If leveraged well, an event app should be able to spin revenue. Event professionals can be charged a fee for sponsorship gained. With a lead retrieval feature, exhibitors can approach potential customers directly and capture information easily.

Does your event management software blend in with other platforms?

This is critical is getting returns in the long run post organizing events. A good event app will integrate seamlessly with other software solutions to streamline processes in trade show management.

If you are looking at an event app that manages event registrations, business matchmaking, onsite management and lead retrieval quite effortlessly, think Eventdex. As an event manager, these questions will help you identify the best technology for successful exhibitor lead management. With our app, you are not only building a client database for keeps but also generating leads for better business in the future.

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