Increasing Engagement vs. Improving ROI: Which Side Are You On?

Events are a powerful marketing tool and the driver of leads for sales. It enables organizations to connect with their audience and clients as well as provides opportunities for your attendees to grow their network. However, not every event is a winner. And that is because not all leads are equal as each attendee at your event will have their own unique journey to the final sale. Add to it, you also owe it to your stakeholders to evaluate the return on investment at each and every step of your event. Otherwise, how would you measure the success of your event?

The pressure doesn’t stop here. You also need to engage attendees so that they come to your events year after year. Creating memorable events and enabling people to grow their network are some of the ways of building a brand recall value. If your brand has a great recall value, then your attendees will come back for more, and this in return will improve your event ROI. Many would argue that it is difficult to measure engagement at events; however, there are several event solutions that can help you increase engagement and even measure it based on certain metrics. Take for instance, a mobile event app. The power of mobile event app is immense.  These apps provide a great way to connect attendees before, during and after the event, provide them useful information, track data and inevitably measure the bottom line.

Business Matchmaking: The Latest Trend That’s Boosting Engagement

Advanced technologies like business matchmaking apps have completely revolutionized the way event planners increase engagement and improve ROI. Business matchmaking, like the name suggests, is a business matchmaking app that connects attendees with sponsors, exhibitors or other attendees.

It is a sure shot way to increase engagement, and thereby, event ROI. The strong reporting features, data gathering capabilities and API integration ensure that the lead captured during the event flows seamlessly into your CRM for an effective follow-up strategy.

In the age of digital advancement, event technology such as business matchmaking apps enable attendees to engage with exhibitors in a more targeted way. Based on their selection, the app matches them with the list of exhibitors and then request a private meeting with them.

Business matchmaking apps help event organizers match the right attendees with exhibitors, create personalized messages, track event data and get detailed reports. It saves a lot of time and makes event planners more productive. These apps not only engages attendees but also allows exhibitors and sponsors to get better quality leads from events to boost their ROI – the ultimate goal of any event.

Say Goodbye To Business Cards and Say Hello To Lead Retrieval Apps

Gone are the days of using fishbowl to collect business cards, follow up with leads and execute memorable events. There is hardly any scope for personalized communications if you still collect business cards since it is difficult to remember the conversation you had with each attendee during the event. In such cases, most of the attendees go home with an empty promise to stay in touch and end up having very few useful contacts. With the right event app, you can not only collect valuable attendee information but also take notes to start a more relevant conversation after the event is over. Mobile event apps give you the power to engage attendees and shorten the sales cycle. Therefore, using the right technology to engage attendees during and post-event is so critical to the success of your event and an enhanced ROI.

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